amchur powder business Earn 1.5 lakh rupees every month/

amchur powder business Earn 1.5 lakh rupees every month/ You can earn 1.5 lakh rupees every month from Amchur powder business, very easily. If you do, then in no time you can make your brand famous in the market and people will demand amchur powder from your brand.

How can you start Mango Powder business while staying at home and how to start this business with minimum money, you are going to get complete information in this post, read the whole post carefully, maybe I can help you some.

Amchur powder business-

Friends, mango comes to us for a short time, but whatever food we cook, it often requires souring, for this people keep the mango bud dry and whenever we cook any food, we make sambar, we make lentils. Amchur is needed in it and we put that mango bud in it as per our requirement.

But friends, in today’s time people do not like this bud, they need to grind the mango bud to make powder. Because of this, a lot of demand for amchur powder is coming out in the market.

This business is like this in today’s time, people are paying very little attention to it, if you start a manufacturer or business of amchur powder, then you can earn a lot of profit in it.

How to start amchur powder business-

Friends, whenever we start any business, before that we should have information that how we will start this business like if you are starting the business of amchur powder, then first you have to do some preparation like –

Requirement of packing machine for amchur powder-

Whenever you start this business, you will need a packing machine. You can buy a machine.

Many machines come above two lakhs, which you can buy and start your automatic packing facility, but today we will tell you the way in which you can start Amchur powder business in less money.

First of all, buy a packing machine from Amazon Flipkart online side, which costs between ₹ 800 to ₹ 2000, by buying this machine you will save a big investment when you start any business, then you will have a lot in the beginning. Big investment should not be made.

We should do some car ourselves in the beginning so that our expenses are less and we can start the business in less money.

Amchur Powder Packing – 

Friends, after purchasing a machine, you will need packing pouches for packing amchur powder, you should initially buy them in small quantities from any shop so that you can avoid having a big investment.

Every market has one or two packing material shop from where you can buy LD  packing foil but while buying you have to keep in mind that whatever packing foil you are buying is 50 grams 100 grams 200 grams 500 grams and one KG Be in key packing because whatever amchur powder you will be packing will be in the same size.

amchur powder foil sticker-

To apply amchur powder on foil, you will need a sticker so that your brand value will increase. You can get the sticker printed by going to any printing press.

You have to remember that whatever sticker you are printing should be in different sizes and not the same size because for packing of 50 grams, you will need a smaller speaker, a bigger sticker for a foil of 200 grams and a foil of 1 kg. Biggest sticker will be needed.

Wet Machine for Packing Mango Powder – 

When you start any business, you also have to keep many small things in it such as a scale will be required. In today’s time, most of the digital scales are available in the market, you can buy any good quality weighing machine. So that depending on the size of your pouch, you can fill mango powder in it as well as pack it with the packing machine and sell it in the market by putting stickers.

Buying mango bud-

Now friends have come upon you from where your business will start, you have to find a market from where you can get dried mangoes at least price in the market, for this you can go to the state where the most mangoes are available. yields.

The second easiest and simplest way is to buy dried mango bud by searching online and bring it to your market and get it cleaned properly.

You have to keep this thing in mind here that whatever mango bud you have brought, let it dry thoroughly. In the beginning, you will have to take the help of sunlight, but when your work starts then you will need a dryer so that you can dry the mango bud properly and use it.

Preparation –

When you have dried your mango bud properly, you have to contact a spice grinder and from there you can give your mango bud to grind. Whenever you give your bud to grind there, then keep in mind that the machine in which it is grinding it and making a fine powder, it has been cleaned well in advance.

Often people make a mistake here and do not go and inspect it themselves, it causes damage to them, because before that, turmeric, chilli or coriander is powdered in that machine and it leaves its color in amchur powder as well. Its taste also changes.

You have to keep in mind here that whenever you prepare the powder, it should be completely pure, there is no adulteration in it and it has been prepared with cleanliness.

Cost in amchur powder 

Friends, you can start amchur powder by investing only ₹ 10000, but this is the beginning, on the basis of the further you want to take your business, you will have to increase your cost in it. 10,000 only you can try whether your business is running or It is not working whether people are buying your product or not.

If you start it properly then you will have to buy a packing machine, you will have to buy packing material and along with the quantity, you will have to keep the level and you will also need a sales boy.

To do all this, you will need at least four to ₹ 500000, but I would advise that you just try this business in the beginning and check whether you are able to do this business properly or not. If you are successful, then go ahead with the business.

Benefits of Amchur Powder-

Friends, profit is very good in amchur powder business, as you all know if you buy mango bud from the market and see that you get it in the wholesale rate from ₹ 60 to ₹ 200, it depends. What kind of quality are you buying?

If you are buying mango bud worth Rs. So, then you may also incur an extra cost of ₹ 20 to ₹ 25 to prepare it, in this way you can start the business by assuming the cost of ₹ 130 on it are |

If you work as a wholesaler in the market and give goods from big shopkeepers to small and big ones, then you can easily sell it in the price of ₹ 200 to ₹ 250 and if you sell it in the online market. Then you can sell it very easily between ₹ 400 kg to ₹ 600 kg.

Now it depends on how much goods you are selling in 1 month, your profit depends on that, some people can do this business well which earns from 1.5 lakh rupees to ₹ 200000 in a month. But if you are starting a business, you are investing only ₹ 10000, then you can think to yourself that from ₹ 10000 you can earn up to ₹ 20000 every month.