How to Build Your Engine Oil Brand & earn 10 lakh rupees every month/

If you have your own brand in the bike engine oil business, then you can earn money as per your wish. There are many benefits to having your own brand

If you are thinking of starting a bike engine oil business or you have been doing bike oil business for a long time, then you should create your own bike engine oil brand, how will you do this, today we are going to tell you in this blog |

How to make bike engine oil brand-

Whenever we start any business and if we ourselves are the manufacturer of that business or we get that goods ready from somewhere, then we can decide what should be the quality of that product as well as what price it should be in the market. must be sold in

What should be the name of your brand, what should be the brand box, everything you have to see, now we give you complete information step by step, how you can create your own bike oil brand.

Find bike engine oil manufacturer-

Whenever we start a new business, we do not need to start a business by investing more money, but if we make our own brand and put our own manufacturing, then we have to invest more money.

If you want to get BIKE ENGINE OIL ready for your brand then you should adopt that simple and easy way so that you do not have to invest much money and you can start any business in a good way.

Search for online manufacturing-

When you are looking to create your own plan for BIKE OIL, you will need to find an engine oil manufacturer that manufactures bike oil.

You can find out which company is manufacturing BIKE  OIL by doing a Google search. You will find many engine oil manufacturing companies, you have to find any one of these companies which is manufacturing a good engine oil. If you are having trouble finding the engine oil company, then you can follow the second step.

You have to know in your area that which is the engine oil company that is giving good engine oil, so that there is no complaint in bike engine oil, you have to find any such company. And for this type of information, you can talk to the bike mechanic about the engine oil running in your area and get information about which bike engine oil is good which comes in local quality, you can give this information very easily to the mechanic. give |

Because bike mechanics are pouring oil into the bike every day, they know this information in a better way that which BIKE OIL is good.

Conversation with bike engine oil company-

You will have to go to the company whose bike oil you have liked, by going there you will talk to the manager with the owner of that company. You need to tell them that you want to build your brand.

You have to do only one thing while talking to the company that you want to buy their oil, at what price they can give you oil. can give

Any company, it wants to sell its oil, you do not buy its box, but it does not matter, it only has to sell its oil and you are buying engine oil of that company, then that company is ready to give you bike OIL. will be

Looking for name for bike engine oil-

When you are creating your BIKE OIL brand then you have to find a brand name which is unique and is very simple and easy to remember which people can remember. Must have a brand name.

Bike oil name people looking for-

You must have seen 1 person on each engine oil box, which gives a lot of information about the company.

That’s why you also have to prepare 1 people who you will use with your brand name, the more beautiful your people, the easier it will be for you to pursue your business.

Looking for a compartment for –

You want to get your brand ready, so you have to find an engine oil box of your choice, in which you can fill the oil and give it to the customer. You have to buy the box which looks best to you.

Looking for stickers for bike oil-

When you find the box, you have to get a sticker prepared on the basis of the same box which you have to paste on both the sides of the box as you see on the bike engine oil box available in the market.

This sticker should be very beautiful and good to look because what you see is what sells so even if the company name logo on your box is very beautiful and nice to look at then people will like to buy your oil so it should give you a lot of thought to do tax

BIKE OIL’s business depends on how well you have prepared the look of your box and the color of your sticker, if people like it then surely your brand will be successful in the market and if once your brand If you are successful then you earn very good money.

Build your own brand of bike engine oil-

You have found your brand name sticker people, now you have to talk to the company that makes engine oil that you pack their oil in this box, you will prepare all the materials and give them. The company will prepare your oil and give it to you, this is the easiest and simplest way but there is another simple way by which you can easily create your brand.

You have to talk to the company that you are preparing your brand, you should give your name and logo to that company so that that company will start giving you bike oil by making stickers with your name and people, in this you will not have much trouble because all The preparation will be done by the company itself, in this you may find oil a little expensive because you have only told the name and logo of the company, the rest of the work is to be done by the same company.

Another way is that you can buy loose engine oil from the company and put some boys at your house and pack the bike engine oil and sell it in the market because you have already prepared the sticker box, so you have already ordered it. All you have to do is buy loose engine oil from the company, pack it in a box and sell it in the market.

Registration and GST –

When BIKE OIL will create your own brand, before that you have to register your brand, this is necessary because you are starting a business, you need your own separate brand name, so you have to register under which brand name. Want to register

And you will need GST to do business because you will buy oil from outside and sell other customer to wholesaler, so you will also have to take GST, you have to buy goods on GST and sell goods on GST only.

Both these process are very easy, you have to find CA in your place who will apply for brand name registration as well as help you to take GST. When you do business, you have to give details of whatever sales will be there every month, then you can do this through the same CA that you will have to do all this through how much goods you have bought and how much goods you have sold.