Why business fails / 10 biggest reasons for business failure /

Why business fails? Do you know the 10 biggest reasons for business failure.

Why business fails? Do you know the – Friends, whenever we start any business, we work hard in it and try to fulfill all our desires from this business.

But even after doing all this, our business fails, what is the reason that the business we start with so much hard work, dedication and honesty, then why that business fails, do you know?

Today we are going to discuss this and will give you information that how you can save your business from failure, be it big business or small business, when we start any business, there are some mistakes or the other. We pay taxes which we have to pay later by ruining our business.

So if you want to save your business from ruin, then never make 10 such mistakes in your business –

1.Why business fails by starting partnership business- Why business fails –

Why business fails -Friends, whenever we start a business, then at that time we ask many people about that business, we have friends, we are relatives, we take information from them about that business if anyone already knows about that business. If you have knowledge, then you also tell him that we will invest money, you become a partner with us.

Friends, whenever we make someone our partner, initially we have the same thoughts, we take that business to a great height.

But when the business is gaining momentum, we feel that we have been successful in this business, you are earning good money, then somewhere in your mind, you start to regret that I wish we had not partnered with it. Had it been made, all this profit would have been ours.

If this thing is not coming in your mind then it will definitely come in your partner’s mind and when such a thought starts coming in our mind, since then our business starts breaking down for 1 day due to some reason between us. The partnership which breaks down and the business which we had built with our hard work, that business also gets ruined.

So try whenever you start a business, if you are short of money, you can start a business by taking a loan from any bank, but do not do business by keeping a partner, your business will never be blocked, you will be successful in business, only you. You have to work as hard as you should, keep your labor here, not your partner or owner.

2. Why does business fail by seeing the profit of any business-

Mostly we start by listening to business people like nowadays you all see that many people on you tube show you a machine on you tube and make a product from that machine and tell that you can make this product by making it in so much money. And in the market you can sell it at 10 times the price.

And we think that we can take very good profit by buying this machine and starting business from it but you probably forget that the person who does the manufacturing does not get as much profit as the retailer wholesaler. is |

If you start that business as a manufacturing wholesale retailer, then you can take profit otherwise you will not get much profit.

If you want to make more profit by becoming a manufacturer, then you will have to increase your production production, the more quantity you produce, the more you will profit, but in this type of business you have to invest more.

But here also there is a risk that if you have invested more in buying the machine and you are not able to make a wholesaler retailer for the product you are not able to sell, even then your business may be ruined. All that you have invested in may be wasted.

3. Loss on buying goods from more quantity- Why business fails- 

Why business fails -Most of the companies focus more on selling their goods, they only believe that the more you can sell the goods, the better, so whenever you go to buy goods for wholesale, then any company will only say that you are 1000000 of 500000. Take the goods together, we will give you this much profit or we will give such cheap goods.

We think that if we buy more goods, we will get more profit and because of this we buy a lot of goods by investing more money in that business but that goods will not be sold in your area then what will you do then all your money will be wasted.

The company from which you bought the goods has benefited because you have bought the goods from them, you have lost yourself, so whenever you start, you buy the minimum quantity of goods, after that when you become successful when you feel that yes I I will do business only then you buy goods in more quantity than that.

4.Starting business by looking at others-

Why fail business: Most of the businesses fail because they start the business by looking at others. To start is to damage the business.

You are not able to know how he is doing that business if someone your friend neighbor is doing some business and you ask that person some information about that business he never gives you correct information |

He will tell you more profit about that business or will tell the wrong place from where he is ordering the goods so that you cannot start any business in his competition, that is why whenever you start business by seeing your neighbor with him. First understand that business well, then only start.

5. Dreaming of successful business in 2 days – Why business fails –

Whenever we start any business, we think that from the very first day our business will rise, many customers will come and we will start profit but it does not happen whenever we start anything, no matter what business Yes, it takes at least 3 to 5 years for it to start and for that business to become successful.

If you will dream from the very first day that our business will become successful and after you wait 6 months and 1 year when you see that your business is not running then you close that business and after doing this we will We start another business and do that business for a few days, then we say that this business is useless, let’s do the third business.

And by doing this, we keep on changing business throughout our life, never succeed in any business and this is the main reason for your failure. You don’t wait how long it takes for a business to become successful \ If you are doing any business then you should wait for that business to be successful.

6. Changing business location

Why business fails -When we start any business and the customer starts recognizing us, whenever he needs any product, he knows that this product will be found at your shop, then he will come directly to your shop and he buys the product.

But after staying in one place for two years, you start your shop in another place, then whatever customers there are, they leave you, they start buying products from the other shop nearby.

If you want to start any business, then try that you do not have to change the location of your business again and again, even if you have to pay more to your shop owner, but do not change the location of the shop so that the customer you have is always with you. stay connected

If you leave one place and shift to another place, then whatever customers you have are broken, in the new place you have to make new customers which is a very difficult task, so start any business anytime, start at one place. Do not change your location frequently.

7. Ignoring quality {why business fails}-

Friends, in today’s time, people want to eat well, they want to wear good and whatever product is of good quality in their house should not be spoiled again and again, they want to buy this type of time, there was a time when people used to buy anything but In today’s time people trust the brand more, they want good quality so whenever you start business.

Keep good quality with you so that once the customer comes to you, he will also come back to your shop, he is sure that whatever product he gets at your shop, he will get the original quality, you will cheat with him. will not Most of the shopkeepers have started selling duplicate products nowadays, by doing this the shopkeeper earns more money.

But when the customer comes to know that the shopkeeper has given him local goods by calling him original, then he will not come to your shop again, as well as all those who know him will also say that that shopkeeper gives goods of very poor quality. You do not go there, he sells local goods by saying original.

8. Earn more profit why fail business- Why business fails –

There is another saying that once a wooden hand rises, it means to say that if you take more money from a customer and earn more profit, then he will buy that product from you only once and will not even look at your shop again.

Today’s time is online, secondly, if you buy a product from a shop, even if you have bought that product, still you must check from the nearby shop whether it has given you that product at the right price or not. If he is convinced that you have taken the right price for the product you are giving him, then he comes to your shop again and again.

But if the customer gets this information that you have sold that thing at a higher price than you are getting the goods in the market at a lower price then that customer will start buying the goods from that shop and will leave your shop.

If you start your business by keeping low profit then more and more customers will come to you and whoever gets information that goods are available at that shop at a lower price than the market, then people will come to you again and again and whoever wants that product. He will definitely tell you about your shop.

9. Why does business fail, not having the right location-

Why business fails -Friends, every business has a good location, it is decided in advance which business will run at which place and who can do that business. If someone comes to your house and he gives you a gold chain, says that the original is selected, he has been in the middle, its price in the market is ₹ 80000 but you will give him only ₹ 20000.

Would you buy that chain from him even if it was gold? Whereas you go to buy the same gold chain from the gold shop in the market and the shopkeeper tells you ₹ 80000 and you tell the shopkeeper, brother, give me ₹ 20000, will he give it to you.

Here there is such a place where you are not buying that check for ₹ 20000 and there is a place where the shopkeeper is not able to sell you that product for ₹ 20000. What is the difference between the two, you think only of the place.

Similarly, if you start any thing, then first think about the location of that business, which business can run where where it can get the right price, start that business at the same place and you will see that your business how well it is going

10. Starting a Business Through a Broker {Why Business Fails} –

Why business fails -When we start a business, initially whatever we want, we should sit at home and we want in an easy way, we don’t have to work hard, we just have to put shop, put office, order goods, we have to sit inside it. See how much money you are investing and how much risk you are taking to start that business.

When you buy goods through a broker, then there will be a commission in it, you will give some commission to that broker as well as he will also take some commission from the shopkeeper from whom you will buy the goods, in this way that broker will get more profit and where will he get that profit. Have you ever thought that the goods you have bought will be put on the same.

It means to say that the product which you could have got for ₹ 100, you are buying that product through a broker for ₹ 120 or ₹ 130 just because you do not have to work a little bit.

I don’t mean to work hard that you have to work someone’s work I mean to say that whenever you start any business, you should find yourself wholesale and also 1  not working from wholesaler or manufacturer So you should meet several side and buy goods only after contacting them.