Flipkart Pay Later Offer Will Get Loan Of ₹ 70000 In Just 5 Minutes/

You will get a loan of ₹ 70000 from Flipkart Pay Later in just 5 minutes/

Flipkart pay later offer will get loan of ₹ 70000 in just 5 minutes// If you want to take a Flipkart loan, then you just have to complete some steps for this and you will also get to see the option of Flipkart Pay Later from Flipkart.

In which you will make purchases today, but you can pay it after a month or gradually for 1 year, this facility is very good which can prove to be very beneficial for you.

If you buy a mobile from Flipkart and if you do not want to complete its payment, then you can make an installment from its Flipkart Pay Later and deposit the installment every month as EMI, which is provided to you under a facility of Flipkart Pay Later. Is performed/

In today’s time, we do most of the shopping online and in which the most used medium is Amazon and Flipkart if you use Flipkart Pay Later /

What is Flipkart Pay Later?Flipkart Pay Later

Flipkart Pay Later is such a facility through which if you make any purchase from Flipkart today, then you can easily pay it for the next month or for the next 12 months by making EMI.

You do not have to pay any kind of charge for using this facility when you make any purchase and do any transaction with it and you do not need to pay any extra charge if you pay it on time.

Apart from this, if we use a credit card of any bank, then we have to pay the annual fee of that card, the annual fee charge of any card is ₹ 500, then some more than ₹ 2000 which is completely free in Flipkart Pay Later /

Documents required in Flipkart Pay Letter?

If you want to activate Flipkart pay latest service then you will first need some documents only then you can activate this service in your mobile and use anytime.

For this, first of all you must have a PAN card, without PAN card you cannot activate this service, as well as you must have Aadhar card and a bank account and the mobile number from which you are running the Flipkart account that account. A UPI ID should also be activated from

UPI ID means that you are using phone pay and google pay or paytm etc., from whichever number you are running all these numbers, you have to activate that number here.

How to Activate Flipkart Pay Later Service?

If you use Flipkart then it is very easy for you to use the latest service on Flipkart. Create a Flipkart account by entering a mobile number and email address

Only after this you can activate the flipkart pay letter service, if you are using a Philip card, then you have to first click on the menu option /

If you are running this app from your mobile then above you will see 3dot you have to click on it and below you will see my account an option on which you will have to click / after that you will reach a new page here But you have to come down and you will see an option on which it will be written / Flipkart pay later, you have to click on it.

How to fill flipkart pay later form?

Now you have come to a new page, here you will see a message at the top where it will be written that you can get a credit limit of up to ₹ 70000 and also it will be told here that how and how you can get this limit. Where can I use

Here you will also be told that neither you have to fill any CCB nor you have to enter any OTP, only you will buy only then you will use it and without any OTP /

Here you will get to see many information related to Flipkart pay later, which is told to you before applying, you can easily read and understand it, after that you have to apply.

pan card verification?-

Now you have to first verify your PAN card, for this you will enter your PAN card number and click on Verify.

Whatever PAN card you have, you will fill it right here, fill it comfortably, never make any mistake so that your Flipkart Pay Later option can be activated.

As soon as you activate it, you reach a new page, here you have to activate your aadhar card or verify aadhar card.

 Aadhar card verification?-

Now you will get to see the PAN card at the top, based on the number you have entered, as well as below you will see an option which will be written on Aadhaar Verify, you will have to click on it.

As soon as you click on Verify Aadhar, a new page opens in front of you, on this page first of all you will enter your Aadhar card number and you will also have to fill the given captcha code by looking at the captcha code and fill it correctly so that someone don’t make any mistake

After this, you have to click on Verify below, then you get an OTP, you verify this OTP, after the OTP is verified, you reach a new page.

Flipkart Pay Later Form Review & Submit?-

Now you will get to see some details below which you have filled, if you see some mistake in it, then from here you can review it again and submit it.

Here you have the last chance to check the information filled by you, whether you have made some mistake, if you see some mistake here, then you can rectify it here and submit again.

And if you think that whatever information you have filled is correct then here you have to click below and you will see a new page /

Flipkart pay later check your ability?-

Flipkart now verifies your details and checks whether you are eligible for the letter on Flipkart or not, for this you get at least 1 minute to see.

But sometimes it can take up to 15 to 20 minutes to check this detail, so wait, don’t rush, if you are eligible then you will get to see a new option otherwise you will get to see No Eligible option.

Flipkart pay later complete your bank details?-

Now you come to a new page, from here you will see that all your KYC details have been completed, now you have to complete your bank details below.

For this, you have to enter your UPI ID below, after that you have to click on Verify, here the bank deposits ₹ 1 in your account and it checks whether your account is right or wrong.

The information you have filled or the documents you have submitted is true or false.

Flipkart Pay Later Consolidation Message?-

Now you will get to see the congratulation message from Flipkart and in which you are congratulated on behalf of Flipkat and you are also given a new limit.

In the beginning, this limit can be from ₹ 5000 to ₹ 15000, but as soon as you start using it, your limit increases from here to ₹ 70000.

In this way you can start using letter on flipkart in just 5 minutes sitting at home, if you are shopping from flipkart then you are likely to get this facility very soon.

And if you are not using flipkart then for some time you use Flipkart then apply for flipkart pay later you will definitely get to see flipkart pay later facility.

Flipkart Pay Later Interest Rate?-

You may also have to pay some interest charge on using Flipkart pay later and you will have to pay this interest charge when you buy anything on EMI.

Here you will get to see EMI option from 12 percent to 24 percent monthly interest rate.

Apart from this, if you use Flipkart Pay Later and are not able to pay the same at the end of the month, then you will have to pay ₹ 500 late fee and 18% GST charges /

Benefits of Flipkart Pay Later?

1. The biggest advantage of Flipkart Pay Later is that even if you do not have a credit card, you can buy goods on emi /

2. You do not have to make any annual payment, which in credit card you get to see some extra charge every year.

3. Activating Flipkart Pay Later is very easy and simple.

4. You can activate it without extra paper if you have PAN card and Aadhar card and a bank account then you can start it easily/

5. Never need to pay right away Buy today and pay next month/

6. If you pay on time then you will never see any extra charge/

7. No need to remember any CCV or OTP, you can use it in very simple way while shopping/

8. Flipkart Pay Later Customer Support Works 24/7 Hours, In case of any problem, immediate action will be taken/

9. This facility works easily everywhere whether it is a village or a city.

10. You can pay this through UPI from your mobile /

Flipkart pay later customer care number?-

If you want to call Flipkart customer care and want to get any information then you can call on Philip card official number

Call on the number 1800-202-9898 from your registered mobile number, from here whatever information you want to get, you will get to see all the information /

Disadvantages of using Flipkart Pay Later?

1. If your mobile falls by mistake, then any one of them can easily use Flipkart Pay Later /

2. It is very easy to use, due to lack of high security, anyone can use it easily.

3. Emi Free option is not available /

4. You can never use it or for any product, on whichever product Flipkart will give you this option, you can buy the same from it / that is, you can buy on EMI /

5. The interest rate is high, if you use a credit card, then you can buy any product at a low interest rate there.

6. Emi option is not available on every product.

7. You cannot choose the months for this emi from your side, for the time for which Flipkart would like to give you a product, you have to take it on emi for that time only.

8. Even if you make purchases on 30th or 31st of the month end, you will have to pay on 5th or 6th of the beginning of the next month/