How to start Hing wholesale business/ Asafoetida Wholesale Market/

How to start Hing business/ asafetida wholesale business in India/ hing is used daily in our daily life, sometimes in the form of medicine, sometimes in the form of taste and sometimes in the form of tempering.

Without asafetida, we do not know where the taste of our food is lost, so whenever the name of tempering comes in any food, then we first take the name of asafoetida as asafetida tempering.

When hing holds such an important place in our life, then why not start asafetida business only.

To start this business, you do not need any special training nor any special machine, if you want to start this business then only you should start this business in this way –

Asafoetida producing countries-

Asafoetida is not produced in India, but hing is used in India alone, 40% of the world’s asafetida is produced.

Hing used in India comes from countries like Iran, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, some traders also order it from Kazakhstan. The demand for asafetida coming from Afghanistan is highest.

When asafoetida comes to India from these countries, it is found in liquid or liquid form, after which it is prepared naturally in the sun, some adulteration is done in it, after which its price is decided what kind of adulteration. Made in Hing.

How to do business of Hing-

To start Hing ka business, start in the following way-

Do your market research-

Before starting Hing ka business, it is very important for you to know your market that what type of asafoetida is in demand in your market. Carry good quality asafetida.

Then you may find it difficult to survive in your market, so whenever you start this business, before that one must contact the wholesale retailer of your market and after taking this information from them, what they are getting is what price range. is in

Explore the Wholesale Market of Asafoetida – Hing Business

When you understand your market that what type of asafetida is in demand in your market, then you go to the wholesale market to buy the same type of hing, from where you can get the best quality and at the least price.

You have to buy at least 3 quality asafetida from the wholesale market, such a joke that you can say number one in your market and say number two and say number 3.

By doing this, when you have to go for sale asafoetida in the market, then you will not have to explain to the customer much for the quality, so you have to buy at least three quality.

Asafoetida Wholesale Market in India – Hing Business

The biggest market of asafoetida in India is in Hathras district of Uttar Pradesh, from here you can buy any type of asafetida, this market is the largest asafetida market in India, from here asafetida is supplied all over India.

The goods that come in the form of liquid from outside are prepared and made edible in Hathras itself, which we keep and eat with great interest in our kitchen.

Buying packing material-

When you buy asafetida from the wholesale market itself, after that you have to prepare small packets of asafoetida according to your market, which you have to prepare packing of 5 grams, 10 grams, 20 grams, 50 grams and 100 grams.

For this packing, if you want, you can buy a small ready-made plastic box or you can buy plastic foil, both the methods are easy and simple and are also available in the market in a very simple way.

Buy scales to measure Hing-

The business of asafoetida completely depends on the measurement, so before starting this business you should buy a digital scale so that whatever you are buying can be measured correctly and the box can be packed in foil.

It is mainly available from ₹ 1000 to ₹ 2000, which you have to find in your market and keep it at home before starting the business.

Printing sticker for packing Hing-

When you pack hing in small boxes or pack it in foil, after this it is necessary to put a sticker on it, by doing this the quality of your asafetida increases, people get a name by which they name your asafetida in the market. So you have to put your name sticker on each packet.

There should be an MRP sticker on which the name of your firm is there, so that information about its price can be found, as well as where it is prepared, it should also be written in it so that people can get complete information about your asafetida.

Keep Sell Buy for Hinge Selling-

To sell asafoetida, you need to keep one or two boys, in the initial days, if you want, you can do this work yourself, but if you do not want to do it, then you must keep one or two boys who are in the market. Can go and bring order.

Whatever goods order has come to them, they can reach them and bring money from them and give them to you, to do all this you can do one or two or more or less according to the way you are doing business.

Asafoetida wholesale price-

The price of Hing in the market starts from ₹ 2000 KG and goes up to ₹ 30000 KG, it depends on its quality, what kind of quality you are buying from the market, basically we get the quality of hing in the market. We only get hing of that quality ranging from ₹ 2000 to ₹ 5000.

From time to time, this price may be lower or higher, depending on how much demand is there in the market hing and how much is being supplied.

How much profit in asafetida business?

How much profit is there in the business of asafoetida, it depends on what type of asafetida you are selling in your market, most of the shopkeepers buy low priced hing and sell it by comparing it with high priced hing.

If you buy only ₹ 3000 kg from the wholesale market, then you can sell it very easily in your market at ₹ 6000 per kg, in this way if you see, the profit margin in the business of Hing is very good. But it depends on how you are doing your business, many people take good profit even on low margin.

Registration License-

To do business of asafoetida, you will need to get a food license because it is a food product, so whenever you start your own business, it is very important to get a food license as well as you will also have to take GST because if you are a business If you do, then whatever the business is, GST is mandatory with it.