How To Choose Web Hosting / How To Find The Best And Cheapest Web Hosting?

How To Choose Web Hosting / How To Find The Best And Cheapest Web Hosting?

How to choose web hosting / How to find the best and cheapest web hosting? Hosting is required to have a website. Once one has decided on a domain name, then comes the next difficult step.

Selecting the Best Hosting Plan as per your website requirements. You may already have one and now you want to shift to a better hosting but are scared as it is difficult to choose from different web hosting providers.

How to choose web hosting?

Let us tell you what you should keep in mind while choosing the right type of web hosting. Websites are hosted on special computers known as servers which are often represented as web hosting, shared hosting, VPS and dedicated servers. Is. They can range from free to very expensive plans offering some services.

However, it becomes difficult to know which one is suitable for your website. Each is structured to provide the best possible benefit at a fixed pricing. However, it can be difficult to find and compare all the plans and prices.

But first it is necessary to know and calculate the storage space or bandwidth. The most important point we recommend is the transparency of customer service and hosting configurations. We say this because most of the web hosting providers do not even reveal their exact configuration.

Keep in mind in the selection of web hosting-

Hosting is the foundation of your website and if it is not strong enough, your entire business and its name may suffer consequences. Cheap web hosting has gradually made its importance as a medium in the market.

Which is to provide maximum benefits in a budget that the internet has to offer to its user in personal and business aspect. Fortunately, cheap web hosting providers are in abundance in the market and unfortunately, reliability and friendly customer support are not so easy on its spread.

False offers from hosting companies-

Their primary objective for new bees is to choose the best cheap web hosting available in the market and often they get impressed by the free hosting plans promoted by the cheap web hosting companies. Unlike myglobalhost – which is a leading web hosting company in India,

In fact the best free web hosting providers can make promises that they cannot deliver. Some of these promises may seem insignificant to you but in reality they are a way to mislead your customer which is totally unfair irrespective of the amount paid. So, let’s consider the following before buying the best hosting for your website:

1. Beware of deceptive ads and SEO while choosing hosting-:

The ads that often come up are for free hosting and “best hosting”. These are all advertising and SEO tricks used to grab the attention of the audience present online. Using only the best hosting and the best cheap hosting etc. does not make them the best.

The hosting plans offered or configuration of such providers for the same price will always be different. So, when your attention is drawn to such things, we recommend you to compare and look for more than what they claim.
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2. Know which service you need while buying web hosting:

As we mentioned earlier, every hosting company is different and so are your needs. It inevitably becomes important to know what hosting you require. For example, if you have a WordPress website,

So you will be looking for Lite Speed ​​WordPress Hosting with LSCWP which will be helpful in optimizing the performance and security of your WordPress website. You should also look for a provider who can tailor the plan as per your requirement and provide the best possible solution for your web hosting.

3. Does your web hosting company give an uptime guarantee:

Uptime is something that matters a lot irrespective of the size of the company, brand and business. With big brands you may never see such a failure but small businesses run at a higher risk as they often choose the wrong hosting provider.

For small companies even a minute of down time can harm customers and reputation. If there is no established brand then no one will return to new and small business. Therefore, each type of downtime results in the loss of potential sales. You also lose Google rankings as a result of long periods of downtime. (A factor that one cannot tolerate).

Beware the uptime guarantee! – Always double check your hosting configuration requirement before buying web hosting for your website – UPTIME GARANTEE is also a trick you can easily fall prey to.

If you are unsatisfied with hosting and want to switch to another hosting provider and you do not have access to download a backup of your website and the hosting company will only restore it for you on their hosting, you cannot switch and they Their services will have to be painfully tolerated or they will have to pay to get the backup.”

4. WEB HOSTING Before Buying Check Customer Rating Reviews Reviews (Real WEB HOSTING Customer Reviews)-

Reviews can be the best source to check the credibility of a hosting company. The star ratings and reviews that exist online are a valuable resource for owners looking for the best hosting solutions as you get a real judgment from customers on the quality of their service.

Again caution is needed as these can be bought for false promotions. You should check their reviews on trusted and well-known platforms like Host Advisor which are known for their authenticity.

5, Pricing In Web Hosting Choice:

We cannot ignore the fact that most of the customers are looking for the right pricing before their required hosting configuration. If affordability is important, price stability and cost transparency means no additional or hidden fees.

You may see inflation in pricing from time to time yet a good web hosting provider will ensure minimum inflation and upgrade their services as the inflation is justified.

6. How much flexibility is there in your web hosting company- :

Hosting requirements may also change from time to time depending on traffic and other factors such as RAM, CPU or storage. So as your website grows and your needs change.

So another credible factor comes in handy. This is how quickly and easily you are able to jump to a larger package or even a different form of hosting solution (such as a VPS, dedicated server or cloud).


Cyber ​​attacks have become a major threat to website owners due to hacking, ransomware, malware, data theft and DDoS attacks, bringing an end to many businesses. This is one of the most important measures of a web host’s credibility.

How well they protect their customers from cybercrime. This may include the latest firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention tools, and anti-spam email filters. Their ability to provide security services such as remote, encrypted backups, SSL certificates and email signing certificates.

8. Technical Support in Web Hosting Choice:

There are many problems you can run into with the website running and having 24/7 technical support means that, regardless of the time of day, an expert will be available to help resolve the issue quickly. The same goes for web hosting providers. A support team to be there for you when you need it, with various options like live chat, phone, WhatsApp or tickets.

9. Refund Policy in Web Hosting Plan:

People do not always make the right choice with their hosting, nor are they always satisfied with the hosting services or support they receive. What makes it a bitter pill to swallow, should they change their mind, they find themselves out of pocket.

A reliable hosting provider will always be so confident in their service and support that it will always provide you with a solution if you want your money back. However, within 30 days of the time one can choose monthly hosting and upgrade or buy the annual plan later for the sake of caution.

10. Web Hosting SSL Certificate:

SSL certificate is meant to encrypt data transfer over www via https. As per Google Search Policy, SSL plays a vital role in keeping your website secure.

11. Backup / Restore in Web Hosting Plan ( WEB Hosting Backup & Restore):

It would not be wrong to say that most of the companies provide backup option for the website hosted with you, but again the catch is such that in most of them you may not get the option to restore this backup or download it. Self

As you can see in the above comparison table that built on the basic plan these companies offer for hosting, the best web services are provided by – be it LiteSpeed ​​servers with SSD storage, malware protection and many more. other.

The amazing thing is that most of the customers look for affordability first and with them it is actually possible unlike other hosting companies that claim to offer high discounts but for 2 to 3 year plans you hold on to that. Even if you buy their plane for 2 to 3 years their refund policy is only for 30 days.

Top hosting company in India in-service?

You can choose to buy 30 days DEMO plan with myglobalHOST and later easily upgrade your hosting plan for one year. In every possible scenario myglobalHOST stands by with the best offer. is a great web host for all types of websites like business, e-commerce and blogs. Now it’s not just about the best cheap hosting available,

Rather it is the transparency that they provide on their own resources unlike others. His most important quality which we appreciate the most over all other aspects is his support system. They have a dedicated technical support team.

Which can solve all your problems with your site if you have any. support team is not just a team that just picks up and transfers your calls, the first person to come to your call will be able to solve your problem.

My Globalhost Hosting Company-

MYGLOBALHOST.IN offers a variety of free gifts that no one else is offering at this time. One of the biggest free service/product offered by MYGLOBALHOST is the FREE DIVI premium theme, which is a leading WordPress builder for creating beautiful WordPress websites.

A builder that costs more than $90 (USD) is being offered to each of MYGLOBALHOST’s clients. Along with DIVI, they also offer free WordPress optimization if you are facing speed optimization issues. Isn’t that enough for less than Rs 45 per month? For LITESPEED WEB HOSTING VERY FAST LITESPEED WEB HOSTING WITH LSCWP AND QUICK CDN.

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