How to Open Car AC Repairing Service Center & Shop/

How to Open Car AC Repairing Service Center & Shop/

How to open a car AC repairing service center / by starting a car AC repairing business, you can earn lakhs of rupees a month, there is a lot of potential to move forward in this business because the coming time is going to be of cars when every house will have a car. It will also have such ac as you all know

The life of AC is not very long, after some time it starts to cause some problem from somewhere, when the AC of any vehicle is bad, it costs a lot, so if you want to start a car AC business, then you Based on the information given in this post, you can start this business.

Select CAR AC SERVICE Location-

To start a car ac business, you have to choose a right location. If you start the work of AC repairing, then whatever vehicle comes for service, if there is any such problem in that vehicle, then it can contact you immediately when the car ac service is in front, then anyone in your car. I don’t delay getting work done.

Car AC Repairing Service Parts-

Whenever the AC of a vehicle is damaged, then some parts are damaged in it, the car ac pipe repair of a vehicle has to be repaired, then the AC GAS has to be put in a vehicle and due to a pipe leak in a vehicle, it has to be replaced. When all this work is done then you have to keep all the parts related to it in your service center.

Because of this, whenever you open CAR AC SERVICE CENTER, before that you have to bring all types of car parts which are basically the same and keep them in your shop so that if any customer comes to your shop, then you can quickly Get his car ac repaired as soon as possible and he does not leave the customer empty after returning.


Whenever you open a car ac service center, you will have to keep more and more car ac gais in your shop because most of the vehicles get out of AC gais and when there is no AC gas in the car then how will it cool the car so most of the time. Most of the gas is put in the car.

Whenever the car gets stuck or any pipe breaks, any problem comes, first of all the gas of the car comes out and if the AC GAIS goes out then it is put new, so you have to get the car AC gas in your shop. Arrangements have to be made in advance.

Car AC Repairing Service Mechanic-

Whenever you open a car ac service center then you will also have to arrange a car ac mechanic because he can repair any type of oncoming vehicle, which mechanic has to know how to put gas in each vehicle or any other problem. On arrival, he should completely correct that problem in the shortest possible time, this type of mechanic should be with you.

Finding a car ac mechanic in the market can be a bit difficult task, but if you try a little and you will lure the mechanic who is working in a shop with a good payment, then he will be ready to work at your work shop. |

In this way, you can keep it at your car ac work shop for some time and gradually through that mechanic you will also have to learn the work of car ac service repairing so that you can easily do that work even if the mechanic is not there. |

Harding and campaigning on banners-

Before opening or opening a car ac service center, you also need to do ad promotion of your shop because if you have started its shop and no one is aware that you have put a shop and where you have put it, then it is with you. will not come

That’s why you should put up banners everywhere, so that people get such information that a car AC service center has opened in their city so that whenever there is any problem related to AC in their car, they will immediately come to your shop. contact you \

Car AC Repairing Service Center Service free campaign-

–  For the first few days, you should give car ac service free of cost, so that many customers will start coming to you and they will also get information about whether a car ac service center has opened and when they will know about that service there. If it is getting free now, then he will definitely come to your shop and light the gas in his car.

You will not get the service charge at that time, but you will get the charge for the gas you will put, pipe or any parts, so do not panic, definitely run a free service campaign, in this you will get profit as well as there are more chances of getting new customers, so whenever Open car ac service center in the beginning must run car ac service free campion

The total cost to open a Car AC Service Center-

If you are opening a car ac service center then you have to decide what kind of car ac service you are opening. Whose cost is at least four to five lakhs.

But if you are starting with minimum money then you have to take only toolbox and in the beginning you can start work from that only, later when your work starts moving forward more customers then you can get car ac system installation Apart from this-

Car AC Repairing Service Center shop charges-

If you take the shop on rent somewhere, then you will also have to pay the monthly rent which is running in your area, it can be between 5000 to ₹ 10000 and at some places it can be more than this, so the rent of the shop is his Varies depending on location and city and you will need to get parts for the shop.

Which can be at least up to ₹ 200000, in this way if you open a car AC service center normally, then its cost can be at least 2 to 2.5 lakh rupees and if you want to open it on a large scale So it can cost more than 500000, it depends on how and where you are opening.

How much will the car AC repairing service profit-

By opening a car ac service center, you get a lot of profit, if you also put AC GAS in a car, then you take a charge of at least ₹ 2000, while you get it for ₹ 250, in the same way its pipes and parts There are AC pipes and parts are also available to you at a very cheap rate, whereas they are put in the vehicle at two to three times the cost.

In this way, if you start a car ac business, then you can earn 50 to ₹ 60000 a month in the beginning, but the way your shop gradually gets old, your customers increase, your income also in the same way. It keeps on increasing and you start earning in 1 day and a half to ₹ 200000 month.

What is the risk in Car AC Repairing Service-

If you start this business once and your business starts running completely, then you do not have any kind of risk, until the customers start coming to your shop, people do not know that your There is an AC shop till then they do not come to you

So in the initial days when you are starting the business, it may be that for some time the customer may not come to your shop, so do not panic, wait, one day it will definitely come, then the customer will come looking for you, only your work should be good when If your work is good then people will remember you.