how to start Kaju wholesale business/ kaju wholesale market /

how to start Kaju wholesale business/ kaju wholesale market /

how to start kaju wholesale business/ cashew nut price/ Cashew is a dry food which is very popular and liked by everyone, it is used in making from our vegetables to sweets.

kaju business is becoming very popular in today’s time, many people are doing cashew business, you too can earn a good profit by starting cashew business

How will you start cashew business, where is it right to buy cashew in wholesale price, at what rate you should buy cashew and which license do you need for cashew business. How much money will you need for cashew business, you are going to get all this information today in this business idea.

Before starting kaju ka wholesale business, understand your market-

Whenever you start cashew business, before that you have to see your market that what kind of cashew is in high demand in your market, which cashews are demanding more in your area, you need the same cashew.

If you start this business without understanding your area, then you cannot do business properly, you have to go to the market near you and you will have to get information that whatever cashew is coming to them.

Where is it coming from, at what price is it coming as well as how is its quality, what kind of cashew people are choosing to buy in your area, you will have to order the same type of cashew from the wholesale market and sell it in the same market only then you can be successful in this business.

First of all let’s talk about the market price of cashew nuts.

How to start kaju wholesale business?

Before starting cashew business, you should know the price of cashew, at what rate you will get cashew in the market, the price depends on its quality on its side, what type of quality you are taking, what type of size you are buying. are

Full Size Cashew-

Kaju ka wholesale business kaise kare The price of full size cashew in the wholesale market today ranges from ₹ 600 to ₹ 800 but this price varies on quality and color. Cashews are all the same in taste but in color and size.

There is a difference, the price of the best quality can increase even more, it depends on which quality you are buying, but the full size which will start from ₹ 600 which is right for sale in your market

kaju Wholesale Business Two Pieces Cashew –

This is the cashew that sits in two pieces while being removed from the machine, due to being split into two pieces, it is called two pieces cashew,

this cashew is available in the price of 50 to ₹ 100 less than the price of full cashew, you get this cashew in the wholesale market. I will get a simple ₹ 400 to 550 / ₹ 600, it depends on which market you are buying the goods from and from which quantity.

kaju Wholesale Business 4 Pieces Cashew-

The cashew which gets divided into four pieces while taking out, you get that cashew at a low price, the price of this cashew in the market can range from ₹ 50 to ₹ 350, this cashew is most liked by the hotel restaurant because it gives it can buy at a low price.

Cashew wholesale market?

Cashew’s wholesale market is mainly in three places, although cashew is cultivated in many places in India, but in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala, cashew cultivation is the highest,

if you want to buy cashew in wholesale rate, then you have to buy cashew in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala. You can buy cashew nuts from any state in Kerala.

Apart from this, cashew is also cultivated in some areas of Goa, Maharashtra, you can also buy cashew from there, but there you will not get the price like Kerala and Karnataka, if you want to buy cashew at a low price, then you should buy cashew from Kerala.

Kaju ka wholesale business kaise kare How to find cashew wholesaler-

The easiest and simplest way for you to find the wholesale of kaju is to do a Google search, whatever cashew wholesalers come in the results of Google search,

you can talk to them on the phone and get the rate list of cashew from them and this you 10 to 15 You can do it with a wholesaler, after that you can buy goods and sell in your area by starting a business with the wholesale price you like and whose quality you like.

Make cashew your brand

Before starting the sale of kaju, you will have to buy cashew at wholesale rate, after that it will have to be prepared in small packets, 200 grams, 100 grams, 500 grams and one KG, you will have to prepare such packets first.

And on those packets you will have to put a sticker which will show the price of your packet as well as show your firm and also show that when it was packed, you will have to give this type of information on that packet if you know how to do it. Will take cashew nuts to the market.

And whoever you show to the shopkeeper, he will not bargain more than you while buying your cashew, because he will understand that it is a brand and brands never make more money.

Get GST registration done for cashew nuts-

Before starting the business of sadhu, it is necessary to register for GST because whatever cashew you celebrate will come from outside, it will come from another province and when any goods are sent from one state to another,

it will be sent along with GST. If you go, then take GST before starting cashew business so that you do not face any kind of problem while celebrating the goods from outside.

How much money is required-

To start cashew business, you will need at least ₹ 50000 because in this business you will not get the same price if you order a small quantity of goods.

Therefore, you will have to make goods worth ₹ 50000 at a time, whether you order online or go to Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and meet the dealer to get the goods, apart from this, you will also have to spend some separately for packing charge sticker.