coconut wholesale business: profit, Where to buy, investment, risk,

coconut wholesale business: profit, Where to buy, investment, risk,

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Coconut wholesale business

coconut wholesale business

With the onset of summer, if the demand for anything is seen the highest in the market, then it is the demand for coconut. People use it a lot in the summer season to feel refreshed. Apart from this, coconut water is also very beneficial for our body and many people have started using it after understanding its demand, due to which people are able to earn good profits today. If you are also looking for a good business in which you can see a good profit, then if you want, you can do coconut business, for which we are giving you information about how to do it in the post below, which you can read.

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Risk in business

There is much less risk in coconut business as compared to other businesses because its demand in the market is very high. The main reason for the demand in the market of coconut water is the elements found in it which are beneficial in many types of diseases. Apart from this, you can enjoy its taste. There is also attraction due to which people like to drink more in this summer season. Apart from this, due to change in weather in coconut business, your coconut is also at risk, for which you have to make some preparations in advance. For this, you can arrange a good store and get it done in your coconut business.

Profit in business – Coconut wholesale business

You can understand the profit in coconut business in this way that if you sell only one cart of coconuts in a day which contains about 15000 coconuts and you also take a profit of five rupees on each coconut, then you will get a profit in a single day. You will get to see a profit of Rs. 75000 which is a very good profit for any business and if you sell only 10 carts of coconut in a month then you will get a profit of about Rs. 7.5 lakhs every month.

Cost in business [cost in business]

If we want to earn a good profit in coconut business and want to start it at a good level, then for this you will have to invest at least ₹ 5 lakh. In which your business will start well.

Where to buy coconut [where to buy coconut]

First of all, let us talk about where we will have to purchase coconuts to start wholesale coconut business and where we will get coconuts at cheap prices. If you want to purchase coconut for your wholesale business, then for this you can go to the highest producing states in India where you will find many coconut producers i.e. coconut producers from whom you can contact. You can directly purchase coconut. Following are the highest coconut producing states in India /-

  • Karnataka (about 37% of India’s total production / 6.17 million tonnes)
  • Kerala (about 29% of India’s total production / 4.85 million tonnes)
  • Tamil Nadu (about 18% of India’s total production / 2.95 million tonnes)
  • Andhra Pradesh (about 8% of India’s total production / 1.37 million tonnes)
  • Goa (about 1% of India’s total production / 0.24 million tonnes)

Keep the following things in mind while buying coconut:

  • Quality: While buying coconut, be sure to keep its quality in mind.
  • Price: While buying coconut, you must compare the prices of the sellers.
  • Quantity: While taking coconut, decide how many coconuts you want to take.

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