How to apply HDFC Regalia credit card & Hdfc top 10 credit card/

hdfc credit card how to apply/ top 10 hdfc bank credit card-how to make hdfc credit card sitting at home in 5 minutes. HDFC Bank Credit Card – Who does not like credit cards, everyone wants to have a top class credit card but not everyone gets a credit card.

The biggest advantage of having a credit card is that if ever you do not have a cash case and you have to spend something suddenly, then you can use your credit card and work and after 45 days return all the money without any interest. If you do, then you do not have to pay any charge for it.

You can get a lot of discounts on credit cards, like when you shop online, you get cashback ranging from 5% to 10%, when you eat food in hotels, restaurants, you get cashback as well as fill petrol-diesel. Then you are given cashback.

If the credit card is from a big bank, which is getting offers often, then it can be a very profitable deal, you also want to make a credit card, you apply for HDFC credit card,

often many discounts on this bank’s credit card It keeps on coming, today we are going to give information on how you can apply for hdfc bank credit card sitting at home in just 5 minutes which is as follows.

online hdfc bank credit card apply-HDFC BANK CREDIT CARD TAYAPS- hdfc insta credit card

  •  regalia credit card :-
  •   hdfc money back credit card :-
  • HDFC millennia credit card :-
  •   Titanium credit card  :-
  • HDFC Platinum times credit card :-
  •  dinner club miles credit card :-
  • hdfc diners club reward z credit :-
  • HDFC diners club black credit card :-
  •  Indian Oil credit card :-
  •  diners club privilege credit card :-

HDFC Bank issues 10 types of credit cards in total, each credit card comes with many features in itself. Apply for a credit card. The bank issues you a credit card based on your eligibility.

Annual credit card fee varies. is different. But today we are not talking about the credit card issued in HDFC Bank, today we are talking about how you can get HDFC Bank credit card.

HOW TO APPLY HDFC CREDIT CARD :-online hdfc bank credit card apply

To apply hdfc credit card, you can visit the official website of hdfc bank, by clicking on the link given below, you will directly come to the page from where you can apply hdfc credit card.


By clicking on this link, you reach the quick application process of HDFC Bank, here you get to see two options, first you enter your mobile number and sleep some code below, enter them and click on term and condition, process can click on.

But this process is for those people who have not already created an account in HDFC Bank and those who have already opened an account in HDFC Bank, then they will have to go through another process. Customer ID will have to be entered, the answer will be put in the customer ID, after that you will be asked for your password, which you have to enter in it.

Now you reach a new page and here you get two options-[online hdfc bank credit card apply]

First of all, you have to tell whether you are  job or Self Employed, it means to say that you are doing job or doing business, whatever you are doing, you have to select it. Below that you have to put your company name. Company in which you are working. After doing this you have to click on Continue.

When you give information about your job and company to the bank, then the bank takes information from you about your personal details, in which you have to first enter your name, after that you have to enter the city, after that you have to enter your Mobile number has to be entered then you have to click on continue.  click here to apply 

You reach a new page, you get to see three options, on the top of the Employee Types, in which you have written self-employed, second the name of your company name and thirdly you have to give information about your annual RTR. You have to write down how much ITR you are filling, click on Show Eligible Card.

Now you have reached a new page where the bank gives you the message of concentration, whatever bank credit card is offering you, it is shown to you, now you can see your hdfc credit card below. You can choose any one credit card of your choice, you can get information about that card’s details as well as annual fee, when you have done all the details about the card, you have liked the card, then you can apply now by selecting that card. will click on.

HDFC credit card personal details-[online hdfc bank credit card apply]

Now you have to select your personal details, which you have entered your personal details on the bank’s website, so you can see it by clicking on it as well as you will get an OTP for verifying the mobile number you have entered. After verifying that OTP, you will click on Continue.

Address details verification-

You come to the next page after continuing your personal details, then you have to check your address details which you have entered in hdfc bank website once. You have to re-check your area’s pin code state etc. and click on Continue.

Employee details for HDFC credit card-

Now you have to check your details once again. Whatever your company name you have entered in the bank credit card, after checking your company’s address again your home address, you have to click on Continue.

HDFC bank credit card setup-[online hdfc bank credit card apply]

You have come to the next option, here you will see that you are getting to see an option in which it is written that you can make your credit card lifetime free credit card free for life time, below are some options,

whichever of these You can proceed by clicking on it as you like, like you can put any of your Dish TV mobile recharge etc. to recharge every month, you can get your fast tag made from HDFC Bank, as you would have done with HDFC Bank. If so, your card can also be free for life time. After that you will click on Continue.

Upload documents for HDFC bank credit card-

Now you have come to a new page here you will fill your documents like identity proof residency proof income proof and a photo you can upload them online in identity proof you can give voter id card Aadhar card pan card etc.

In address proof, you can give ration card, Aadhar card, electricity bill etc. For income proof, you can give RTR or salary slip whichever you have and one passport size photo, you will upload all these here on this website and continue will click on.

HDFC Credit Card SETUP Complete-[online hdfc bank credit card apply]

Now your HDFC credit card application has been completed, now all you have to do is click on the term and condition and click OK, now you will get an application reference number which you can save and keep. In this way you can apply for a credit card sitting at home in just 5 minutes, this is a very easy and simple way, with this application reference number, you can track your application.

If you want to know how to apply for HDFC Bank Credit Card without opening an account with HDFC Bank Huh

Comment below, we will also tell you the process very soon. How can you get HDFC Bank Credit Card sitting at home?