Electric Gas Lighter Business Earn ₹2 lakh Every Month Understand Plan/

electric gas lighter business Earn ₹ 2 lakh every month from understand the complete plan/

electric gas lighter business Earn ₹2 lakh every month understand plan/ Earn ₹ 2 lakhs every month from electric gas lighter business, understand the complete plan / As you all know gas lighters are used to burn gas in our homes.

Till some time ago, gas used to be available for our cities, it was occasionally seen in the village, but according to the plan of the Modi government, gas has been provided to every house free of cost.

We use matches only occasionally to light the gas, mostly lighters are used and as everyone knows that there is a stone stone inside the lighter which gets spoiled after some time and after that we have to Have to buy a new lighter.

For this reason, if you start a business of this type of lighter which does not spoil quickly and which is electric, if you start the business of this lighter, then you can buy it for minimum money and send maximum message to you. To be found in this post.

What is Electric Gas Lighter?

Electric gas lighter is a battery operated lighter, a pencil cell is inserted inside it, which is often inserted inside the remote and wall clock in our homes.

In electric gas lighter, if you use a pencil cell, then it works for at least 5 to 6 months, after that only you have to insert a new battery and your gas lighter starts working the same.

There is also a small flashlight inside this gas lighter, with the help of which sometimes it becomes easier to find something when the light goes off, if you are working in the kitchen.

And the biggest advantage of lighting an electric gas lighter is that if there is any defect in it, then you can easily get it repaired anywhere, that is to say, if you buy a gas lighter, it will last for a long time. can be used.

Which a common lighter cannot be used, you can use it for a maximum of 3 months to 6 months, after which you throw that lighter and buy a new lighter.

If you want to start the business of electric gas lighter, then start as follows-

Electric Gas Lighter Business

lighter Business-

As you have been informed above that a simple gas lighter dies in no time, after that you have to bring a new gas lighter whereas electric gas lighter can be used for a long time.

Therefore, if you start the business of electrical gas lighter and inform people that if they use this gas lighter, then they will save a lot of money and will not have to buy a new lighter again and again.

If you are successful in convincing the customer that electric gas lighter can be used immediately without wasting any gas, using this lighter does not waste gas as it gives continuous sparking.

Whereas one of the biggest problems inside these stone gas lighters is that they have to be pressed again and again, after that sparking is seen somewhere, so instead of using stone gas lighters, use these electric gas lighters, which will save your money. Time will also be saved and gas will also be saved.

If you start gas lighter business then you are going to get very good profit in it as you all know that stone lighters come, their price starts from 12-13 rupees which are usually found in every market but The customer buys them for at least ₹ 50.

If you are going to start the business of electric gas lighter or start this business, then you will make a lot of profit because you can get this gas lighter at a low price and if you sell it then it will be at least 120 to Rs. You can easily sell for up to ₹ 199.

How to start electric gas lighter business?

While starting the business of electric gas lighter, first of all you have to find the electric gas lighter wholesaler from where you can get the gas lighter at the least cost.

The most important step for starting this business should be yours, the lesser the price you will bring by buying the electric gas lighter, the more profit you can take from that lighter, so first of all try here that you are the biggest wholesaler. Search or you can also search for the manufacturer.

Gas lighter wholesaler-

To find Electric Lighter Wholesaler, first of all, search on Google, here you will find a lot of wholesalers, you must first try in these wholesalers which wholesaler is selling Electric Gas Lighter at the least price from the same. Contact |

You have to be careful in the beginning that never order in large quantity while ordering goods for the first time, order with least price and least quantity so that you can see its quality.

You should try that you get a chance to go to the direct wholesaler or manufacturer’s Godown or factory and you buy the goods directly from there so that from there you can get the goods at the least price and with the best quality.

Sometimes on searching online wholesaler manufacturer, we also get fraudulent wholesalers, beware of such people, try not to put money in anyone’s account until you have met someone.

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Wholesale price –

You can get the wholesale price of  gas lighter in the range of at least ₹ 38 to ₹ 45, it will depend on which company you are buying the goods and with how much quantity.

Each company can have different price and quality, depending on this their price can be seen less and more but you are starting so buy at least price and also keep in mind the quality that you need more. Do not get to see the same bad quality.

Electric gas lighter wholesale market-

Whenever you will start the business of  gas lighter, you will have to search for the wholesale market of electric gas lighter which is found in different places in different markets.

For example, if we talk about Delhi, here Chandni Chowk is such a market where you get to see many new products of this type, you can buy electric gas lighter from here.

Apart from this, if you live somewhere far away, then first of all you must contact once in the nearest electric wholesale market near you and talk to all the wholesalers there whether they have electric gas lighter or not.

If they are selling electric gas lighters, then at what price are they selling can they provide you gas lighters at low prices, if yes, then you can start business by buying goods from them in the beginning.

how to sell electric gas lighter

You can adopt the easiest and simplest way to sell electric gas lighter, this will also sell your goods the most and you will also get more profit because the more goods you sell, the more profit you will earn.

become a wholesaler?

The easiest and simplest way to sell an electric gas lighter would be that you can start selling it by asking for a few pieces in the beginning.

Even if you ask for 100 pieces in the beginning, then you give them 5 or 10 pieces at whatever electrical shop you have, then they will also keep them for sale.

Apart from this, you can also keep them for sale at your nearest gas agency, gas service center and ration shop.

If you are also buying 1 electric gas lighter for ₹ 45 and you are selling it to the shopkeeper for ₹ 75, then you are earning from ₹ 130 to ₹ 30.

If you are selling 100 to 200 pieces in 1 day and you are taking profit of only ₹ 30 on each piece then you are earning ₹ 6000 per day. In this way you can earn more than Rs 180000 per month.

If you sell more goods then you will take more profit and if you sell some goods then profit will be small, it is up to you how hard you work and how much goods you sell, in this way you can start wholesale business of electrical lighter. can |

retail business-

If you do not have much money to start a business then you can adopt this method, here you can start the business with minimum money, if you have even ₹ 5000 then you can start this business in this way. do-

The second easiest and easiest way to sell an electric gas lighter is by going to the market yourself or visiting every home to show your lighter.

In today’s time every house has gas, that’s why it is also needed in every house, if you tell the use of gas lighter from house to house and tell them its extra features, then they will definitely buy it.

By selling door to door lighters, your biggest advantage will be that here you can take more profit even if you cannot sell the lighter in large quantities.


If you also sell 20 lighters per day then you will also get more profit like if each lighter you are selling for Rs 149 and you have to buy lighter at least for Rs 45 you can charge transport charge of 5 |

In this way you can take profit of ₹ 100 on each lighter and if you are selling 20 lights in a day then you can earn ₹ 2000 per day. In this way you can earn up to ₹ 60000 per month when you start this business by investing minimum money.

And if you want, while employing a couple of people, you can also put on this work, that they go from house to house and sell this lighter by showing them, you can also keep them on monthly salary or you can also keep them by paying commission on each lighter. In this way also you can start this business.

So in this way you can start the wholesale retail business of electric gas lighter whatever you like or whatever you want to do and start a new business which can take you to a new height.