how to start electronic business / how to start a electronic business

how to start electronic business / how to start a electronic business

electronic business

how to start electronic business:- Friends, time is changing, now some or the other machine has been made for everything, using which we can finish our work in a very simple way in a very short time, so now there is electronic flood in the market or there is a lot of demand for machines. By taking advantage of which lakhs of people are earning huge profits in today’s time.

Electronic business is a type of industry in which the business of electrical equipment, services and machines is done. Electronic business is a well-run business in every country and state in India because the demand for electronic goods is everywhere.

You will find many electronic things in the market like bulb, fan, electronic board, fridge, cooler, washing machine, press, TV, etc. essential electronics which are in demand in every household. Now the demand for electronic equipment is also increasing with time, so looking at the time ahead, the future of electronic business can be considered even better.

If you also want to start an electronic business and want to earn a good profit, then this post only if you read this post completely once, you will find it much easier to start an electronic business, the information about starting an electronic business is given below. has gone

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Why do electrical business only?-Electronic business

Now this question must have come in the mind of some people that why should we do electrical business only, apart from this there are many such businesses which have good profit, yes you are absolutely right because apart from electrical business, many days in which they earned good profit. can go

But a very good profit can be earned in the electrical business in a short time, because you must be aware that electrical goods are used everywhere, so the demand for electrical goods also remains everywhere so that customers keep coming to you. are

What comes in electronic goods?

Before starting a business, you should know God that what comes in the goods, such that you can start their business by thinking about them. Following are some of the main electronic items /-

  • mobile phone
  • Television Computer and its related equipment like mouse keyboard printer etc.
  • camera digital frame
  • Scanners and Digital Photography Related Equipment
  • Electrical equipment like fan inverter generator etc.
  • Gaming consoles and other game equipment
  • Sound systems and other video equipment
  • computers and laptops
  • Battery Charger & Power Bank
  • digital watch
  • cctv camera
  • Electric Fan & Switch
  • search light and bulb
  • electronic heater
  • washing machine fridge
  • electric motor
  • electrical fuse
  • inverter battery or cell
  • Tube light
  • cooler fan

Cheapest market of electrical goods-Electronic business

how to start electronic business

To do a business, it is most important that we get the cheapest prices for the goods used in that business. If you are a resident of India, then you will get the cheapest market for electrical goods, Bhandara and Lohari Gate Lohari Gate Electrical Goods of Bhandara district. considered as

In this market, you will find various types of electrical parts like fans, washing machines, TVs, tubelights, bulbs, etc. at very cheap prices. This is a very cheap electrical goods market as compared to other markets in India.

How to start electrical business?

Now friends, let’s talk about how we can start the electrical business, there can be many ways to start the electrical business, some of the main ways are as follows /-

(i) Business of CCTV cameras: –

Friends, if you go to a jewelry shop or a big shop, then it has become common for you to find CCTV cameras there because they want their goods not to be stolen, so nowadays people have started using CCTV cameras even at home. are Therefore, in today’s shadow, the business of CCTV cameras can prove to be a profitable business.

You can contact the CCTV camera company to start the CCTV camera business, if you do not have much budget then you can also sell your CCTV camera on online ecommerce site.

If there is more earning in the business of CCTV camera, then the cost is also going to be very high because CCTV camera is an expensive product and you are about to start its business, then you will have to spend a lot of money to start its business if you have If it does not cost so much, then you can also take a business loan, which will be easily available to you from many banks or companies.

(ii) Business of battery production:-

Friends, whether you buy any electrical product, whether it is a mobile, a watch, a computer, or even a toy for children, there is only one thing common in it, can you tell what it is? That is the battery, that’s why their demand remains all the time, batteries are used in every house.

That’s why in today’s time thousands, lakhs of people are earning lakhs of rupees by producing batteries, now if you want like them, you can also start electrical like them and earn a good profit online too. So you can also start online in which you can sell your product as a manufacturer or wholesaler of batteries.

Or you can also use the inverter battery often installed in our homes, whose size is very large, your cost may be a bit high to make the inverter battery, but once you start this business, then You will get to see a lot of profit.

(iii) Business of computer accessories:- Electronic business

Some people will not be aware of what computer accessories are, in fact, computer accessories business is a business in which many products like computer accessories such as mouse, keyboard, screen, printer, speaker, etc. are used which are used. We are called computer accessories and are in the business of computer accessories.

Its business is called computer accessories business. Nowadays you will get to see computers or laptops in most homes, which people use to do their work or play games. That’s why the demand for computer accessories remains in the market.

If you want to start the business of computer accessories, then it is important that you start this business in the city, because people do not like to take computer laptops in every village or town.

(iv) Production Business of Electronic Fan Regulator:-

Some people will not be aware of what a regulator is, in fact, a regulator is an electronic or electrical device. Which controls the electric current voltage or temperature. This equipment is used in various types of electrical communication equipment and other electrical equipment.

Ceiling fans are used a lot in the summer season and people like to install such a ceiling fan in their house, in which they can increase or decrease the speed of their fan, for this a fan regulator is used, which controls the speed of the fan. You can do more or less, so in today’s time, skill demand has increased a lot in the market, if you want, you can earn a good profit by starting this business.

(v) Business of electronic toys: –

Friends, times are changing, now children prefer to play with electronic toys instead of plastic toys, and every child wants to have a remote control car or helicopter, so taking advantage of this, many people have started the business of electronic toys. Started and made a good profit.

You too can open your own electronic toy company like all of them. In which you will need to invest a little more, but after some time you will understand that you have done a very beneficial job by investing your money in it.

(vi) Production of LED lights:-

If you are about to start the business of LED light production, then it can prove to be a good business for you, which is becoming very prosperous with the technological advancement of the modern era. LED reading light can prove to be a profitable option in the market. Which is being used more than other types of lighting.

LED lights not only save energy but they are brighter and longer, so they are being used in more industrial sectors. And if you go to the market, you will find a lot of demand for LED lights there because it consumes less electrical energy and is also available in less money.

(vii) Business of electronic shop:- Electronic business

People buy electronic goods from their nearest shop. To open an electronic shop, first of all, you have to set a budget that how much money you have to open this business, then you have to rent a shop according to your budget. Which is on the side of a road or in a crowded area.

After this, make a list of all the goods that you are going to keep in your shop, after that you should look for a wholesaler to buy electronic goods, we have told you above where you will find the wholesaler or manufacturer of electronic goods, after this electronic business To start, you have to get some licenses, after that you can open an electronic shop.

If you have opened an electronic shop and you do not know how to use it, then you can work in an electronic shop for 2 to 3 months or you can learn the work of electronics by watching YouTube.

Apart from this, some other electronic business: –

If you have not liked any business in electronic, then you can read some more electronic business given below /-

  • Production of Boosters and Voltage Stabilizers
  • UPS Assembling
  • capacitor production
  • House/Office Electrification Service
  • mobile repairing business idea
  • Fabrication / installation of home solar power generation equipment
  • Electric Wire Manufacturing Business
  • Computer / Gaming PC Assembling Business
  • Business of smartwatch production
  • cathode ray tube production
  • capacitor production business
  • electronic toy production
  • Air Compressor Manufacturing Business
  • electrical control panel
  • e-waste recycling business

Some important questions:-

Below we have given you some important questions which are often asked by people.

Q. How much investment will be required to open an electronic shop?

A. By the way, if you open an electronic shop, then the cost of your shop increases according to your goods, but the minimum investment required to open an electronic shop can be ₹ 100000 or more.

Q. How to increase the sale of electronic products?

A. To increase the sale of your electronic product, you can also provide some offers to your customers so that your customers will buy the product from you in the greed of the offer.

Q. Where to open an electronic shop?

A. To open an electronic shop, you can find a place which is in a market or in a congested area so that customers can come to your shop.

Q. Which is the best running electronics business in India?

A. Following are some of the best running businesses in India /-

  1. smartphone business
  2. computer and laptop business
  3. CCTV camera business
  4. software development
  5. LCD & LED Shop

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