Saffron Business / Buy Saffron ₹ 65000 kg selling 2.5 lakh rupees / kg

Saffron Business / Buy Saffron ₹ 65000 kg selling 2.5 lakh rupees / as you all know, KESAR is known as Gold Spice, meaning its value is not less than gold, it is as precious as gold.

If you start the business of KESAR, then you can take very good profit in it. To start this saffron business, you need to have some information first, if you ignore this information then you can suffer a lot.

First of all, you have to understand that how many types of KESAR are available in the market, how much is the price of which KESAR. Which KESAR has the highest price in the market and which saffron is the cheapest, let’s understand about the first case-

How many types of saffron are there?

In today’s time, there are two types of KESAR available in the market and there is a difference of sky between the two heads.

Kashmiri saffron-
American saffron-

Complete information about how Kashmiri saffron is-

KESAR is the identity of Kashmir, saffron is recognized from Kashmir, if there is talk of saffron, then first of all the same name comes Kashmir, where KESAR is cultivated, only Kashmir is the only place where KESAR is produced.

Saffron is supplied all over the world from Kashmir, but in today’s time another saffron is running in the market, which we know by the name of American love, but now we are talking about KASHIMIRI KESAR.


KASHMIRI KESAR also has a different place for its price, if you need KASHMEERI KESAR then you will have to pay ₹ 2500 for 10 grams of saffron. That means ₹ 250000 1 kg saffron will be available. Kashmiri saffron holds a different place in itself, so it costs so much, this KESAR is available only and only in Kashmir, its quality and purity are always guaranteed.

But you must be thinking that the reason why Kashmiri saffron is so expensive is-

Reasons why Kashmiri saffron is expensive – Saffron Business

There are many reasons why Kashmiri saffron is expensive, such as this KESAR is grown only in a particular place in Kashmir. In Kashmir, the area of ​​​​10 km in Pampor tehsil of Pulwama district is the maximum production of saffron. The first reason for this is that it is cultivated in a very small area and its demand is in the whole world.

Another reason why KASHMIRI KESAR is expensive

The second reason is that a lot of physical effort is required to cultivate KESAR, no machinery is used in it, from sowing saffron seeds to flowering and extracting KESAR from the flower, all the work is done by hands. Because of this, saffron gets expensive from Kashmir because it costs more.

The third reason is that KESAR is produced in very less quantity because 6 buds come out in a flower in which three buds are of yellow color which does not mean anything, only there are 3 husbands which are saffron. In a tree, only three saffron-like wife leaves will be found and by doing only 165 such leaves, 1 gram of KESAR is made.

Now you must have understood why KESAR is so expensive.

When and how is the cultivation of AMERICAN Saffron-

Once KESAR is cultivated in Kashmir, it lasts continuously for 15 years, after which its crop has to be sown again. Its seeds are sown in the month of August, which is ready in 2 months, after that it flowers between October 15 and November 15, after selecting those flowers, these people bring them home and KESAR among them. It is extracted and after taking out this KESAR it is supplied in the market.

If they sow the seeds once, it gives them flowers for 15 years, from which they keep selling them in the market after taking out KESAR, but it does not mean that once the crop is sown, no work is done in it again in a year. Three times that field has to be plowed, that too in such a way that the seed planted in it does not get spoiled, the crop comes only once in a year.

How is American saffron?

American KESAR is similar to Kashmiri saffron in appearance, if you put both together, then you cannot identify which saffron is from Kashmir and which KESAR is American, but there is a lot of difference between the two KESARs.

Complete information about how AMERICAN KESAR is-

American KESAR is exactly like Kashmiri saffron and if you see it by putting it in water, it leaves exactly the same color as Kashmiri saffron leaves. But its biggest feature is that it is not born in Kashmir but it is cultivated in Rajasthan, Punjab and Madhya Pradesh.

It is being grown here in a very large quantity and the farmers here are also taking great advantage of it, often you must have seen in the TV in the newspaper that this farmer started the cultivation of saffron and he got five lakh 1000000 rupees. Earn in 1 year

These farmers cultivate all American KESAR and sell their KESAR in wholesale market or sell it directly in Delhi market where they get good price for their KESAR.

American Saffron Price – Saffron Business

As we have told you above that you start from ₹ 65000 kg and get up to one and a half lakh rupees per kg. Many farmers are cultivating it and selling it in the market. This saffron is 4 times cheaper than Kashmiri saffron, due to which many people are using this saffron.

Due to the cost of the head, the demand for its head is also increasing in the market because Kashmiri saffron is very expensive, due to which not everyone can buy it, but by buying its head ₹ 65000 kg, it can cost from one and a half lakh rupees to ₹ I am selling in the market till 200000.

What is the yield of AMERICAN KESAR-

The yield of American saffron is 100 times more than that of Kashmiri saffron. Here you are told from 5 kg saffron to 10 kg KESAR in cultivating one bigha. There is no guarantee of how much truth is there in this, but the possibility of producing American saffron from 2 kg to 5 kg is expressed.

If you get 2 kg KESAR for cultivating one bigha, then you can earn ₹ 130000 per bigha and this much profit is hardly available in any other crop.

Kashmiri Saffron OR American Saffron-

The same similarity is found in both American saffron and Kashmiri saffron.

But there is a lot of difference between the flowers of both, one flower from which only three leaves come out while the other and one flower produces 20 to 25 buds of saffron.

The Kashmiri saffron tree grows to two to three inches tall while the American KESAR tree is 3 to 4 feet tall.

How to do saffron business-

To do business of KESAR, you should go to Khari Baoli Mandi of Delhi and buy KESAR from there, you have to remember that from where you are buying your head, it should be a certified seller,

most of the places get fake head, so you will get so much money if this If you are investing in this then you should buy goods only from a registered wholesaler.

When you buy goods from there, then you will get that KESAR between ₹ 65000 kg to ₹ 70000 kg, you can pack its head in a small box and sell it to the ration shop people in your market.

As everyone knows that there is a lot of demand for KESAR in the market but people do not get the application and if you sell the original saffron in the market with a guarantee, then you will get a good profit ₹ 65000 kg was bought that you can pay one and a half lakh rupees. Can sell in the market very easily up to kg.

Online Saffron Business-

Apart from this, the second easiest and simplest way is to register yourself on India mart Amazon Flipkart and here you can pack your goods as a wholesaler of KESAR and send the goods to the Order. You will find it easier to do online saffron business and here you will get good price for your product.