how to start walnut business/ Walnut Wholesale Market/

how to start walnut business/ Walnut Wholesale Market/

how to start walnut wholesale business/Walnut Wholesale Market/walnut business plan / How to do walnut business Many types of walnuts have benefits

Very few people do walnut business, but there is a lot of chance to move forward in it because walnut is grown in Kashmir and from there it is supplied all over India if we talk.

How to start this business, how much profit will be there, at what rate we will get it from Kashmir, as well as what licenses we will need to start this, all that information will be given to you in this business idea.

walnut business plan walnut price-

First of all let’s talk about how much is the price of walnut, if we know it in the market around us, then we can get information about this thing, usually walnut is available in our market from ₹ 500 to ₹ 600. And if the price of walnut kernel is at least ₹ 1000 to 12 rupees in the market.

Walnut Price in Kashmir –

If seen, walnut is available in Kashmir at a very low price, even if you go to visit Kashmir, you will see that usually you get walnuts from ₹ 250 to 350 rupees on the shops that are open there. will go

Which is a normal price and not a wholesale price, if you buy walnuts from Kashmir in wholesale price and sell them here, then you will get walnuts for much less than this price.

Where to Buy Walnuts –

walnut business plan To buy walnuts, you will have to resort to a wholesale market in Kashmir itself, but if you want, there is another simple way by which you can get the upload at very low price and that is that you have to meet farmers in Kashmir the farmers there

They can give you walnuts at a very low price, for this you will not have to go to the wholesale market of walnuts and go to the local market there, as well as meet the farmers, they can give you walnuts from ₹ 200 to 280 rupees.

If you are doing walnut business, then you will have to take so much risk so that you can get walnuts at a low price, you have to meet the farmers there in Kashmir and you can buy all the walnuts they have at the least price. are |

walnut Wholesale business -how to sell walnuts-

walnut business plan There are two ways you can adopt to sell walnuts, both ways are simple and easy and in both ways you can sell walnuts at a very high price, for this you first need to have information about walnuts in your wholesale market and shopkeepers. will have to give

You will have to tell that you wholesale walnuts and can give them walnuts at a very low price, after that all the shopkeepers there will contact you and buy walnuts from you, but you can still send walnuts in two ways.

walnut wholesale business sell whole walnuts-

This is the simplest way, the way you have brought walnuts, you can sell it in the market by keeping a margin of ₹ 100 to ₹ 150 in your market and you can give it to all your shopkeeper brothers. It is the easiest and simplest way, but if you want to do something different, you want to do some experiment, then you should adopt another method.

Sell ​​Walnut Girly-

This method is useful to sell walnuts more, if you have bought walnuts in large quantities, then you have to break walnuts and pack them in plastic boxes in 200 grams and 500 grams.

And you have to put a sticker, you have to put the MRP of your firm’s name in it and you can also put your GST number, after doing all this you take out the walnut kernel and fill it.

Pack and sell walnut kernels-

Now this kernel is ready for sale in the market, now you can sell it in the market, you can take more advantage in it because 1kg kernel comes out in 3 kg of walnuts, in this way if you have brought walnuts for ₹ 200.

Then you will get 1 kg of kernel ready for ₹ 600, apart from this, the cost of extracting walnut kernel and packing it in a box can be applied to ₹ 50 of KG, thus you can get 1 kg of kernels for ₹ 650 at ₹ 650. Now you can easily sell this kernel for ₹ 1000, how will you see that on 1kg you can take advantage of ₹ 250 to ₹ 350.

Which one to register?

For walnut business plan, you will need two types of registration, first you will have to take GST when you plant walnuts from Kashmir, so whenever you start walnut business, before that you have to take GST, after that if you only have walnuts in the market are selling.

Then you will get the work done with GST only, but if you are starting a walnut kernel business then you will also need a food license.

How much money is needed for walnut business-

If you are starting walnut business, then you have to take at least 200 kg walnuts in the beginning and if you are buying walnuts for ₹ 250, then you will need ₹ 50000 in the beginning and there will be some other expenses. can |

That’s why whenever you start walnut business, you will need 70 to 80000 in the beginning, if you buy only 100 kg walnuts then your business can start with only ₹ 30000, now you have to see how many walnuts you business with. Let’s start