HDFC Bank Business Loan will get 50 lakhs, apply in this way/

HDFC Bank Business Loan will get 50 lakhs, apply in this way/

HDFC Bank Business Loan will get 50 lakhs, apply in this way/ You will get a business loan of 50 lakhs from HDFC Bank sitting at home, apply like this – Friends, whenever we plan to start a business, we need money and no business can be started without money, so often we go to the bank Thinking of taking a loan from the bank, but it is not so easy to take a loan from the bank, what to do so that the bank gives you the loan sitting at home.

Friends, today we are going to tell you the process, in this you can take information sitting at home whether the bank will give you a loan or not and if the bank will give you a loan, then how much will it give as if we have applied and HDFC Bank gives me business loan 50 lakhs. Approving for payment of Rs.

We completed this process sitting at home on mobile, how will you also complete this process on your mobile, how will you check whether HDFC Bank is giving you business loan or not.

benefits of hdfc bank business loan-

What are the benefits for you to take HDFC Bank Business Loan –

Friends, first of all let’s understand that how the bank gives you business loan, how the bank approves you loan and how to get business loan from HDFC bank.

Friends, HDFC Bank Business Loan is available in two ways-

 Business Loan Secured-

Friends, this loan is a loan in which the bank asks for some documents from you, such as the documents of plot, house, farm etc. You have to keep in the bank, then the bank provides you some loan against that property. With this loan you start your business. The biggest advantage you can get by taking HDFC Bank Business Loan Secured is that you get very low interest rate in it.

The bank provides you a loan at a very low interest rate so that you can start your business. The bank here knows that if you do not pay her loan, she will sell your property and recover your money, so she provides you a loan at a low interest rate.

Unsecured Business Loan-

Friends, Unsecured HDFC Bank Business Loan is given to those people who have very good credit score. If you want to take this loan, then you do not need any document, only you have to give RTR of your business and tell the bank that you are doing business when the bank checks your credit score.

unsecured loan

So she immediately provides you unsecured HDFC Bank business loan if your credit score is good, you have good old relationship with your bank, that means, you have not paid any loan of any bank loan till now, then the bank will give you an instant Provides unsecured business loan.

Friends, if you take HDFC Bank unsecured loan, you have to pay higher interest rate.

In this, the bank does not take any of your properties from you, due to which it can charge you an interest rate of up to twice as much as the secured loan. But if you are an old customer of the bank and you have a good past record, then the bank provides you HDFC Business Loan between 12 percent to 16 percent. In this way you get a business loan from HDFC Bank.


hdfc bank business loan eligibility-

To check HDFC Bank Loanee GVT, you need to complete the following steps like-

If you are doing any business in which you are a Proprietor, Wholesaler, Manufacture, any business you are already doing, only then you can apply.

The turnover of your business should be up to Rs 400000 per year.

Whatever business you are doing, its experience should be from 3 years to 5 years.

Since last 2 years your business is running in profit then only you will be able to apply.

Your ITR for the year should be more than 1.5 lakh rupees.

Whoever is applying for the application, his age should be more than 21 years and less than 65 years.

HDFC Bank business loan apply-

To apply for HDFC Bank Business Loan, you have to follow some steps on your mobile or laptop and check whether the bank is approving you loan or not.

Friends, I applied for business loan on my mobile here and the bank sent me a message Congratulation You can apply for business loan up to Rs 50 lakh.

Friends, I am a customer of HDFC Bank for the last 5 years and I have a HDFC Bank credit card, which I pay on time, never a single installment has been due.

For this reason, the bank often offers personal loan offer business loan for me.

I just tried this thing again, made a complete record of it and also made a video to show you how to apply for it can see by.

hdfc bank business loan in english –APPLY ONLINE hdfc bank business loan

Friends, now we will give you step by step information that how you can apply for HDFC Business Loan in your mobile-

First of all, you have to click on this link, as soon as you click on this link, you come to the page from where the HDFC Bank Application Form starts.

Now you will first enter your mobile number in it, which you have put in the bank, even if you are not already a customer of HDFC Bank, you can still fill this application and see how you have to fill the application form.

If you are eligible for the loan, then you will get a call from the bank and from that call you will get the information whether you can take the loan or not.

Below you have to click on the term and condition and click on proceed.

HDFC Business Loan OTP Verification-

An OTP will come on the mobile number you have entered in the bank’s website above, enter the same and click Proceed.

Here you have to remember that if you have an account with HDFC Bank, then you have to enter the same number as your number is in the bank.

And if you do not have an account in such a bank, then you have to enter the number which is engaged in other bank accounts, which will make it easier for you to take the loan.

HDFC Bank Account Verification-

When you click on continue after entering the OTP, then you reach another page, here you get to see the account number which is your account number, you have to select that number and click on proceed.

If you do not have an account with HDFC Bank, then you will not get to see this option, you will only get the option to enter the email ID.

hdfc bank business loan personal details-

Friends, now you have come to a new page, here you have to enter both your first name and second, whatever your name is, you have to enter it in the same way as it is written in Aadhar card and PAN card. But don’t make mistake, click on continue.

Now you have come to the second option, here you have to select your city, where you live, you can select that or you can select the city where you have opened the account.

Even if you have not opened the account, you still have to select the city where the HDFC Bank branch is open from where you want to take the loan.

HDFC bank business loan resident address-

This information will be sought whether the house you live in is your parents’ house or your own self-constructed house, you live on rent or you live with family on rent.

Whatever type of house you live in, you have to select it here and click on Continue.

HDFC business loan employment details-

Now the bank will take some information from you like if you do self employed business or self employed professional business then you have to click on whatever business you do.

Now the bank will ask you for your occupation, where you have to give information that what type of business you are doing, you have to select it here or go ahead by selecting on other

Now the bank will ask you the applicant type, in this you have to proceed by clicking on the individual or sole proprietor whichever you are.

You have to click on continue and you will be taken to the next page.

hdfc bank income inquiry-

Now you have come to the last stage, fill it very carefully, but if you do any mistake, then your form will be rejected.

First of all, the bank will ask your income that how much income you are making from business, then whatever income you are making, you have to fill it here.

The bank will ask you the turnover, how much turnover you are doing for the year, you have to fill it here very carefully.

Now the bank will ask you the monthly total income, you have to write it there.

Will ask you to know how much loan you need.

You will be able to see that we had applied to the bank for a business loan of only ₹ 500000.

business loan in hdfc bank approval message-

Friends, now if you will get approval for the loan from the bank, then here you will get to see a message that the bank is offering you a loan of up to Rs.

Often people get rejected on this form, the bank does not approve the loan to them if their credit score is already bad, if your credit score is good then the bank approves the loan in just 2 minutes.

All your loan history, credit history, all the records are always present in the bank, so whenever you fill the form, the bank matches that place with its records and approves you loan immediately.

Friends, as you must be seeing below that the bank has given me a loan of Rs 50 lakh.

I do not need the loan at the moment so I did not complete the further procedure but you have to complete some steps given below and you will see that the loan will come in your account in just 2 hours if you are HDFC bank customer.

And if you are not a HDFC Bank customer then it may take 24 hours for you to get this loan.

hdfc bank business loan interest rate-FEES & CHARGES

When you fill this form and you get the message of concentration from the bank, then you get to see some charges below, you should read it completely and carefully, here the bank gives you all the information.

What percentage of interest rate the bank is charging from you, as we had informed you above that if you are an old customer, then this bank provides you a loan between 11.90% to 21.35 percent.

Along with this below you will also get to see that the bank is charging you the file charges and what are the charges and if you deposit the bank money ahead of time, then in how many months you can deposit.

You will also get to see the option for how long the bank is providing you the loan, where you can see the option from 3 years to 5 years.

To take or not to take HDFC Bank Business Loan-

Friends, when you start a business and sometimes you need money, if there is no urgent money arrangement, you can take a business loan in this way, it also gives you a lot of benefit, which is the biggest advantage that you can get it You can get it immediately, there is no paperwork, you can get it online sitting at home.

Because this loan is unsecured, so the interest rate on it is slightly higher, so if you need the same amount, take the same amount, you will have to pay more interest, which is not good.

Also, take HDFC Bank Business Loan for the shortest possible time so that you have to pay the least interest and you can get rid of the loan soon.