SBI Express Credit Loan just one missed call SBI will give loan of 20 lakhs/

SBI Express Credit Loan just one missed call SBI will give loan of 20 lakhs/

SBI Express Credit Loan just one missed call SBI will give loan of 20 lakhs/ no bank visits, no online application, take personal loan from SBI with just one missed call | Complete information today you will get to see in this post how you By just giving a missed call sitting at home, you can get a personal loan from the country’s largest bank State Bank of India.

Whenever we need a loan, we get tired of going to the bank but the bank does not give us a loan or say we are not able to take a loan from the bank, but keeping this problem in mind, SBI Bank has made a loan for its customer. A special facility has been introduced, on the basis of this facility, you can take a personal loan up to Rs 200000 by just giving a missed call from your mobile.

If you are also a customer of SBI Bank and you need a personal loan, then how can you get a loan from the bank by just giving a missed call, along with who is eligible for this loan and what documents do you need while taking the loan You will get all the information needed today in this post.

How to Apply for SBI Express Credit Loan?

To take a personal loan from SBI Bank, you just have to make a missed call or you can go to SMS You can also do it, which makes it very easy for you to get a loan from SBI Bank, which is as follows.

If you are a customer of State Bank of India, then you have to make a missed call on the number 7208933142. If the information given by you is correct and you are eligible for the loan, then the bank provides you the loan sitting at home.

And if you want a loan through SMS then you can send a SMS to the bank. You can also get loan by sending and for this you have to write an SMS in which PERSONAL has to be sent to 720 893 3145 SMS As soon as it is delivered, you will get a call from the bank and the loan processing process will be started.

SBI Express Credit Loan? 

SBI Bank has named this facility as SBI Express Credit, if you want to take personal loan up to ₹ 200000 from SBI Bank, then you should have some information for this, only then you should apply for it like what are the features of this loan. What is the eligibility and what are the terms and conditions for this loan.

Be it a small wedding, an unplanned emergency or a planned purchase, State Bank of India’s Express Credit Personal Loan for all your needs with quick personal loan offers with minimal documentation are as follows.

Features of SBI Loan?

If you want to take SBI Express Credit Loan then you will get to see some features in this loan which are as follows-

1- In this loan, you get loan of minimum ₹ 25000 and maximum up to ₹ 2000000.

2- Here you get to see a very low interest rate which is 9.60% per annum.

3-The biggest advantage you get on this loan is that it charges interest on the daily decreasing surplus.

4- If you take an Express Credit loan from SBI, then very little processing fee is charged in it i.e. very less processing fee is charged to you.

5- In this loan, you get to see the minimum documents, that is, you will be asked for at least the documents.

6-If you apply for SBI Express Credit Loan, then you do not get to see any hidden charge, which we also call hidden charge.

7-By taking this loan, you will get to see the biggest advantage that if you deposit this loan on time, then the bank gives you another loan very easily, which we can call the provision of second loan.

8- When we take a loan, we need security and guarantor, but on taking this loan, neither you have to deposit any security nor will you need any guarantor.

Loan Terms and Conditions? 

If you apply for SBI Express Credit Loan, then there are some terms and conditions which you need to know which are as follows-

1. If you are not able to pay the EMI for any month and miss the EMI, then 2% more penal interest will be charged on the amount you owe.

2. If you prepay your loan, you will be charged 3% of the outstanding amount.

3. If you take any other loan under the same scheme and deposit the previous loan amount from that loan, then you are not charged any kind of fee, you get to see this facility here.

4. Minimum deposit period 6 months Maximum deposit period 6 years or service balance period whichever is minimum will be valid.

Eligibility for SBI Express Credit Loan? 

1. The person who has an account in State Bank of India can apply for this role.

2. The person whose monthly minimum income is more than ₹ 15000 can apply for this loan.

3. Your salary should have less than 50% EMI / NMI ratio, then only you will apply for it.

4. If you are a Central State and State Government employee, then you can apply for this. Semi-Government employees can also apply under this scheme.

5. The term loan amount ranges from ₹ 25000 to ₹ 2000000, in which your salary will be 24  TIMES / NMI.