frozen green peas Business Will Make You Millionaire Start Like This/

frozen green peas Business Will Make You Millionaire Start Like This/ Green peas will make you a millionaire to start business this way / Who does not like green peas, be it any festival, wedding function, birthday, peas are needed all the time, without peas, none of our favorite vegetables can be prepared.

The taste of peas is different from vegetable to casserole, so the demand for green peas remains in our country throughout the year, but green peas are produced in our country only from December to February.

But the demand for frozen green peas remains in our country, so if you buy green peas in season and store them frozen, then you can earn a big profit by selling this peas throughout the year.

How do you do green peas business, how to do frozen, how will you start this business, from where you will buy goods and where you will sell all the information you are going to get in this post, read the post completely so that you can get complete information.

frozen Green Pea Producing State:-

Friends, the production of peas is highest in our country in the state of Uttar Pradesh, here more than 45% of the total pea production of India is produced in GREEN matar, so if you are going to start a wholesale business of peas, then you have to contact here. will be

Even here there are some districts where peas are produced in large quantities, such as Jalaun district in Uttar Pradesh is considered to be number one in green peas production.

Apart from this, peas are also produced in large quantities around Rudrapur and in Lalitpur also peas are produced in a very large quantity, you can buy peas from here at a low price.

Apart from this, peas are also produced in Madhya Pradesh and from here you can also buy peas, but you have to try where green peas are available at least price, you have to buy peas from this type of market.

Green peas wholesale price:-

Friends, the rate of green motor keeps getting lower and higher from time to time, but if you look normally in the market, then you can easily get green peas up to ₹ 20 kg by the month of December-January.

And this is what if you buy peas directly from the wholesale market, then you get at least ₹ 10 kg very easily, if you buy peas for ₹ 10 kg and if you peel it, then 1 kg green peas in it In 500 grams of peas, approximately the grains come out.

It depends on what quality the green pear you have bought is and what is the size of the grain inside it, if your peas are right, then at least 500 grams of peas come out.

At what price should you sell Green Pear?

Friends, if you buy frozen green peas ₹ 10 kg, then it is going to cost you ₹ 20 per kg to prepare that peas, in this way, that mater has the power to read you up to ₹ 30 kg, but if you are doing the whole work by machines. Then this cost can increase even more.

If you are getting green pear ready for ₹ 50 per kg, then you can sell this matter very easily for ₹ 100 per kg or up to ₹ 120 kg.

In this way you will see that you can make a profit of at least ₹ 50 to ₹ 70 per kg by selling peas in wholesale, which can be more or less according to the market.

And if you retail this green pear, then you can sell it for ₹ 200 per kg, then you can make a profit of ₹ 150 on selling 1 kg of mutton.

In this way you will start the business of green peas, now let’s talk about how to start green peas business, complete information.

Do some preparation before starting a business like?

Friends, whenever we start any business, before that we should do some preparation so that when this time comes, our business can run at full speed.

Because frozen green pear is not produced throughout the year, so whenever we start this business, we have to make some preparations, if you prepare in advance, then you can stock green peas in large quantities so that you If there is more profit then first of all you should understand what to prepare before starting green peas business?

Looking for Green Pear Wholesale Market?

Whenever you think of starting a wholesale business of green pear, first of all you have to find the green peas market near you, from where you can get peas available at the least cost.

To find green peas wholesale market, you have to do two things, first you can do online google search and get information about where green peas are produced.

After this, you have to do online market research, from where you can get information about which market is getting the least price at this time, peas are available at different prices in each market.

You can find out this online, so whenever you start a business of peas, you must go online and find the wholesale price of green peas so that you can buy green peas at the lowest price.

Arrangement of godown to keep green pear?

Friends, when we buy and bring green peas, we will need Godown to keep them, we cannot keep it in the open, so before starting the business, you have to find a warehouse of at least 1000 square feet where you can stock green peas. able to keep

While arranging the warehouse, you also have to keep in mind that you have to take this warehouse at such a place where the car can come very easily so that whenever you buy the goods from outside, there is no need to bring it to Godaun. Don’t have any kind of trouble.

Arrange a machine for peeling green peas?

Friends, whenever you buy green peas, then it has to be peeled first and you need a machine to peel this green peas.

If you want, you can peel the pot by hand without taking the machine in the beginning, for this you will need a laver to peel it manually. Which you have to arrange in advance.

Whenever you buy green peas, you have to peel it immediately and for that you need automatic machine or labor which you arrange in advance so that you do not face any kind of problem.

Make arrangements for washing green pears:-

Green peas are washed after peeling, so you will need to buy an automatic washer, which will make washing peas very easy.

But if you want to start green peas business on a large scale, only then you should buy automatic water or else you can do the work of washing peas manually.

You only need to have two extra boys who can wash your green peas.

Buy Green Pear Streamer?

To keep green pear safe throughout the year, the main task is that you bring green peas and give steam to it and that too at 90 degrees Celsius to peas or give steam to peas after giving steam for 2 to 3 minutes. is removed.

That’s why essentially you need an extruder, which you can buy from the market or you can also give steam by boiling water at home or you can prepare the peas to boil.

The thing to note here is that the stream given in green peas is better, but in the beginning, if you want, you can boil the peas and do the work!

Make a fan?

After steaming the peas for 2 to 3 minutes in a boiler or streamer, they are immediately removed and put in cold water and air is blown over it by a fan so that it can be cooled immediately.

After the peas come to normal at 5 to 6 degrees Celsius, other things are done for this, when you cool the peas in water and take it out, then the fan is very much to dry the water as well as to cool it. It is necessary, so here you have to install a very big fan giving very powerful air which can cool the peas.

Make arrangements for chillers to keep green pears?

Now you have to take out your green peas and keep them in the chiller whose temperature is at least -40 degree Celsius.

This is a very important step which has to be done in any case, so whenever you start the business of green peas, you have to keep in mind that the boiled peas have to be kept at minus 40 degree Celsius.

Here your peas get frozen, now you can prepare this peas, you can packing, you have to do the packing in the form of frozen peas.

Green peas kept in cold storage?

Now you can keep green peas in cold storage and you can sell them in the market by taking out green peas as per requirement, now you will sell these peas after years at a higher price

In this way, wherever you are starting your business in your nearest cold store, find it nearby so that you do not face any problem in carrying peas again and again.

How much will green peas wholesale business cost?

If you use automatic machinery system for production of green peas, then it can cost you at least 20 to 2500000 rupees.

In this also it is decided that what type of automatic system you are buying, depending on how much budget you have, you can buy automatic semi automatic machine for green peas production.

If you are starting then you can normally start a business from one to ₹ 200000 but for that you will need to do training somewhere so that you can get complete information about this process.


Green peas business is very profitable and it is produced only a few months in a year, so if you stock it properly, then you can take good profit in it, but before starting the business anytime, complete the business of that business. Getting information is very important.

Whenever you start a business, it is very important to have complete information about it, sometimes even half-incomplete information can give us damage, so whenever you start this business, before visiting a factory, complete it. Take the information and only then start the business.

Most frequently asked questions?

Question 1:- Which are the states producing peas?

Answer:- Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Bihar etc. are known for production of peas, in which maximum production of peas is done in Uttar Pradesh.

Question 2: What is the wholesale price of peas?

Answer:- The wholesale price of peas keeps increasing and decreasing from time to time, but if you are buying peas in the season of peas, then it can easily be found in the wholesale price of ₹ 10 per kg.

Question 3:- How much profit is there in peas business?

Answer:- At least more than 50% margin is available in pea business but it can be more or less depending on the time and situation.

Question 4: – When to start green peas business?

Answer: – The best time to start green peas business is from December to March, at this time peas are produced in large quantities, so at this time peas are available at least cost.

Question 5: – How much will green peas business cost?

Answer:- At least two to ₹ 500000 will be required to start green peas business if you will do the whole process manually by hand.

And if you will do all the work by machines by automatic machine then this cost can go from 2000000 to ₹ 300000, it will depend whether the machine is automatic or semi automatic.