What are the types of crypto currency? & How to earn money with crypto currency?

What are the types of crypto currency? How to earn money with crypto currency? According to the changing times, the way of earning money is also changing day by day, where earlier it used to take more than 1 year to earn one lakh rupees, today you can earn 5 to 1000000 rupees in just 1 day that too in crypto. Through which is the easiest and simplest way you can buy and sell crypto currency sitting at home.

Today you must have got this information through many news channels social media that how much money that person has earned by buying crypto [bitcoin] When we hear someone’s success story, we are surprised and we also feel it It happens that I wish we could also invest something in this and we too would get to see a big benefit from it.

Today we will give you information through this post that what is crypto currency, when did it start, who started it and if you want to invest in crypto then how you can buy crypto currency and how to sell it as well. You will also be given information about what are the disadvantages of buying crypto currency which is very important for you. What is Cryptocurrency?

What is the crypto currency {bitcoin}?

Crypto currency is a digital currency that is designed to work as a medium of exchange through a computer network that is not dependent on any central authority such as a government or a bank. Cryptocurrencies are built on a black chain technology. which only exists online. Cryptocurrency uses encryption to authenticate and protect transactions hence its name. Currently there are more than 1000 different cryptocurrencies in the world.

Simply put, crypto is a means of financial transactions, just like the Indian rupee and the rupee of other countries, the only difference is that it is virtual, you can only see it online, you cannot feel it by touching it, you can transfer it online anywhere. can buy something.

Like today we use digital, Google Pay on the phone, which we use in transactions, we have to buy or sell something, if we use digital currency, then it is a very easy and simple process, which You can do this from your laptop mobile, in this you do not need to keep cash currency. What is crypto currency?

When was cryptocurrency introduced and by whom?

Cryptocurrency was introduced on 3 January 2009. It was built by an engineer named Santoshi Nakamoto. In today’s time there are more than 10 million bitcoins around the world. Bitcoin is a virtual ie virtual currency. Virtual means it does not have any physical form like a currency, it is a digital currency.

This is a currency that you can neither see nor touch, it is only an electronic store, if someone has bitcoin, then he can buy goods like a common currency, in today’s time bitcoin is becoming very popular. |

Cryptocurrency i.e. bitcoin was invented by an engineer named Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 and released it as open source software in 2009, people did not give much importance to it in the beginning, but in today’s era it is the most expensive cryptocurrency. In 11 years, there are more than 900 cryptocurrencies available in the market, whose mode of working is peer-peer electronic system, currently people are doing their business by buying bitcoins at low prices and selling them at high prices.

Usually, about 2 to 3% is charged for payment by debit or credit card, but this is not the case in bitcoin. It is fast due to which people are being encouraged to accept it.

How to earn money with crypto currency?

Earning money in today’s time has become very easy and simple, if you invest in crypto and keep an eye on it properly, then you can earn lakhs of rupees in no time because this currency has so far earned millions of people. Has become a millionaire

Whoever bought this currency has always benefited, when it was started then its price was very low and in today’s time this currency is skyrocketing if you also want to make some investment in it if you also want to invest in crypto. If you want to earn money then how can you start?

Before investing in Cryptocurrency, you should be aware that how many types of Cryptocurrencies are running in the whole world today and which Cryptocurrency is giving more profit if you keep this information before investing in Cryptocurrency. You will never see a loss in crypto investment.

How many types of crypto currency are there? What is crypto currency?

By 2021, more than 100 cryptocurrencies have been launched all over the world. So far only one type of crypto has been seen and that is the distal crypto currency which we can use online, we can neither touch nor see it. There is no government interference in crypto currency. Nor has this currency been launched by any international organization.

Today we are telling you the names of some cryptocurrencies here below, which have made a different name for themselves in no time, which is as follows-

All Cryptocurrencies?


Friends, in this way you can get information about more than 1000 cryptocurrencies from here, if you want information about more crypto then click on this link – All Cryptocurrencies-

How to Buy Crypto Currency in India?

Ever since crypto has made a new record in the market, every person either wants to know about this crypto or he wants to buy it so that he too can make some investment and make a lot of money today we are below. Giving information how you can buy crypto .

There are many websites available to buy currency from which you can buy crypto, but if you want to buy crypto from mobile, then you can use some crypto apps, using this you can very easily crypto. We are giving information about some crypto currency apps below which are as follows-

2. crypto.com app-

3. coinbase app-

3. wazirx app-

4. coinDCX app-

5. Binance app-

6- coinmarketCap-

These are some of the apps that people have liked very much and their rating is also good, they have been downloaded too much, if you want to buy crypto currency through these apps then you will be easy.

When you download any app, after that you have to login in that app, after login, you have to create a 4 digit PIN like we make UPI PIN, you can write this PIN somewhere or keep it. Then you have to create the same PIN that you remember. You need this PIN to login to this app again.

Now you will need KYC to do trading. To complete your KYC you need PAN card and Aadhar card through this you can verify your KYC till you complete your KYC you cannot invest in crypto or you cannot start trading can.

How to buy crypto currency?

When you complete your KYC, after that you can now buy currency, to buy crypto, you have to go to home, there you are given many different types of crypto currencies and information related to them, whatever you want. You have to click on the crypto currency you want to invest or the one you want to buy.

There you see the option to buy crypto currency, click on Buy boat, then you have to pay whatever you are buying from your shop, you can make payment with your debit or credit card.

Whenever you buy crypto, before you have to do complete information about that currency, you have to see how much profit it can give, for how much time you can also watch youtube videos related to crypto And you can also do a Google search, where you will get to see a lot of information related to it. What is Cryptocurrency?

Precautions while buying Cryptocurrency?

Whenever you buy through crypto app, before you do all the information related to that app, see its rating and also read the comments given in it so that you do not buy crypto currency through any wrong apps which is fraud with you. Let it be
When buying crypto currency, buy the right currency carefully and be aware of its risk, even a small mistake can give you loss.
Before buying crypto, you must analyze the price of that currency online, whether this currency is not going down for a long time and do complete information about whatever currency you are buying.
Before investing in any currency, do complete information through online offline medium.
The sooner the crypto currency gives you profit, the sooner it can harm you, you also have to remember here.

How to earn money with crypto currency?

Start investing in crypto currency, which can prove to be beneficial for you.
Keep doing market research, as soon as the price of a coin is low, try to buy it immediately and sell it immediately when the price is high.
Research the market, which crypto currency can be more low and buy it only after it is as low as possible so that you can make more profit.
After buying crypto currency, leave it completely for some time, but keep an eye on it, if the price is too low, then never sell it.
Invest money in different cryptocurrencies, do not take risk by buying only one currency.
Never be in a hurry, if you have bought crypto currency, then give it as much time as possible so that you can get a chance to take more profit.
In the beginning of bitcoin, it had no value, but in today’s time its value is in millions of dollars, so it is difficult to predict in advance how high this currency can go.
Buy as many different cryptocurrencies as you can so that you can benefit from the rising currency and hold the currency that is going down.
Benefits of holding crypto currency?

You will get to see many benefits of keeping crypto currency.

The biggest advantage of holding crypto currency is that you become an investor.
Cryptocurrency is a digital, in which the possibility of fraud is very less.
If you have more money, you can easily invest in it because crypto currency booms very fast which can make you rich.
In today’s time, there are many crypto wallets available, due to which you can shop online, the transaction of money has become very simple.
You can hide black money through crypto currency, which is a very simple solution.
The transaction of crypto currency is based on the black chain, so it is completely secure.
It is easy to shop with crypto , so you can pay the largest amount at once.
Transactions can be done very easily from one country to another through cryptocurrency.
Crypto can make you rich very quickly.
Large transactions can be done through crypto without coming in the eyes of the government because there is no accounting for it.

Disadvantages of Cryptocurrency?

In whatever we benefit, there is definitely some loss in it, today we will give you information that what are the disadvantages you can get from crypto currency which are as follows-

Bitcoin reached $17000 in 2018 and its price fell to $7000 within just 1 month, so it is not necessary that crypto will make you a millionaire. Pauper has also become a power.
You can report to the police if your internet banking or home is stolen, but you do not get any such facility in crypto currency.
Although crypto is safe, but if your laptop mobile gets hacked then you can be harmed because for this the government has not made any rules so far, nor is there any agency by which you can file a complaint.
Crypto is not legal in every country as well as it is not accepted everywhere, so you cannot use it everywhere.
If your hard drive crashes or a virus gets into your wallet file, you could end up with a crypto like bitcoin that could make you bankrupt.
Countries where cryptocurrency is legal?

Crypto is not recognized legally in our country India, but there are some countries in the world where crypto is seen as a legal currency, which is this-

United States of America
The European Union
United Kingdom

This is the country in the world where crypto have been given legal recognition, here the government demands them legal and no action of any kind is taken.

Is Crypto Currency Legal in India?

Till now the Indian government has not accepted crypto currency as a legal currency. No concrete rules and regulations have been made regarding crypto currency in India. Government will have to pay tax.

By the way, the Indian government has not accepted crypto currency as a legal currency, soon the Indian government is going to launch a crypto, only after that detailed information about crypto can be found. After this, you can get complete information about how much tax will have to be paid on crypto, and whether it is legal or not.