How to Start Bike Auto Parts Business/ Open Auto Parts Shop/

How to Start Bike Auto Parts Business/ How to Open Auto Parts Shop/

How to Start Bike Auto Parts Business/ How to Open Auto Parts Shop/Auto parts business can prove to be the most profitable business for you in 2022. If you do this business properly then you will not get more profit than this in any business.

Before starting auto parts business, you should do some preparation, if you start this business by preparing in advance, then you can avoid the trouble, then know what to prepare in order-

1. Finding the Right Location for Bike Auto Parts Business:-

Before opening an auto parts shop – you should find a good location for the shop. Because this business mainly depends on the location itself.

If the location of your shop is good. From where your shop is located, is there a road, or is there a market – or is there a market for auto parts. If you open a shop in such a place,\ then you become successful quickly\ because often customers keep coming to such a place,

Where the customer will always come, whether there is a new shop there, the shop has more chances of being successful.

So if you are looking to open an auto parts store, look for a right location, even if it may take you a little longer, but where you open the shop, there is a road around it, people walk through it, if If his bike is bad, then he will definitely come to you, and get the car repaired with you.

2. Finding a mechanic for bike auto parts business?

Auto parts business | How to start auto parts business – For this it is very important to have a good mechanic, if you have a good mechanic at your shop, who has complete work of bike repairing, then you will be successful, but if you have arranged bike mechanic properly. If not, then you may get upset.

Because whenever a customer comes to you, and there is a problem with his bike, that mechanic will not be able to correct him, then he will not come to your shop again.

If this does not happen, then you may suffer loss, and after some time you may have to close the shop. Because the shop is completely dependent on the mechanic, so whenever you open the shop, consult a good mechanic from the beginning Talk about it, and how to keep it in your shop. Talk about it in advance.

Some mechanics can stay with you for a month’s salary, and some mechanics will keep the charge of that service with you. You have to first take information about how your mechanic will be with you.

3. Making furniture for the auto parts business

Furniture plays an important role for bike auto parts business-shop, if you are opening an auto parts store, then you will need small boxes to keep near, and also a furniture to keep those boxes Will have to prepare

If you want, you can also prepare wooden furniture, and also if you can buy readymade furniture from the market, in this you get a rack made of iron, you can also buy it from the market and prepare your furniture soon. Huh

You can put it in the shop, but if you want to keep your shop permanent, then you should make furniture of wood, because you can prepare it according to your own.

If your furniture is well set in the shop, then the look of the shop also looks good, whenever the customer comes to your shop, and the look of your shop is good, along with it he also gets every item which he needs. If so, he will come to your shop again and again and buy whatever items he needs from you.

4. To make necessary registration for auto parts business shop-

It is mandatory for you to take GST to open an auto parts shop, because when you order any goods from outside, you cannot order goods without GST. So if you want to start auto parts business, then you should also take GST, and

If you take GST, after that you do not face any kind of problem \GST is 28% in auto parts, whenever you order goods for the shop, then only on GST,

Because if there is any problem in your goods or if you want to replace, then you need a bill, and if you have GST of Pukka Biryani, then you will not face any kind of problem, also if you Giving goods to someone, and you can also give a fixed bill to him, if you have GST.

5. how to buy auto parts –

You have to buy parts for the shop, now the biggest problem is that from where we will buy auto parts, you have to decide in advance, from where you will buy parts.

Bike Auto parts you should always buy from the local market near you, there must be some wholesale market in every area.

6. Which Market to Buy AUTO Parts from?

Unless you have complete knowledge of parts, you should not go to big market like Delhi. Because when you go to the big market, whatever goods you have to buy there, you have to buy it in wholesale quantity, whereas you can also buy 5 or 10 pieces in the local market, when you go to any market, And buy goods by quantity. ,

Now the shopkeeper also gives you many such parts, which are not visible in the market or give you to the bikes which have been discontinued, then you will never be able to sell those parts. And your money is wasted. That’s why whenever you start a business

Before that, you have to take complete information about the parts, but if you are not taking the information in advance, and are starting a shop, then you can initially buy parts from the local market near you, which is the wholesale market.

7.Costs in the Auto Parts Business?

Before starting the auto parts business, you have to make a certain investment, although there is no investment limit in the bike auto parts business, you invest as much as you want in this business, even then it will be less, still an estimate is made. is |

That you can start this business from at least ₹ 200000 to ₹ 500000 and if you want to do the business properly then at least you have to invest up to ₹ 1000000 then you can start this business in the right way. can start

8.Profit in Auto Parts Business?

How much profit will you make in auto parts business, it depends on what kind of parts you are keeping in your shop, if you are dealing with original parts then you will see a margin of at least 10% to 25% |

If you are working with a local brand, then you can get margin of at least 50%, it depends on which parts you are taking and what kind of auto parts you are selling. are doing


Auto parts business | How to start a bike auto parts business- The biggest question to open a shop is that while opening the shop, which parts should we keep in the shop, should we keep the original or should we keep the local parts.

Because we do not get much profit in Original Parts, and Local Parts do not last long. If you are opening a shop, and you do not have much knowledge, then you should keep original parts in the beginning.

Because in original auto parts, you will have less profit but your customer weight will be more. So will bring your friends along with them, will also tell them, that good parts are available at your shop.

10. Disadvantages of Keeping Local Auto Parts?

By keeping local parts, you will get more benefit, but the customers at the shop will start decreasing gradually because they are not getting the parts for which they are paying you, local parts stop working after some time. And the customer gets upset

And then again he does not come to your shop, but goes to some other nearby shop.

Remember that all the parts related to the engine should be original and you can easily replace it with any text that appears outside, you can keep it from any local company and give it to the customer


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