How to Apply for SBI Simply Click Credit Card & SBI top five credit cards /

How to Apply for SBI Simply Click Credit Card & SBI top five credit cards /

sbi simply click credit card how to apply/ Get SBI credit card made in just 5 minutes/sbi credit card How to make and special information related to sbi credit card-  SBI credit card is considered a special category card in today’s time, it gets many offers from time to time and you can choose any card according to your requirement. Which you want to use in your daily work.

There are mainly some steps to be completed to get SBI credit card which are as follows-

SBI Credit Card Types?- 

Simplyclick sbi credit card-

sbi simply click credit card

SBI Credit Card Types

Lifestyle Cards – 

Reward Cards

Shopping Cards

Lifestyle Home Centre SBI Card PRIMETravel & Fuel CardsIRCTC SBI Card (on RuPay platform)

Banking Partnership Cards


          Business Cards


how to apply for sbi credit card ?-

To apply sbi credit card online, you have to follow the steps given below. With which you can easily submit your credit card request on the bank’s website.

1- First of all you have to go to the official website of the bank and click on the website.


2- Now you have to click on apply as shown above.

3- Now you will see the types of sbi credit card. Out of these, you can choose the card according to your interest and if you are taking sbi cerdit card for the first time then you should mainly apply for any one of the 2 cards.

A- Simplyclick sbi credit card-

SimplyCLICK SBI Card

B- Simply save sbi credit cardhttps://www.sbicard.comSimplySAVE SBI Card

4- Now you should proceed by applying on the selected card –

5- Now an SBI credit card form has been opened in front of you, now you have to fill whatever information is being asked in this form. First of all you have to fill the personal details which you have to fill like this.

6-personal details-personal details I have to enter first name middle name and last name resident al city where you are living Referral code If any you have found you can enter referral code or leave blank after that Mobile number has to be entered by clicking on term and condition and clicking for OTP.

7-otp fill in application- Now an OTP will come on your mobile number, after entering that OTP, you have to click on Next

8- Professional detail fill – In the professional detail, first of all you have to give information whether you are retired or pensioner, salary or self-employed, whatever you are, you will select it. Now you will be asked for the information of your company below, where you have to tell in which company you work or which company you run.

9- annual income – Now you are being asked below how much is your annual income, how much do you earn in 1 year, here you do not write less than three lakhs, the maximum that you are getting salary is here. have to write on

10- Office pincode- Now you have to enter the pin code of the office where you are working, which is the pin code of that area, you have to enter it.

11- pan card number – Now you will get the option of PAN card, here you have to enter your PAN card number and you have to remember that if you have your PAN card with you only then you fill this form because here You are asked for the original copy of your PAN card.

12- date of birth – Now you will be asked for your date of birth, which is on your Aadhar card and PAN card, the same you have to put here, you have to remember that if you have entered the date of birth wrong then your form may be rejected

13- current residential address – Now you will be asked about the current residence address, in which you have to tell your house number and you have to tell the address where you live, you have to tell the residential pin code and tell your nationality whether you are Indian or anywhere are outside

14- After this, you have to click on the term and condition and proceed by clicking on submit.

Documents required for 15- sbi credit card-

a. Address Proof-Passport/Driving License/Voter Card

b.identity proof – Aadhar Card / PAN Card Voter Card / License Passbook

c.income proof- salary slip/ ​​copy of ITR return/ bank statement

d. passport size photo – A passport size photo

e. pencard- Original print copy of PAN card which you will have to show at the time of online verification.

After you have given all the information, you get a confirmation message from the bank. In that you are given an application number. Which you can track online. Know what is the status of your application

If all the information given by you is correct, you are eligible for SBI credit card, then in no time you will get a confirmation call from SBI customer care in which all your information is asked from you.

Those who give you while filling your form, if that information and the information filled in the form are all the same, then your SBI credit card is validated, in no time you get SBI credit card, which you can use in many ways. are

offer and benefits?

There are many benefits of SBI Simply Click Credit Card which you get as follows

A. Get Amazon Gift Voucher ₹500 when SBI Simply Click Credit Card

B. Get 5x Rewardz Points for Online Shopping

C. 10 x Rewards points earned on shopping with exclusive SBI partners

D. If you spend ₹ 100000 in 1 year then you get E voucher of ₹ 2000

E. You get petrol from ₹ 300 to ₹ 500 put in your car. Fuel surcharge of 1% waived off

F. If you spend up to ₹ 100000 in 1 year, then your annual fee is waived

G. sbi simply click credit card comes with contactless technology.

Apply Now for Simply SAVE SBI Credit Card


Earn 1 Reward Point on every Rs. 100 that you spend using the Simply SAVE SBI Card
Extravaganza Offer
Spend Rs. 2,000 or more in first 60 days and get 2,000 bonus Reward Points
10x Reward Points
Enjoy 10 Reward Points per Rs 100 spent on Dining, Movies, Departmental Stores and Grocery Spends.
On all your other spends, earn 1 Reward Point per Rs 100 spent
(4 Reward Points = Rs. 1
Enjoy Complete Fuel Freedom
Get freedom from paying the 1% fuel surcharge at any petrol pump
Transact an amount between Rs. 500 to Rs. 3,000 at any petrol pump in India to avail this offer
Spend Based Reversal
Get annual membership fee reversal from second year of your subscription
To avail fee reversal, you need to have spent Rs. 1,00,000 or more on your Simply SAVE SBI Card in the previous year.

Benefits of credit card-sbi simply click credit card

Following are some of the advantages of credit cards –

Instant Loan Facility- Most of the banks offer instant loan facility on credit cards. If you suddenly need more money, then you can arrange money from it. hdfc personal loan offer here

Cashback Offers- Discounts and cashback offers are available on shopping with different credit cards on various e-commerce platforms. In such a situation, if you have more than one credit card, then it can be taken advantage of well.

Balance Transfer Facility- Many times you find it difficult to pay the credit card bill due to money problem, even then it is beneficial to have more than one card. In this case, you can pay the bill using the facility of balance transfer. In this, the bill of one credit card is paid with another credit card. For this some interest has to be paid.

Convenience in taking a personal loan- If you want to take a loan from a credit card, then having more than one card is a profitable deal. With this, you can take a loan at low interest by comparing the EMI before taking the loan.

Ease of increasing the limit- If you want more credit limit on the same credit card, then sometimes it is difficult to get it. In such a situation, you can easily take this limit by taking two-three cards.

Make custom purchases– You can pay by credit card by making purchases in excess of the available balance in the account. Which you can return to the bank later.

Disadvantages of credit card-sbi simply click credit card

Excessive spending – When we have a credit card, we sometimes spend extravagantly, which can cost us a lot in the coming time, if we do not pay the bill on time, then we have to pay a lot of interest. Does matter

Higher charges on cash withdrawal – If you withdraw cash from ATM with credit card, then you have to pay a lot of charge and it is applicable from day one, there is no discount, so if you do not need too much Till then do not call cashback from admit card.

Hidden Charges – Many credit cards also have hidden charges that are not disclosed to us at the time of giving us the credit card. which is being levied on you such as annual fee

For not depositing the installment on time – Even though the credit card gives you many facilities, but if you do not deposit its installment on time, then you have to pay a certain amount as a penalty, which is different on each card and time. – differs in time

Having more than one credit card- When you hold more than one credit card and sometimes you are not able to deposit any credit card dues by mistake, it can be heavy on you because having more credit cards can lead to some mistake. only goes