How to open a car service center & car auto parts shop/

How to open a car service center & car auto parts shop/

How to open a car service center/Time is changing and we should also change with the times, this is necessary if you want to move forward, then with the changing times we also have to change the business, there was a time when we used to repair bullock carts.

After that the time of cycle came, people used to do cycle repairing work very fondly. In the past, the trend of bike is going very well, but today’s time and probably the time to come is for the car.

If you will start the idea of ​​setting up a car service center from now and open a car service center, then one day you can take very good profits because no matter what the business is, it takes time to run in the beginning and you also have to know about it. It will take some time to get

So if you are thinking about car service center then you will not get a better time than this, don’t wait, go ahead and know how to start car service center business, in this entire post-

Before starting the business, you must know what type of car service centers are open in your area-

Maruti Suzuki Service Center- Car Service Center

In today’s time, who does not know Maruti’s car, everyone likes Maruti’s car, the reason is that it is good to drive, cheap and durable, so you find Maruti car service centers everywhere. Key Car Service Center if it is in your area.

So this is a very good thing for you because where Maruti has a service center, there is also a Maruti showroom and where the showroom will be a service center, if you put your service center there, then the chances of it being successful are more. are there.

Hyundai service center-

Hyundai cars are available at very affordable prices. People also like it very much but there are no Hyundai service centers everywhere. You have to check whether there is a Hyundai car in your area or not because when you enter the service center.

So it is very important for you to have this information, if there is a Hyundai showroom in your area, then there will definitely be a Hyundai service center, you can put your service center near it and your chances of being successful there will increase.

Mahindra service Centre-

If we talk about Mahindra vehicles, then the name of the vehicles like Bolero Scorpio XUV etc. comes first and if you service Mahindra vehicles then you can get a lot of profit and these vehicles range from village area to city. I like people everywhere.

So if there is a Mahindra service center or a Mahindra showroom where you are putting the service center, then the chances of your service center being successful will increase.

These car companies dominate the market the most, apart from this Honda Car Service Center Ford Service Center Tata Service Center are also a lot of money earning service centers but their vehicles are not that much in the market.

That’s why you can earn a lot of money by servicing only these vehicles, so you have to pay more attention to the service of Maruti Hyundai and Mahindra vehicles, these vehicles are the highest and you can find them everywhere.

How to prepare for entering a car service center?

To start a car service center, you should mainly do this preparation, if you do this preparation correctly, then you will have many vehicles for service and you will earn very good profit from those vehicles. -What preparations have to be done, let’s tell you-

car service center Selecting the right location-

Whenever you are preparing to enter your service center, first of all you have to choose the right location, which we have already told you above that if you open your workshop near the service center of these companies, then it will be successful. Chances are 50% higher.

For this reason, whenever you plan to set up a service center, before that choose the place around the service center of these companies, if you do this then your first preparation will be successful.

Selecting a Mechanic

car service center The biggest role in business is that of a mechanic, for this you may have to work very hard. In the initial days, you should be looking for a mechanic who is perfect in repairing any one vehicle, whether it is a Mahindra vehicle. Whether it is a Maruti car or a Hyundai car.

If you get the mechanics of these companies specially, then many customers who know those mechanics automatically start coming to you.

For this, you have to first keep an eye on the mechanic working in these companies and see which mechanic is the oldest and how well he is doing, whatever mechanic you like, he seems to be doing the job perfectly. Then you can bring that mechanic to your shop by luring him to pay a good salary.

Apart from this, if you search in the market too, then you can find a good mechanic at some work shop, provided you make sure to say in advance that how well he knows the work.

Choosing a Tool Kit – Car Service Center

For car service center, you need a special tool kit, normally you can service any vehicle, you can do repairs, but there are some tasks that look good as well. can open and close.

For this you need a toolkit, you will see at the service center that there are all kinds of tools, which can open or close the car perfectly, so whenever you open a car service center, definitely buy a special tool kit from the market.

You should also buy lift system for car service center so that your workshop will look good as well as the mechanic does not face any problem in working and the work gets done quickly if you use lift system in your workshop. When there is a lift, the customer also comes more.

They realize that the way their car is serviced at a service center, in the same way your car is serviced here, so whenever you plan to open a service center, then definitely pay attention to it.

Selecting Car Parts-

Whenever you are opening a car service center, then you have to select in advance that which company you are opening the service center like if you are opening your service center near Hyundai service center or in front of Maruti service center. Service Centers are opening.

Or Mahindra Service Center Tata Service Center Ford Service Center In whichever company’s service center you are opening your service center, then the car of that company comes to you the most for repairing.

For this reason, whenever you buy PARTS, buy parts of the same company in whose PARTS you have opened a service center, if you are opening a workshop near Mahindra service center and Hyundai service center in your shop.

So you will get upset, so whenever you open the service center, you have to decide in advance that which company’s vehicle you will service, as we have already given you this information.

Cost to open a car service center

To open a car service center, you will have to spend a certain amount, it depends on which car service center you are opening, as well as with which tool kit you are starting the business, buying a lift. Are you buying or not? Are you keeping parts with you in the early days?

If you are opening a service center with all, then you may have to spend at least 20 to 2500000 rupees. it may also vary depending on the place and city. Only opening the parts, not keeping the parts, not using the lift system.

Then you can start this service center by putting ₹ 100000, in this you only have to arrange shop, bring normal toolkit, bring jack as well as arrange for mechanic, you can do all this in less than ₹ 100000.

But in this type of service center, you will have to bring parts from outside shop, which you can get at very low discount or say you may have to buy parts without any discount, how will you get less profit in parts. becomes

Profit in car service center-

If you are opening your service center, then you can take very good profit in this business. A car service charge normally ranges from ₹ 400 to ₹ 500. This is the chart outside the service center. This charge is very high in the service center. Apart from this, you get the engine oil that comes out of each vehicle, which can be from 3 liters to 5 liters.

In this way, you can get a service from ₹ 500 to ₹ 600 in a car, as well as if you also have a parts shop, then you can get the price of parts and oil very well from that shopkeeper in which you will get about 20%. There is profit if you service four to five vehicles in a day.

So you can take a profit of at least ₹ 5000 to ₹ 10000 for 1 day. it depends on what parts you have put in the car and how much profit you have taken. how much service charge has been taken.


In this way, if you are opening a car service center then you can take good profit in it. If you start, then start completely so that you can take maximum profit in this business.

Apart from this, you should get a lot of information about this business from outside as well. Make sure to get information from outside.

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