Create Amazon Seller Accounts in Just 5 Minutes/ how to make amazon seller/

Create Amazon Seller Accounts in Just 5 Minutes/ how to make amazon seller/ Today’s time is online time, at this time whatever you want to buy and sell, everything happens online, it is easier to sell goods online than offline market and it also has more profit.

Many people are doing business by opening an online shop in today’s time, if you also want to earn more money, then you have to enter the online market from the offline market, for this you have to first create your account on the online site, how this account is created today We are going to give you similar information.

How do you create an account on Amazon, as well as what documents do you need to create an account, what product do you need to start an online business and how is it made, today let’s discuss this and you give detailed information.

 How to create amazon seller account?

To create an amazon seller account, you have to search on google, amazon seller, as soon as you search it, you will find amazon written on the first or second number, you have to click on it.

Now a new page will open on which you will get start selling and log in written in which you have to click, you can click on any of the two, you reach the same page.

Now you have reached a login page, here you have to login or you will see an option at the bottom, which will be written on Create account, if you have already created an account on Amazon, you can login with the same account and the same The account can be made an Amazon seller account.

You have to login to Amazon account and come to the next page.

Amazon Seller Account/ Register  and start selling –

Now you reach a new page, here you get the top written register and start selling and some information is not filled below it.

For example, company name, if your firm is registered in the name of a company, then you will enter its name or you have to enter the name with which you want to register yourself on Amazon, you have to tick on the seller agreement below and continue Click on

Now you have reached a new page, here you will get to see four options

  1. phone verification-

2. Seller Verification-

3. Tax details-

4. Dashboard-

5. amazon seller accounts phone verification-

To register amazon seller, first you have to verify your phone number, below you will see a column where you have to enter your mobile number and click on send sms, you will get an OTP and your number will be verified. Your Amazon Seller Registration First Step Completed.

Amazon seller account / Amazon seller verification [ information ] –

Under amazon seller information option, you have to first enter the store name, this name should be unique and no one has already registered on amazon, for this you enter any name of your choice and click on check ability if it If no one has already taken the name, then with the same name, your Amazon Store name becomes.

Below this you will get the option of Select Product Category 1, here under which category you want to sell your product, you have to choose that category.

After this, the option of inter address will be seen below, if you have already created an account on Amazon, then you can get to see that address below and if it has not been created then you have to submit your complete address below.

When you verify your address, you will get an option called Shoes 10 Shipping Method. Here you need to pay a little attention. You are getting to see the option in which way you want to shop for your product, here you will see three ways.

Fulfillment by amazon [FBA] –
Amazon easy ship –
Self ship-

 Fulfillment by amazon [FBA] –

Amazon by Fulfillment means that if you want to sell your product on Amazon, then you have to keep your product in Amazon’s warehouse. As soon as the order is received here, Amazon itself packs that product and delivers that product to that customer.

Who has placed that order, you do not have to do any kind of work, only your product has to be delivered to the Amazon seller warehouse, Amazon itself packs that product, gives it to the courier service and courier service delivers that product to the customer. |

Amazon Easy ship-

Amazon AG Ship is a courier service facility of Amazon itself, under which Amazon courier company contacts you within 2 to 5 hours of receiving your order and sends you forward to take that product to that customer.

In this process, as soon as you get the order, you have to pack that product, you have to put stickers, remove the bill, as well as arrange for the box, foil tab, etc., when you become an Amazon seller.

Amazon Seller Account / Amazon Self ship-

Inside Amazon Self Shiv, you have to deliver the product on your own, there are many dealers who feel that Amazon is charging more delivery charges than them, then they themselves contact a courier company and send their product through that courier company to that customer. deliver to

Here you have to do all the work like arranging foil for packing, arranging stickers, arranging tape, arranging courier company, everything you have to do, you will get only order from AMAZON SELLER’s side.

Within these three options, you can select whichever option you like, and according to your PIN CODE, which option is working for you, you can proceed by clicking on whatever option you like. Have to click on Next.

Amazon seller TEX Information-

To become an Amazon seller, you have been given some points here, which you have to fill correctly, as you will see at the top, you have to fill your state, in whichever state you live, you select it, after that whatever your legal Name is

Here you will fill the name with which you have your Aadhar card, after that you have to fill the GST number and at the bottom you have to enter your PAN card number.

If any details are not available with you like if you do not have PAN card or GST number then you can proceed by clicking on I Will Update Letter.

But unless you enter GST number and PAN card number in your account, your salary account will not be activated.

So whenever you register for Amazon seller you must apply for GST number and PAN card number.

Amazon Seller Dashboard-

Now you have reached the last stage of amazon seller accounts, here you do not have to fill some special information like-

Products to sell-

Under this option, you have to give information about the product you want to sell by becoming an amazon seller account, you can list any product you want to sell here.

Or if that product is already present on this site, then you can also select it, you get both these options only by clicking on it.

If your product is not already listed by any seller, then you yourself will list it here and you will have to give complete information about that product, its photo etc.

Amazon Shipping Fee Details-

Like you just saw back, Amazon, Easy Shift Under this option, if you get your product delivered from Amazon, then it will charge to deliver your product in local, ₹ 27 for your state, ₹ 45 for delivery in your state and national all over India The charge for delivering the product anywhere is ₹ 65. Weight up to 500 grams.

Below you are getting to see another option in which if you have to take shipping charge separately from the customer, then you can fill here how much you have to pay to deliver in local, how much to do national and if you have to pay delivery charge free. want to keep

And if you want to add this charge to the product, then you will go ahead with this option by clicking on Offer Free Shipping Charge.

Bank account details-

Now you have to enter your bank account details on the third number. In the account in which you want to take your money, you have to enter the account type, account number, name, after filling everything, you have to enter the IFC code below and click on save.

Tax details for amazon seller accounts-

If you have entered your tax details while creating amazon seller accounts, then you do not have to enter anything here, otherwise you have to enter your name, GST number and PIN number here and click on save and then you reach the next option.

Default product Tax Code for amazon seller accounts-

You have to enter the default product tax code, now many of you probably do not know what it is, this is the tax that the government takes on your product, like some products have 0% tax, some are 3% tax, some are 3% are |

5 percent, some 18 percent and some 28 percent GST have to be paid, then how much tax is being charged on your product, you have to put it here, you have to tell how much percent tax is on your product.

Signature for amazon seller accounts-

Now you will get to see the last option, here you have to sign, to sign, you can either sign on a paper and take a photo of it and put it here or there is an option on your mobile or phone too, through that option you sign. can |

Now you will get to see the option below, on which it will be written that you want loan and business if you have entered all the above details correctly then your Amazon seller account will go for verification. And after verification, your account will be approved.

If you have entered any information wrong then your Amazon seller account will not be verified and you will have to re-enter the information given in your account and send it again for verification.

So in this way you can create your seller account on Amazon and start your business.