you Tube script writer Earn ₹ 10000 per day without investing Rs./

you tube script writer Earn ₹ 10000 per day without investing Rs./


you tube script writer/Earn ₹ 10000 per day by becoming a YouTube script writer / Earning money has become very easy in today’s time, if you want to earn money sitting at home, then you can write a YouTube script.

As you all know, everything changes on the basis of time, in today’s time everything has become online, the time to come is going to be more technical, so you can also take advantage of this and learn to write you tube scripts. With this you can take big profits sitting at home.

If you want to get complete information about you tube script and want how to write you tube script, what is you tube script and what is easy simple way to write you tube script, complete information you are going to get in this post.

What is you tube script writer?

YouTube script writer means that the script which is written before you put the video on YouTube means the story which is written which you have to speak is known as script.

For example, if you want to put a video on YouTube, depending on the topic of that video, what you have to say in that video, when and what to say, it happens in a sequential manner.

Prepare it by writing it in advance so that you do not make any mistake while making a video. You can get it right.

This written script is called YouTube script, whoever writes this script before putting a video is called YouTube script writer.

Before the shooting of a film or serial, its story is written that on the basis of which character you have to speak and when to speak, this story is called script and the one who writes this story is known as script writer.

Now you must have definitely known that what is a YouTube script writer, you have to write a script for the creator of YouTube videos, on whatever topic is given to you, you have to prepare a script by gathering information on that topic.

How to write you tube script?

Whenever you prepare to write a script, before that you have to find a topic on which you have to write a script. If you make YouTube videos yourself, then you have to find that script topic yourself, on which topic we are going to make videos today.

But if you are given a topic by another person that you have to write a script on this topic, then you have to do complete information about that topic, only then you can write its script.

If someone gives you a topic, what are the special features of which Samsung mobile, then you will do a thorough study on this topic, search its information and write the information one by one in a copy when you get all the information about the special features of Samsung mobile. Take it out or find it, then you start writing it.

Here you have to pay attention that whatever information you are looking for or writing any script, that information should be different from the other given information and it should be easy that everyone is writing the same script, you do not have to write .

How to become you tube script writer?

Becoming a YouTube script writer is not that easy either because writing a script is not a child’s play but you also have to remember that no work is possible in the world.

Where there is a will, there is a way, on the basis of which you may have to work very hard in the beginning, in the initial days you will make many mistakes while writing the script. For this reason, you should do script writing training for at least 6 months to 1 year.

You can make a lot of money by becoming a script writer, but you get money only when you learn to write a good script, so if you want to become a script writer, then you have to write a story or watch a video on it in your spare time. Should try writing a separate script.

You should write a script that is different from the video you have watched but is built on it, so you can start it early and start writing scripts from home.

While writing the script, the words spoken should be very comparative, there should be no possibility of any mistake in it, as well as the script should be prepared with very simple and simple words so that the speaker does not face any kind of problem.

How to make you tube script from mobile?

In today’s time, everyone has a mobile and you can learn to write scripts from mobile, if you want, you can start it with diary or notepad too, so that your head writing can also improve, as well as writing after thinking about the topic. There is no trouble.

But if you do not want to spend any money in the beginning, you are going to start writing scripts from your mobile, then you should download Google Docs, an app of Google in your mobile, so that you can very easily write YouTube script from your mobile. can learn.

Google Docs works like a notepad, in which you can write anything very easily as well as cut it if there is any mistake.

You can easily send the script written on Google Docs to anyone through WhatsApp and email, for this reason Google Docs is also very useful, as well as in this you can write and send scripts of any number of words very easily. can.

How to earn money from script writing? -You Tube Scriptwriter

As you have been informed above that you can earn a lot of money by writing scripts and which you can take up to ₹ 10000 per day, it depends on what type of script you are writing.

Also, how many scripts can you write in 1 day, the more scripts you can write in 1 day, the more money you can earn. In the initial days, it may take you 1 to 2 days to write a script or maybe even more time because then you find it very difficult to write a script, you do not understand what you have to write and how to write .

As soon as you start writing on it, you will get into the habit of writing a complete script on one word, then you can prepare the whole script by writing it within 1 to 2 hours, but for this you need to work very hard. Only then can you write such a fast and good script.

How much money will you get for writing you tube script writing?

If you start writing YouTube script writing, then you are likely to get more and more money in it, but when you will start this work and you will not have much knowledge of writing script, then you will get very less money for it.

In the initial days, you can get ₹ 300 to ₹ 500 per script for writing a script, but gradually the answers will start writing good scripts and if your script will be better than others, in which the information given is correct and accurate. The cost of your script writing will increase.

Which one of your scripts can go from ₹ 1000 to ₹ 2000, in the beginning you will write the script slowly, in a day or two, you will write a script, then you will likely get from ₹ 300 to ₹ 500.

But when you write the script fast, you will write from two scripts to 5 scripts in a day, then you will get 1000 to 2000 per script of one script.

That is to say, when you start the work, then your earnings will be very less, but the way you improve your writing, you will learn to work, your earnings will increase, then you will earn from ₹ 5000 to ₹ 10000 per day. Will be able

How to sell your script:-You Tube Script Writer

When you start writing script, then you will also try to sell your script, how will you sell your script, where will you sell it, the question will arise in everyone’s mind that even if he starts writing script, how will he sell it?

As we have told you above that where there is a will, there is a way too, when you learn to write on it, then you will also learn to sell your script.

But still we tell you some simple and easy way by which you can sell your script.

contact with you tube:-

Find any type of script you can write or search for similar YouTube channels that make videos You can email them to the email on their YouTube channel.

On e-mail you can tell that you are a scriptwriter and you can prepare scripts for them in simple language and that too for less money.

In this way you can send script to thousands of youtubers when you contact so many youtubers out of them 10 to 50 or 100 youtubers will contact you and ask you to prepare this script you prepare script for them and earn money .

How to choose you tube script topic?

To choose a YouTube script topic, you have to first think that on which topic you can write anything very easily or say whatever topic you have special knowledge about, you can also think about that topic.

To become a YouTube scriptwriter and to choose it, it is most important that you have a special hold on which area, on the basis of which subject you have special knowledge, you can start writing on it.

Here it is very important that in whatever subject you have a hold, choose the same field so that you do not face any kind of problem while writing the script and you have to find the same type of YouTube in which you can write something. There will be two advantages.

The first advantage will be that you will write the script very easily on that topic and the second advantage will be that on the basis of the subject in which you have special interest, you can also take more money by talking to that YouTuber, you can speak to them. Whether you have obtained any diploma on this subject or you are a 1st degree holder in this subject.

Easiest way to write script writing?

If you want to become a scriptwriter then you have to do some preparation and based on that you can learn to do YouTube script writing in a very easy and simple way such as-

Buy a story book?

Read a story – After reading it try to write it in your own words on another copy when you write that story, after that match it, how much is the difference between your written story and the real story!

When you match both the stories, you will feel the difference that where you have made a mistake, try to rectify that mistake and try to write that story again, in this way you can adopt the first method.

You have to read different stories and write them in your own words so that you can feel how much mistake you are making this method is very easy and simple so you can learn to write on it very easily.

Watch you tube videos?-

Whatever kind of script you want to write, you should watch that kind of you tube video, after that you have to prepare a script on it without watching that video again, after that you have to match what you have written and what you have seen. How much difference is there in that?

You have to do this over and over again in different videos so that you can correct the mistakes and learn to write a good script.

Here you also have to pay attention that the script you are writing is made up of small words as well as any difficult word name has been added to it so that there is no possibility of any mistake while speaking or reading.

Give a script to YouTube for free?

In the beginning, you also have to pay attention that your script is not getting wrong and to know how much your script has improved, you can give the script to youtuber for free and ask them to make a video on it .

This will give you two benefits, whoever takes the script from you on YouTube will also tell you what is the mistake in the script given by you and how it can be rectified.

Secondly, you will also get information about how many views are coming on the video created on the script prepared by you, how many likes and dislikes are being received on it.

This will ensure that how good the script prepared by you is, how many mistakes you have made in that you tube video, you can also read the comment on that you tube video if the mistake you have done there will be told by the people in the comment that you have made a mistake here. It is stated wrong.

In this way you can learn to write you tube script very easily, in today’s time you will not get to see a better and simpler work anywhere. You can earn money from it without investing a single rupee and that too a lot.

What will be the problem in becoming a YouTube script writer?

Not every task is easy as we understand when we start any work, then we understand the trouble on it, we find any work very easy when we tell others.

But you will also face many problems in becoming a YouTube script writer, which if you understand in advance, then you will feel your success in that problem too, so now we tell you what problems you will face in becoming a YouTube script writer. Is. you tube script writer

YouTube script writing a waste of time?

When you will think of writing YouTube script writing, then when you start then you will waste a lot of your time on it as we have told you above that you should take at least 6 months to write a good YouTube script. It will take 1 year.

Because of this, whenever you start writing YouTube script writing, then you will feel that you waste the whole day on it and in return you are not able to do some good work in this time, then you will get at least ₹ 500 to ₹ Could earn up to 1000.

Because this work is not going to be done in two-four 10 days, due to this many people leave this work after doing it for 15 to 1 month, they feel that they cannot do this action and they cannot become scriptwriter.

If you want to become this good script writer then you have to waste your time only then you will be able to write a good script and earn some money from it. you tube script writer

The fear of not writing a good script?

A lot of people want to become a script writer and they also work for some time for it but when they waste a little time on it after that they realize that they are not able to write a good script.

Because of this, he leaves the job of becoming a scriptwriter and takes up his other work, but no work is good in the beginning, when you start writing it, then you will see that you will see many mistakes in it.

That is why in the beginning, you should give the script prepared by you to YouTuber for free so that you can also know what kind of mistake was made in the script prepared by you.

When you are learning work then do not try to earn money from it, you write scripts to people for free, when you do a deep study on it, you are sure that now you have started writing a good script, only then you can use your script. Start charging some fees so that you can become a good you tube script writer.

Script theft?

Many new people also make the mistake that they steal the script from here and there, due to which they later come to know that you have stolen this script from this website, the information given in it is not correct or else the script of this website You have picked up and sold it here.

Never forget to take a script made by others, you will have to work hard yourself and make a separate script so that you can write something different from others, when you write new, you will write different from others, only then you will have a different identity. They steal the script to save time, later they fail.

If you have to work for a long time in this field, then you should do some hard work in the beginning which will give you life time rest, you have to do the hard work once whether you do it first or later, so what we have given you above is the information that you By learning how to write a script, in that way you can learn to write on it and earn money .you tube script writer

Duplicating script?-

Many scriptwriters make a mistake, if someone asks them to write a script on a topic on YouTube, they keep it safe after writing that script, but when another young man asks them to write on it on the same topic. So he picks up that script and gives it to that other person.

Later, when this mistake is caught on YouTube or it is told by Google that you have copied this script from a ready-made script, then it refuses to buy the script from you forever.

You have to prepare a new script as many times as you get an order to write a script, for this you get money, never forget to give the script already given to someone else so that you do not face any kind of problem in life again. .

How to write script?

Now finally let us tell you how you can write a good script, if you really want to write a good script then you have to first have a deep knowledge about that topic.

After this, you will have to write the introduction first, on the second number you will have to write the benefits about that topic, on the third number you will have to tell the special code about that topic which very few people know.

After this, you will also have to tell some profit or loss in that topic as the topic is, then on that basis, you will have to compare and give information about the in-depth analysis on that product or topic so that the topic on which you are writing on it, you will have to give your script. I have to explain in very easy language only then you will be able to become a good script writer.

Whenever writing a good script, you will not be able to tell both the good and the bad about that product or in that subject, if evil is necessary, then tell the evil, otherwise you have to tell the good, then only you will be able to become a good you tube script writer.