How to start Salt wholesale Business & What is the cost profit in salt business?

How to start Salt wholesale Business & What is the cost profit in salt business?

How to start Salt Business? What is the cost profit in salt business? The scientific name of salt is sodium chloride. Salt is one such substance, which we use every day. It is used in every home. Its demand remains everywhere at all times, it is the only product in the world whose demand can never decrease, no matter what time it is.

If there is no vegetable in the house, then the work will be done, but without Namak, the work is not going to work. Therefore, if you start a salt business, then it can prove to be a very good business, you can also take a lot of profit in it.

How to start salt business?

To start a salt business, you will have to make some preparations in advance, you will have to take information about who is doing salt business in your area. How long is he doing this, how is he supplying salt in the market. After knowing this information, you can start this business in this way-

Find a Warehouse for Salt Wholesale Business-

Whenever you start Namak’s wholesale business, before that you have to find a Godown  of at least 2000 square feet. Because salt has to be bought in large quantities, you get it on a tonne basis, not a kg or packet.

So whenever you start this business, before that you should arrange a long wide godown.

You also have to keep in mind that the truck can easily reach the place where you are taking the warehouse. Any type of vehicle can go there anytime, you will have to make such arrangements. And there should also be a provision for parking the car.

Salt business Arrange labor for salt business-

Whenever you are starting the salt business, then you have to take Godown in such a place in advance, where you can get the liver very easily. Because in this business, whatever salt packets you will come from outside, labor will be required to unload and load them from the truck, you cannot do this work alone.

In the initial days, you should arrange for at least two laborers if not more. After that when your work starts running properly. If you feel that now I have to increase more workers, then you can do more or less according to the work later.

Found from a nearby salt wholesaler-

Before starting namak ka wholesale business, you should meet the salt dealer located in your area. By doing this, you can get information from where he is buying salt, at the rate he is buying salt, this information is very important for you.

Mostly it has been seen that if you try to get any kind of information from the wholesaler near you, then he either refuses to give you the information, or even gives it, then gives wrong information, But you are starting a business.

At such a time, even the smallest information can be of great use to you, so whenever you start a business, try it once. That he should also give you some good information about the business of salt.

Take orders before starting business-

When you are starting salt business, then you should meet small and big shopkeepers of your area, tell them that you are starting salt wholesale business. Whatever salt you are buying, we will make less price than that. Can give you salt, if you order me now.

The shopkeeper will tell you the price at which he is buying salt from another dealer. You are a beginner, you have to create a customer, so you have to promise to deliver the goods at a price less than that price, what is the number of goods needed from that party, etc. etc. in a diary.

By doing this, when you will start the business, you will know in advance, all the goods you are ordering now, to which shop you have to send it immediately, this will be the first victory of your business.

Salt wholesale market-

namak ka wholesale market It is very necessary to search for this business, if you are doing wholesale business of salt, then you will have to buy salt from wholesale market itself \  As you all know, the largest cultivation of salt is in Gujarat. It happens, Gujarat alone produces 70% of the salt produced in India.

There are also some districts in Gujarat, where salt is produced the most, whenever you start a business, you must visit this market manually once. By doing this, you can meet the big wholesalers of salt there, you can also buy and sell salt as per your requirement

Salt producing states in India-

Following are the states producing NAMAK in India Salt producing districts in Gujarat-

Khar Ghoda, Bhavnagar, Porbandar and Rann are the major salt producing districts in Gujarat, where more than 70 percent of India’s salt production is produced.

Salt production in Tamil Nadu-

Tamil Nadu ranks second in the place of salt production in India. Here Ramanathapuram, Nagapatnam, Villupuram and Kancheepuram are the major salt producing districts. Tamil Nadu accounts for 12% of India’s salt production.

Salt production in Rajasthan-

Sambhar Salt Lake in Rajasthan produces 8% of India’s salt. Sambhar Salt Lake is the largest salt lake of Rajasthan and the largest saline lake in India as well as a lake of international importance.

Apart from this, two to three percent of salt is produced in Maharashtra Andhra Pradesh Orissa Karnataka West Bengal Daman Diu Goa even today.

Which salt to buy for salt business-

Before doing salt business, we had informed you above that if you are starting a business, then first of all you have to understand your market, you have to know what type of salt is in demand in your market.

whole Salt Business-

This is the salt that comes straight out of the fields and comes to the market, this salt is in high demand in the village area, here people use less ground salt if they need salt for money.

They like to grind it at home, if you want to do salt business at such a place, then you can buy standing salt from the market and start business. It will have any brand name in it only in plain sack but salt is sold in the market.

ground salt-

This is the NAMAK that comes out of the fields and goes directly to the factory and there it is cleaned and dried and ground, after which it is filled in small packets and sold in the market, this salt is 2 times more expensive than standing salt. is in the wholesale market.

Iodine is also added to this salt, which does not cause goitre disease and this is a deadline issued by the government which everyone has to follow. Salt has to be bought from the factory itself.

Where to buy salt in wholesale-

When you start salt business, then you have bought salt directly from farmers, then you will get more profit, for this it would be better for you to meet the farmers of Gujarat, from there you will get good salt at a low price, which you will get at double profit in your market. Can sell easily.

You will get profit in this business only when you buy salt either from direct factory or buy it from farmers. The farmers cultivating salt can give you salt at the least price, which you can bring from there and sell it at a higher price in the market.

Wholesale price of salt-

If you talk about the wholesale price of NAMAK, then you can get it at a very low price, if you are buying goods directly from farmers or from Gujarat, then you can get salt in Gujarat from ₹ 200 to ₹ 250 per ton.

And this is what if you want to buy ground salt, then you can get this salt iodized mixed packaged salt ₹ 2 per kg from the factory.

Which transport to use for salt?

Before starting salt business, you have to do some preparation and in the same preparation you have to prepare for transport. is |

Because NAMAK is a very heavy and bulk purchase product, so you will have to order salt either by full truck or by train, so whenever you start business, before starting the business, do complete information about the transport.

If you order salt by train, then it can cost you a lot, whereas if you order goods by truck, it can cost you a lot, so whenever you start business, take special care of transport that how you get salt in your place. is |

How much profit is there in salt business-

As you know that salt is available for ₹ 250 per turn, according to this you are getting 25 to 30 paise per kg of salt and if you add ₹ 3 per kg of transport charge to it, then it is costing you ₹ 3 30 paise.

Now you can add profit to it at the rate of 50 paise only, whichever shopkeeper you sell salt to, you will sell it only on the basis of per ton and not on the basis of kilo, in this way you can earn ₹ 1000 from a shopkeeper if If you give goods to 10 shopkeepers in 1 day, then you can calculate according to ₹ 10000 per day and see how much profit you are taking for the month.