How to Apply SBI Business loan/ SBI Business Loan Interest Rate/

How to Apply SBI Business loan/ SBI Business Loan Interest Rate/ How to take loan from SBI Bank? , How to take business loan from SBI Bank – Friends, do you want to start your own business but are unable to start it due to lack of money

, then friends, let me tell you that you have come to the right place because in this post I will tell you How can you take a business loan? What documents do you need to get loan from SBI Bank?

How can you apply for a loan in State Bank of India? How much loan can the bank give you. Friends, if you read this post correctly and apply in the bank, then you will definitely get the loan.

Benefits of SBI Business loan taking:-

# The biggest advantage of taking a loan from SBI Bank is that here you get a loan at a very low interest rate. Provides you interest at very low rate

# The second biggest advantage of taking a loan from State Bank of India is that here you get a lot of loan, whereas other banks provide you on loan within a limit.

State Bank is a government bank, so whatever government scheme comes here, you get the benefit of it immediately, if there is an offer for business loan, then you can get a loan very quickly from here.

For what tenure one can get loan –

# Friends, you will get 1 year to 5 years to repay the business loan from SBI Bank. You can easily deposit it in EMI  installments every month, if you take a loan for 1 year, then you have to pay the installment for 1 year, if you give the loan for 5 years, then you have to pay the installment for 5 years.

What are the documents required for availing business loan from SBI Bank?

To take a business loan from State Bank of India, you need some documents which you should keep in advance such as ID proof, Aadhar card, Voter card etc. 6 months statement of bank account, 2 years ITR return as well as PAN card. It will be required when you apply for Business Loan from SBI Bank.

#Business Existence Proof: Sales Tax/Excise/Service Tax Registration, Photocopy of Partnership Village, Business License, Certificate of Practice, Registration Certificate issued by RBI, SEBI.

sbi business loan interest rate– How much interest will be charged on taking business loan from SBI Bank?

Friends, you get interest from 11.20 to 16.30 on the loan from SBI Bank, it depends on what is your civil score as well as if you have already taken any loan, then in how much time you have paid that loan and for that payment.

Time whether any of your installments are due or at what time you have paid all, apart from this it also depends on how you are taking loan.

Who can take loan from SBI Bank?

While applying for a loan in SBI Bank, you must have this information: Who can get loan from SBI Bank, to whom does the bank give loan.

Your age should be minimum 21 years and maximum 65 years only then you can apply for loan in SBI Bank.

You should have an annual turnover of at least 20 lakhs. The amount of 20 lakhs may seem big to you, but if you see that in 12 months you have to do a turnover of 2000000 rupees, then it is not much, every month you have to show a turnover of ₹ 150000, which is negligible if you are doing business. are |

It has been at least 3 years since your current business. You should have at least 3 years of experience in the business for which you are applying for the loan and it has been at least 3 years since you have registered that business, only then you can apply for business loan in SBI Bank. can |

# You are self employed. You have to show that you are a self employed you are doing business not that you are doing service somewhere and you want to take business loan if you want business loan then you have to tell bank that you are a businessman and for this Now filling RTR.


#Your minimum credit score should be 750 . Whenever you go to apply for a loan in the bank, then you must check your credit score once, whether your credit score is down or not, if your credit score is less than 750 then the bank can refuse to give you the loan. |

In today’s time, there are many mobile apps available to check your credit score, so download any one app in your mobile and check your credit score so that you do not have any kind of problem later.

How to take online loan from SBI Bank?

First of all you have to login to SBI website. To log in to the bank’s website, you have to first open an account in sbi bank and you have to link that account with internet banking. can |

# After this you have to go to the business loan option and click on apply online. After clicking, a new page will open, here you will be asked for your name and address information, you have to fill it all here, after this-

After this you have to give all your information like name phone number aadhar card income certificate etc.

Whatever information you have here, it should be absolutely correct, check once if there is a mistake, if you fill any information wrong then your application may be rejected and you will not get the loan.

documents for loan

# Now you have to upload all your documents such as PAN card, Aadhar card, copy of RTR file, your photo, you have to upload all these documents as you are being asked in the form, whatever documents the bank asks from you, all the documents you need here But to give to the bank.

# Now the bank will check all your documents and if any document is found wrong then it will inform you by email that you upload these documents through.

# If all the documents given by you are correct and your credit score is also good, then the bank will deposit the amount in your account for which you have applied and the loan will be passed to you.