Paneer Wholesale Business Earning ₹ 1.50 lakh per month from/

Paneer Wholesale Business Earning ₹ 1.50 lakh per month from / Paneer WHOLESALE Business You can earn a lot of profit every day by starting business.

How to start this business, what is the simple way to start a business, as well as how much investment has to be done in this business and how much profit is made, you are going to get all the information in this post.

How to start Paneer WHOLESALE Business?

Paneer is everyone’s favorite dish, many types of vegetables are prepared from paneer, be it any festival, party, everything seems incomplete without paneer. But the paneer available in the market is mostly adulterated or soya paneer.

Which is neither delicious nor beneficial as milk paneer, so if you start milk paneer business then you can take good advantage of it.

To start this business, you mainly have to go through these 10 processes.

Arrange milk for Paneer WHOLESALE business?

PANEER BUSINESS completely depends on the distance, so whenever you start PANEER BUSINESS, first of all you should arrange for milk, the milk should be pure and not adulterated, for this you will have to search for milk yourself, you will have to go from the village to get milk.

If you take ready-made milk, such as if you take milk from a milkman or if you take milk from dairy, then you may have to suffer some loss such as-

paneer manufacturers where to buy milk?-

Disadvantages of taking milk from a milkman- If you are taking milk from a milkman by not taking milk from a milkman, then you can take a loss like if you are getting 50  liters of milk from a milkman, then he is giving you milk by putting his profit. That is, if you buy this milk directly from the milkman from the farmer, then you will get ₹ 40 liters of milk.

If you are taking 500 liters of milk every day from milk, then you can think that you are losing ₹ 5000 per day. And if you do a little hard work and buy milk directly from farmers, then you will get ₹ 5000 per day, then this profit will be there.

Disadvantages of taking milk from dairy-

Even if you are buying milk from dairy, you may still have to suffer \  Milk dairy would mean that you are buying milk from the place where all the milk is stored where milk comes from 5000 to 10000 liters per day. is | Where a lot of milk is stored and from there small merchant shopkeepers take milk.

You do not have to buy milk even from milk dairy because here you can get milk more expensive than milk, as well as the possibility of getting adulterated milk on dairy is highest. Many milkmen make fake milk and give milk to the dairy, if you use this type of milk to make cheese, then it will neither be pure, and if you take milk from milk dairy, it will cost you a lot. How to get milk from farmer?-

When you think of putting MINI PANEER PLANT, only then you have to go to the village area and meet the farmers and ask them to give milk, you have to tell that the milk you are giving to the milkman or the milk in the dairy, we Will give you ₹ 2 more and I want more and more milk per day, if you give milk to me, you will also benefit, I will also benefit.

If the farmer will get the right price for his milk, then he will definitely give you milk and if a farmer does not believe in you, then you can tell him by paying money in advance that now you give me milk, you give him 10 days advance money. You can take milk and he will give you milk.

The biggest advantage of taking milk from a farmer will be that it will be pure, there will be no adulteration of any kind, as well as its price will be less than the milk obtained from dairy and milkman, thus if you prepare in the beginning, then you will get You will get more benefit as well as there will be a guarantee of purity, which you can further pass on to your customer.

You can sell PANEER to your customer by saying that your paneer is pure, there is no adulteration in it and the milk has been bought from farmers, so there is no adulteration of any kind in it, if you sell it in this way, then very soon. Your cheese will be sold.

Finding artisans for mini paneer plant-

Now you have to find such an artisan who makes good quality paneer, if you talk to the confectioner, then someone will give you the artisan who makes the paneer, you have to keep in mind that whatever artisan you are bringing |

He has been preparing paneer for a long time because making paneer is an art to make cheese from milk, tearing it is an art which is not known to everyone, so if you are putting a cheese plant then you need a good artisan.

Buying utensils for Paneer business?

In PANEER BUSINESS, you will read about buying big utensils, in which you will have to heat the milk, prepare a kiln which will heat the milk. All these things are put, whatever is needed, your artisan will tell you.

Finding Customers to Sell Paneer?

To sell PANEER, you have to find customers to whom you can sell your paneer. In the initial days, you can give your PANEER in hotel restaurant, Dhaba etc. If you tell them that you make paneer yourself, you can check its quality, that is your paneer. Will test

If they like your paneer, then a hotelier can order you from 5 kg to 20 kg per day, whatever hotel or Dhaba it runs, it will order you accordingly.

Also you can contact the shopkeepers selling paneer in the market, you will show them your paneer and if they like your paneer then they will also start keeping your paneer.

How much investment will be there in doing cheese business-

If you are a beginner and want to start your business with minimum money, then you do not need to invest much, you just have to buy some utensils, gas furnace, gas stove or whatever means your artisan tells you to heat milk. You have to make that arrangement.

Also, do not buy more milk in the beginning, start with only one quintal of milk in the beginning, after that, the way your customers keep increasing, the demand for your cheese keeps coming out in the market, in the same way you have to grow your paneer business.

If you think that you can do your business well in the beginning, then you can start with 200 liters of milk and buy up to 500 liters and start your business.

If you are starting business with only 100 liters of milk and farmer is giving you 40 liters of milk, then you are investing ₹4000 per day.

profit in paneer manufacturers business-

When you start paneer manufacturers business then you will not get much profit, reason will be two reason one will be that you are new, so you will have to give your paneer cheaper than other shopkeepers in the beginning but when people start liking your paneer then you can make your paneer. can increase the price of |

Another reason would be that when you start then you will produce paneer in very small quantity because in the beginning you will not have many customers but when gradually your customers start increasing then your more paneer will start selling then you can take more profit in it are |

In the beginning day, you can keep a margin of ₹ 50 on 1 kg of paneer by taking out all the expenses and later when your business starts running then you can increase it from ₹ 60 to ₹ 70.

In this way you can start PANEER BUSINESS, you can take good profit, the business of cheese is good business in the market, people do not get to eat pure paneer, if you give pure paneer, then gradually your market will be made and people your paneer Will ask in your name, later you can sell your brand in the cheese market and take your business forward.