Get a loan of Rs 2 lakh immediately from the loan app, its advantages and disadvantages/

Get a loan of Rs 2 lakh immediately from the loan app, its advantages and disadvantages/ / In today’s time if we need money, we can get a loan from the mobile loan app immediately in a few seconds, we can get a loan in our mobile immediately. The borrowers download the app and through that we apply for the loan.

The happy thing is that as soon as you apply, the loan amount, which bank or app from which you are applying, immediately tells you the amount that you are getting by applying this loan.

But if we apply for a loan in this way, then we also get to see some advantages and disadvantages.
If we get a loan from such an app in a hurry, then what are the disadvantages and advantages that can happen to us, today we take information on this topic.

What is Mobile Loan App?loan app,

You will get to see many loan apps on Google Play Store, in which you are provided with the facility of instant loan, but there are many fake apps through which if you get the loan
You may get to see a lot of problems, but many of these apps are registered by RBI, from which you also get to see many benefits when you take a loan.

Today, whenever you watch a video or are surfing anywhere, you will get to see many promotions in the top of the loan, in which you are informed that
You get a loan from here in 2 minutes, you get it in the least document, as well as you get a loan through this app at the least interest rate.

Which mobile app to take loan from?

Whenever we want to take a loan, then through which mobile loan app we should apply for a loan, this is a very good question and if you ever apply for a loan, then from which mobile app to apply for a loan, let’s know –

We should always use the same loan app which is registered by RBI. For this, whenever we download a loan app, before that we should know about its rating, read all the comments given in it, as well as do complete information about the app which can be easily obtained through online medium.
You should try that whenever you people apply for loan through bank loan app or you can also apply for loan from good rated loan app

3. You can see in the picture that a loan offer of ₹ 199000 is being received and this is not a fake app, it is an offer given by Paytm which you can take loan.

You will get to see many similar apps through which you can apply for a loan and here you get a loan with more benefits at a lower interest rate.

4. There are many mobile apps like PhonePe, Google Pay, Paytm etc. through which you can take loan

Advantages of Mobile Loan APP?

You get to see many benefits of taking a loan from a mobile app, if you apply for a loan from a mobile app, will you first know about its benefits-

By applying for a loan through the mobile app, you get an instant loan, whereas you go to the bank and apply for the loan, it takes a lot of time for you.
And at the same time it is not a guarantee that people will find you or not.
For applying loan from mobile app, you need minimum documents PAN card and Aadhar card or at maximum salary slip gives you loan.
You get the loan sitting at home through the mobile app, in this you do not have to go to the bank.
You do not need any security guarantee when applying for a loan through a mobile app, whereas you need a security and a guarantor to take a loan through any other means.
Through the loan app, you can apply for a loan from anywhere and from anywhere.
It is not even necessary to have a good civil score when applying for a loan through a mobile app, you get a loan even with a low civil score.

Disadvantages of loan from mobile app-

You can get to see a lot of disadvantages when taking a loan from mobile apps, often people are not able to differentiate between genuine app and fake app, due to this they get to see many disadvantages which are as follows-

While applying from Mobile LOAN APP, if we apply for loan through any wrong app, then all the secret information of our phone can go into wrong hands.
Most of the loan apps give you at least loan by luring you to give more loan.
By taking loan from mobile app, you get loan at very high interest rate. When you apply then you are shown low interest rate but after applying you are charged a higher rate of interest.
Most of the mobile apps are not registered by RBI.
If you do not repay the loan taken by mobile app on time, it causes a lot of trouble to you and your family and they also harass all of them by stealing your phone information and calling all the numbers given in it.
It is mobile, most of the loans are given from ₹ 2000 to ₹ 10000, whereas while applying, they assure you of giving many lakhs of loans.
Most of the mobile loan apps take all the permissions located in your mobile while applying for the loan, through which all the photo video contact numbers located in your mobile are misused by your location.