Top 10 PNB Credit Card apply & How to Apply for PNB Credit Card/

Top 10 PNB Credit Card apply & How to Apply for PNB Credit Card/

Top 10 PNB Credit Cards/How to Apply for PNB Credit Card/ Getting a Punjab National Bank credit card is easiest and simplest. How to get PNB Credit Card Which credit card is best for you? Which PNB credit card annual fee is waived, you are going to get all this information in this blog post.

Credit card of Punjab National Bank offers a lot of offers nationally and internationally. It also offers offers on online and offline shopping as well as annual fee is either waived as compared to other cards or else you will get negligible annual fee. Have to give

First of all let’s talk about which are the top 10 credit cards of Punjab National Bank-

Top 10 Credit Cards of PNB Credit:- PNB Credit Card apply:-

1.PNB Global Platinum CardPNB Credit Card apply


2.PNB Global Gold CardPNB Credit Card apply


3.PNB Global Classic CardPNB Credit Card apply


4. PNB Wave & Pay Credit Card

PNB Credit Card apply





5.PNB RuPay Platinum CardPNB Credit Card apply



6.PNB RuPay Select Card


7. PNB Rakshak RuPay Platinum Card– 


8. PNB Rakshak RuPay Select Card


9.PNB Visa Signature Card.


10.PNB Rupay Millennial Card

PNB Credit Card apply

How to apply for PNB Credit’s credit card- PNB Credit Card apply:-

You can follow any of these two methods to apply for PNB Credit Card. You can follow two steps online and offline for PNB credit card application.

pnb credit card apply online:-

If you want to apply online credit card sitting at home then you have to visit this website. By visiting this website, you come to the official website of Punjab National Bank.

Now you come to the credit card application site of Punjab National Bank, here you will get to see all types of information related to PNB credit card.

but you have to apply for the card now so you will see 3 boxes on the right side in which you will see the middle You have to look carefully on the box, here you will see the writing of Credit Card Credit Card Application Form Application, you have to click on it as soon as you click on it.

Now you have reached a new window, here you will see that some forms of PNB credit card are visible. In this way you can apply for Punjab National Bank Credit Card sitting at home.

Applying for Punjab National Bank Credit Card through Offline – If your account is in Punjab National Bank, then you can go to your bank and take the credit card form from there and fill it and submit it there. If your account is with Punjab National Bank then you can get credit card very soon. The bank account you have should be at least 6 months old. Apart from this, there are some term end conditions of the bank which are as follows-

pnb credit full information :-
What are the qualifications required for PNB credit-

If you are going to apply for PNB credit card then before that you have to fulfill the following criteria.


Your age should be between 21 to 70 years for PNB credit card. Also, age should be 18 years for add on card.

educational qualification-

For PNB credit card, you need to be educated, but no limit has been given for this, even if you are 5th, 8th pass, you can still apply.

independent financial instruments

The bank issues you a credit card only when it makes sure that you are generating something coming from somewhere, that means you are earning something, money is coming to you from somewhere \  that’s why whenever the bank issues a credit card Before that, he asks you for your salary slip or RTR file copy so that he can ensure that you are generating income.

How to get sbi credit card and special information related to sbi credit card

Minimum Annual Income – PNB Credit

While taking a credit card, you have to tell how much is your annual income, that is, how much is your annual income \  The bank issues you credit card on the same basis as your annual income.

If your annual income is high, then the bank issues you a credit card of premium category and if your annual income is normal then you are issued a credit card of normal category. And on the basis of this your credit card limit is determined.

PAN card and e-mail-

It is very important for the credit card applicant to have a PAN card, as well as when you are submitting the form for the credit card, you will also have to give the email ID at the same time, in this way arrange the credit card and email ID in advance.

proof of address: PNB Credit Card apply:-

When you apply for the credit card, at that time you must have an attested address proof, so that it can be known that the applicant is residing in the same place in the name of which he is applying, for this you can apply your Aadhar Card Voter Card Lite Bill ration card whichever is available with you can give it as address proof.

income certificate- PNB Credit Card apply:-

You will have to give a certificate to the bank that you are generating some income or you are filing ITR, then you can give a copy of it or you can give salary slip where you are serving.


Two passport size photographs will be required which you will not have attached in your form, in this way you can apply for credit card.

  • Pan Card

  • Aadhar Card

  • bank statement 6 months

  • Photocopy of RTR

  • salary slip

  • credit card form

Documents you will need whenever you apply for PNB Credit Card\If you need any other type of information related to credit card then you can comment and ask whatever you have any question in your mind.