Best Hdfc Credit Card in 2022/ top hdfc credit card/

Best Hdfc Credit Card in 2022/ top hdfc credit card/-Having HDFC Bank credit card is a great achievement in itself, if you have a credit card of this bank then you can avail many benefits nationally and internationally.

Many cashback offers keep running in this card from time to time. Also, if you are using HDFC Bank credit card, then you can get many offers like personal loan very easily.

Whenever we apply for a credit card in the bank, then on the basis of our ability, the bank itself decides which credit card it will give you,

but still if we are applying then we must have some such information For which card we should apply in HDFC Bank, today we will give you information about HDFC Bank’s top five credit cards for which you can apply.

hdfc Regalia Credit Card-Regalia Credit Card

HDFC Bank’s regalia credit card is also considered to be a premium category credit card. This credit card is mainly designed for businessmen. Many offers are always coming in this credit card. If you use this credit card then you will get cashback reward points. Apart from this, you can also take many benefits which are as follows-

FEATURES- hdfc regalia credit card

Exclusive Complementary Passport Dine out Membership  | 12 complimentary airport lounge access in India and 6 complimentary airport lounge access outside in India. 10000 Reward Points Extra are given on spending ₹ 500000, and if you spend 800000 years then you will be given 5000 extra i.e. 15000 words words. Four reward points are given for spending ₹ 150.

You can avoid any type of fraud transaction i.e. zero charge by giving immediate notification of misuse of the card in case of loss. One percent surcharge is waived from you on getting petrol and diesel inserted through Regalia Credit Card. Two percent currency charge for doing foreign transactions


Some barricades have been made for Regalia credit card. Who can apply for this credit card- The minimum age for this card should not be less than 21 years. Monthly income should not be less than ₹ 70000. Or ITR should be of 8.4 lakhs. FEES & CHARGES-

The joining and annual fee of hdfc Regalia Credit Card is ₹ 2500 plus GST but as welcome bonus you are also given 2500 reward points which you can redeem anytime. One reward point is equal to 30 paise. Is

Regalia First Credit Card -hdfc bank credit card

The joining and annual fee of Regalia Credit Card is ₹ 2500 plus GST but as welcome bonus you are also given 2500 Rewards Points which you can redeem anytime. One reward point is equal to 30 paise Regalia First Credit The card is also a premium category card and its features are also similar to the credit card installed,

only the annual fee of this card is less which is ₹ 1000 as well as in this you also get airport lodge access free which you can use in air. You can try before or after starting the journey. FEATURES- Please swipe your Regalia First Credit Card to access 8 complimentary access complimentary lounges per calendar year within India (both domestic and international terminals) using Visa/Mastercard Regalia First.

Credit Card Eligible Lounges:

Visa Customers Click Here Do / MasterCard customers click here Visits in excess of the complimentary quota will be permitted at the lounge’s discretion and will also be charged by the lounge. Visa customers will be charged a transaction fee of Rs. 2 For MasterCard customers for complimentary lounge access on their Visa Regalia First Credit Card, Rs 25 is debited from the customer card account for the purpose of authorization, but this will be reversed.

2. Airport lounge access outside India Customers can apply for Priority Pass for self or/and adding members after making 4 retail transactions on their HDFC Bank Regalia First Credit. Click here to apply Using Priority Pass, you and your add on member can enjoy 3 complimentary access outside India per calendar year. Customers with more than

3 complimentary visits will be charged US$27 + GST ​​per visit to your credit card when using Priority Pass in India. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION These charges will be billed to you on subsequent details within 90 days of the date of travel and Reward Points will not accrue on this transaction.

The currency conversion rate will be as per the exchange rate on the day of billing. Please note, existing Priority Pass members who wish to apply for an Add on Priority Pass card or report a loss/expiry should contact their Relationship Manager / Phone Banking or please visit Write a query to our Customer Service Center.


1st Year Membership Fee – Rs. 1000/- + applicable taxes, renewal membership fee – Rs. 1000/- + Taxes as applicable 1000 Reward Points Welcome Benefit and 1000 Reward Points Renewal Benefit (applicable only after collection of membership fee and not applicable if fee is waived)* Terms and Conditions Applicable Spend Rs. 1,00,000 in 12 months and waive off renewal fee for the next renewal year.

Super Premium hdfc bank credit card

Infinia Credit Card

hdfc bank credit card

hdfc bank credit card

Infinia Credit Card-hdfc regalia credit card

This credit card of HDFC Bank is a premium credit card, this credit card depends on the invite only, you get this credit card only when someone invites you for this credit card, you cannot apply for this card.

When the bank thinks that you are eligible for this card, then it itself invites you for it and you can take this card. Infinia credit card holder Complimentary golf games can join golf courses anywhere in the country and play it.

For this you will be given a toll free number and you can register by calling on it. 8 lakh or more in the last 12 months and waive the renewal membership fee for the next year.

2% make-up charge will be levied on foreign exchange transactions. 1% fuel surcharge waiver at all fuel stations across India Zero Reality Charge on Lost Infinia Credit Card reporting within 24 hours on transactions between Rs.400 and Rs.1,00,000. Golf Booking Itinerary Planning & Reservation Help Private Dining Assistance International Gift Delivery Event Planning & Referral Airport VIP Service (Meet & Greet) and much more.

Get unlimited complimentary lounge access at airports within and outside India at 1,000+ airport lounges using Priority Pass. The benefit is also available for Add on Priority Pass holders.

Earn 5 Reward Points on every Rs 150 on all retail* expenses including insurance, utilities, education and rent payments Earn up to 10x your travel and shopping spend on Smartbuy 2x your dining spend at stand-alone restaurants Earn reward points. B. Reward Points Redemption: You can redeem your Reward Points on SmartBuy or NetBanking.

Reward Points can be redeemed for: Flight and Hotel bookings through Smartbuy at a value of 1RP = Rs 1 1RP = 1 airmile . Airmile Conversion through NetBanking Product and Voucher through NetBanking or SmartBuy at a value of 1 RP = up to Rs 0.50 Cashback up to a value of 1 RP = Rs 0.30 Complimentary Club Marriott membership for one year that covers the entire Asia-Pacific region Offers up to 20% off on meals and accommodations.

Get a welcome benefit of 10,000 Reward Points. Get one year free Dineout Passport membership which offers assured flat 25% off at 2000+ premium restaurants 1+1 on buffet at 200+ restaurants 1+1 zero convenience fee on food items at select restaurants GIRF .

Get extra 15% off on all your bill payments through Early Access Dineout Pay (10k+ restaurants) for events and festivals like ELIGIBILITY-Membership for the HDFC Bank Infinia Credit Card is By Invite Only FEES & CHARGES- Infinia Credit The joining fee and renewal fee of the card is ₹ 10000 plus tax, with this card you also get 10000 reward points which you can radiate, only after that you are charged renewal fee.

Business MoneyBack    –Business MoneyBack

hdfc bank credit card business moneyback credit card is a very good card for daily use, if you post it somewhere in retail, buy groceries, do it on rent, recharge,

then how do you get to see very good its card How can you apply for Interest free credit period up to 50 days Get reward points for every Rs 150 spent: – 4 reward points on online spends. – 2 reward points on all other spends (Except fuel) Get 5X Reward points on fuel (maximum 1000 points in a month) 5% cashback on Telecom, Utility, Govt and Tax payments. (Maximum cashback of Rs.250 per statement on a minimum monthly spend of Rs.10,000.) Current Account Holders:

All business essentials like telecom, utility, government and tax payments only up to Rs. 500 per statement. Redeem reward points for cashback. 100 Reward Points = Rs 20 POS Rental Reversal: There is a limit of Rs 1000 per month on a monthly spend of Rs 30,000 on your credit card and Rs 25,000 on a POS machine.

Joining/Renewal Membership Fee – Rs. 500/- plus Applicable Taxes.

IndianOil HDFC Bank Credit Card    –hdfc regalia credit cardIndianOil HDFC Bank Credit Card

Earn up to 50 liters of free fuel annually Earn 5% of your spend on IndianOil outlets, grocery and bill payments as fuel points gifted. Reward Points every Rs. Earn 1 fuel point on 150 spent on all other purchases Enjoy Fuel Surcharge Waiver 1% Fuel Surcharge Waiver Revolving Credit: Enjoy revolving credit at nominal interest rate on your IndianOil HDFC Bank Credit Card.

Please refer to the Fees and Charges section. Zero Lost Card Liability : In the unfortunate event of losing your IndianOil HDFC Bank Credit Card, report the same to our 24-hour call center immediately.

After you report the loss, you have no liability for any fraudulent transactions made on your credit card. I


Interest free period of up to 50 days (subject to deposit of charges) on your IndianOil HDFC Bank Credit Card from the date of purchase


Age: Min 21 years to Max 60 Years,
Net Monthly Income> Rs 10,000



In case the card remains inoperative and The Bank reserves the right to cancel the Card if the email address and/or phone number is not used to effect any transaction for a continuous period of 6 (six) months after prior written notice has been sent and / or communication address, registered in the records of the Bank.