How To Start Coconut Wholesale Business? Nariyal wholesale business/

How To Start Coconut Wholesale Business? Nariyal wholesale business/

How To Start Coconut Wholesale Business? coconut price today? To start a coconut business, you have to follow some steps, when we start a business, first we take information about that product,

Where is coconut available, in which price range, and in which price range it is being sold in our area, we should take this type of information before starting the business,

so that while buying all the products, we do not need any information while selling. Do not face any kind of problem.

Before starting coconut business, understand your market-

Before starting coconut business, you must check your market once. What kind of coconut is in demand in your market. Sometimes we can also waste our money by bringing wrong goods. If you go to your market and do research before starting business,

whether first second or third quality goods are in demand in your market, which water? The shopkeeper and the customer are demanding the same coconut, you should ask for the same type of coconut.

Search wholesaler-

When you start coconut wholesale business, then you will also have to search for wholesale coconut, for this, a simple solution is that you have to go to the place in the coconut producing country and go there whoever is the wholesaler or producer of coconut. You have to meet them.
And if you do not want to go so far, you want to order goods sitting at home, then you will have to do a Google search. On searching Google,

you will find many coconut wholesaler producers, from which you can buy direct goods and sell them in your market.
But whatever you get by doing a Google search,

you need to be careful about the number of Sheela or the producer, often the numbers given on Google are wrong, which do not send the goods to you by taking your money, then you need to know about this thing. also have to take care
Before starting the business, you must meet the person or the wholesaler from whom you are buying coconut and starting the business

Search Coconut Wholesale Market?

Before starting coconut business, you must have wholesale market-, whenever we start any business and sell goods from local market, then our profit becomes very less which is not right for us- we business If you are doing this,

then we should give time to it, and should also do it on how we can earn maximum profit and the easiest way is to first find the wholesale market of coconut Andhra Pradesh Karnataka and Kerala Coconut The most famous market for

If you buy coconut from here, then you can take more profit, but the farther you bring the goods, the more transport charges are incurred, you cannot ignore this thing.
For this, you will have to bring goods from more quantity,

if you bring some goods then you will also have to pay more transport charges and the cost of coconut will also be higher.
Therefore, whenever you buy coconut from the wholesale market, then you should take special care of this thing that you buy more and more coconut so that your transport charge can be reduced.

What is the wholesale price ?

coconut business | How to do coconut business – The price of coconut water in the market depends on its size and the water coming out in it,

if there is a large size coconut and its weight is above 2 kg, the water inside it is more than 300 grams Well, it comes in the number one quality.
The wholesale price of this type of coconut in the market from where the coconut is produced varies between ₹14 to ₹18, depending on the location and the market, whether you are buying from Andhra Pradesh or Karnataka. Are or are buying from Kerala.

2- After this comes the number two quality coconut, there is water on them from 250 grams inside it, and its weight is within 1.5 kg to 2 kg,

the price of this type of coconut in the market ranges from ₹ 9 to ₹ 15, can be found in the market at different prices, depending on the type of market you are buying coconut from.

3- Now let’s talk about the third quality coconut, this coconut is much smaller in size than the other two coconuts in terms of water, there is less water inside it, and the biggest difference is in its color,

you will see its color quite There will be marks all over the coconut.
You can get this type of coconut from the wholesale market at a low price, you can buy this coconut for between ₹ 6 to ₹ 8 and ₹ 10 if you are buying from the wholesale market.


coconut business idea | How to do coconut business – You can sell water coconut in the market in two ways, both ways are very good and beneficial, but the difference between the two is great,

if you want to do coconut business at wholesale level. , then you should adopt the first method, and if you want to do coconut business in retail, then you should adopt the second method.

1-  By doing wholesale business of coconut – 

If you are bringing coconut from wholesale market, and you want your goods to be sold at hand, then you should do wholesale, because if you do wholesale, then you can sell your goods quickly.
Whatever shopkeepers near you, whether there are fruits or vegetables, or there is a wholesale fruit market, you can go there and send your coconut directly at the wholesale rate, whatever money you have invested, you will get it back immediately.

In this way, if you do business then you can take it, but by setting this way, you will get profit from ₹ 2 to ₹ 5 on a coconut. But this profit is also not less,
If you notice that all the goods that you brought, the COCONUTS were supplied in 1 or 2 days, and whatever price you had paid in 2 days, you got it back, in this way you can order again and again, months I can order goods after 5 to 6, and can take profit.

2-  By doing retail business of coconuts-

If you start a retail business of coconut business, you can still earn profit, but while doing this type of business, you should take care of some things, whenever you are ordering coconut, then you will have to choose some such place,

where you can set up your stall,
And there you can raise a boy who can sell COCONUT, if you choose five types of places where – that’s how much profit you can get for 1 day
If you are doing retail. Then but the math with which we are telling you. If you do business with the same math, then you will get so much profit or else not.