cement agency by taking Earn ₹ 7 lakhs every month, start like this/

cement agency by taking Earn ₹ 7 lakhs every month, start like this/

cement agency by taking Earn ₹ 7 lakhs every month , start like this/ How to start cement wholesale business You can start cement business in wholesale and if you want, you can also do it in retail, you can start cement business in whatever way you want.

In today’s time, the demand for cement is increasing day by day, in the same way its prices are also increasing in the market. can |

What is Cement – 

Before starting the business of cement, you must know that what is cement in the end, where is it used, cement is a substance prepared from stone and lime, which is used in building a house, so you can do any kind of construction. Can prepare houses, buildings, bridges etc.

For making cement, many factories have been set up from place to place, from which cement is prepared, here cement is manufactured by grinding limestone and stone in large quantities.

How many types of cement are available in India – Cement Agency

Cement is mainly available in two types in India, which we use in different places according to our need, such as white cement and black cement, both cement is used everywhere according to its need, such as black and gray most of the time while building a house. Color cement is required, whereas white cement is also used in painting a house, white cement is also used for applying marble stone.

There is also a big difference in the price between white cement and black cement. If you are buying white cement, then you get a difference of ₹ 50 to ₹ 100 in comparison to black cement, inside a sack if you buy a sack of 50 kg. buying |

Which cement brands are made in India?

Friends, there are many brands and companies of cement in India, but there are some companies that are known by their names in the whole country, there are also some local brands which run only according to their region and the same people use that cement. But today we are talking about some of the most popular brands in the whole of India, which everyone recognizes by name.

Top 10 Cement Agency Brands in India-

1. UltraTech Cement  agency
2. ACC Cement agency
3. my same cement agency
4. Ambuja cement agency
5. Shree cement agency
6. Dalmia Bharat cement agency
7. Birla cement agency
8. India cement agency
9. orient cement agency
10. JK cement agency

This is some such cement brand which almost everyone knows by their name and their cement is also very much liked by the people because people have got confidence in this cement, so if they ever have to build their own house then they They choose any one of these cements and prepare a house with their hard work.

How to start cement wholesale business?

Friends, if you are going to start a cement wholesale business, then you will have to follow some steps, on the basis of which you can start your cement wholesale business. As we have informed you above that there are some cement brands that people trust and when they prepare their house, then they choose one of these cement so that they can build a house of their own.

Now if you want to start a cement business then you have to choose one of these cement brands and start your business with that brand which is as follows-

How to get cement agency dealership?

Whenever you are thinking of starting a wholesale business of cement, before that you have to choose a brand, which we have told you above, you have to know about the same brand in your area whether there is any company of that company in your area. Whether there is a dealership or not, if there is a dealership, then think about any other cement except that cement which does not have any dealership in that area.

If there is no dealership of any cement in your area, then you get the dealership of that company very easily and you also have the second advantage that if the dealership of any company is not in your area then that cement company will give you at least Will give his goods at a price so that the goods of that company start selling in your area too.

To take cement agency dealership contact the company-

When you consider taking a cement agency dealership in your area, then you can contact that company by email, this process is very easy and simple, you can email for that company’s dealership franchisee from its website.

Another easy and simple way is that you can also extract the mobile and phone number of that company from its website.

You have to search on that website whether there is a mobile number phone number of that company, then you can contact on it and talk to that company through that you have to open a dealership franchise in your area and for that He wants to apply

Cement agency Read the company’s policy to take cement agency-

Whenever you contact any company to take cement dealership, then that company tells you some conditions on the basis of which it provides you dealership, you have to take a copy of its policy online or offline in any way and it should be taken care of. You have to read for 2 to 8 days beforehand so that you can understand his policy in a better way.

You also have to keep in mind that in lieu of giving you a cement agency dealership, some company is not getting you to sign wrong on some documents, the effect of which will be visible to you after some time after taking your agency, so whenever you read its policy, read it carefully. And understand what is the policy of the company in the end

Before taking a cement agency dealership, understand your market-

Whenever you open a cement agency, before that you must understand your market, sometimes what happens is that we take the dealership of a company that does not get any customer in the market and we may also suffer loss because cement is a raw material. It happens that you cannot keep it in your warehouse for a long time, if you try to keep it for a long time then it will become cement stone and your money will be wasted.

Therefore, whenever you try to take cement dealership, before that you must know whether there will be demand for cement of this company in your area or not, people will come to you and buy cement from you or not, you must keep this in mind.

Space requirement for cement agency

Whenever you take cement dealership before you have to build a big godown or hire it somewhere so that you can keep your cement handy will be

To keep the cement, you will have to arrange the godown in such a place where there is no leakage of any kind of water, in any way, moisture does not come in the building so that your cement may be damaged, apart from this you also have to keep in mind that where But even if you are arranging a warehouse, a truck can come very easily there so that whenever your goods come to you from the company, you do not have any kind of problem to keep it for unloading.

When you take a cement dealership, you will need a hall of at least 500 square feet in which you can easily unload two to three trucks.

Labor requirement for cement agency

Whenever you start a cement wholesale business or start a retail business, you will need some labor who can unload your cement from the truck and keep it in Godawan and take it out of the warehouses and load it back into other vehicles.

Therefore, whenever you start a cement agency, only then you have to choose a place where you can get labor very easily and at a low cost.

There are many places where the liver is not available very easily, in this type of place you may have trouble doing your business.

How much money will be required to start a cement business?

Friends, cement business is such a business in which the more money you invest, you will also see less because the more money you invest in this business, the more profit is made, the less price the cement company provides cement to you.

Still if you are starting cement business then you will need at least 1000000 rupees.

You can start this business in less than Rs. If you buy goods from the company with more quantity, then it will give you the same goods at a lower price.

How much profit is there in cement agency business?

Friends, you should always keep this thing in mind that which business is more popular in which selling is more, customer base is more, demand is high, there profit decreases but that less profit also gives you more profit.

For example, if you buy a truck of cement, then it takes at most 2 days to sell it, there are many dealers who sell two to three trucks very easily in a day.

But they do business at ₹ 5 per packet, how they get profit from 5000 to ₹ 10000 per day only in this way.

And if you are doing business in retail then you can earn from ₹ 10 to ₹ 20 per packet, depending on which area you are in and how much competition is there in your area.

Registration for cement agency –

Whenever you start the business of cement, you will first have to do GST registration because in this you buy goods directly from the company and put that money in their bank account, in that you have to transfer a lot of money from your bank account so you have to A current account is required, secondly you also need GST.

Taking GST in today’s time is a very easy process, for this you can apply for GST in any way through online and offline medium, you get GST within 2 to 3 days and you can start your business.

What is the risk in cement agency business? cement agency

Friends, cement business is a very long-running business, in which once you have created a customer base, then you get equal profit for a very long time and if you want, even by taking dealership of any company, cement is available to your small businessmen. You can get a lot done on that too.

The biggest risk in the cement business is only that if you did not pay attention while buying it and buy the goods and keep it in a place where there is any kind of reputation, then that cement may get spoiled, which can cause damage to you.

The second biggest risk is that many people buy a lot of cement in the beginning, which they are not able to sell in the beginning. Get started Buy only a small amount in the beginning.