Dry Coconut Business / Dry Coconut Wholesale Business & Wholesaler/

Dry Coconut Business / Dry Coconut Wholesale Business & Wholesaler/

Dry Coconut Business By Starting Earned More Than ₹ 2 Lakh Every Month/- Coconut business can lift you from the ground and sit in the sky, there is so much money in this business that you cannot even imagine.

To start this business, you need to think with your mind, not only money. To do this business, you can earn maximum money even by investing minimum money, it is very easy and simple.

Most of the businesses earn more money than expected, but we never think about those business, this type of business is coconut business, to start this business, you just follow some steps and you will see how well your business is doing. You are getting a lot of orders every day and you are also earning very good money from those orders.

If you want to start coconut business then you should first know where to buy coconut, which is the biggest coconut wholesale market and where can one get coconut at low price?

How to start dry coconut business?

When we think of starting a business, then we are very confused in the initial days that how to start this business, sometimes we do not get wholesale market, sometimes we do not get wholesalers, sometimes we do not get customers to sell.

If you start the business of dry coconut, then you can follow the following steps for this –

Gather information about –

Before starting dry coconut business, you should do complete information about coconut. Where are the wholesaler shopkeepers in your area bringing dry coconut and at what price are those shopkeepers getting dry coconut from that market?

All the shopkeepers who are wholesalers in your area buy dry coconut of what quality they are selling in your market. It is very important to do this complete information before starting your business and especially do not forget to take information about quality at all because this is the basic mantra of success.

When you have started identifying the quality, have information about the rate and understand the market in detail, after that you have to take the second step.

dry coconut wholesale market?

Searching for dry coconut wholesale market should be your second step now you have to see where is the dry coconut coming from your area it is coming from Kerala is coming from Karnataka is coming from Goa Or coming from Gujarat.

If you want to buy dry coconut at a low price, then you must definitely see the market of Kerala Karnataka, here you get dry coconut at the lowest price.

The area from where dry coconut is coming to you, you must go there once and understand the market there, see the quality, after that you should also visit once in the second wholesale market of dry coconut.

Even there, after knowing about the quality and rate, you can start your business from where you like the low quality rate.

coconut quality?

To start coconut business, you should have at least 2 to 3 quality. There is a demand for different quality of coconut in each region, if you have already understood your market, then you will not face any problem in testing the quality and buying it.

Even then, when you are starting a business, you will have to keep at least 2 parties to make the market according to you, in which one quality will be very good and the other quality may be slightly lighter than that.

When you go to the market to sell dry coconut, then you can decide the rate according to you by showing two quality and if you have goods of same quality then you may face trouble in bargaining

Therefore, when you buy dry coconut, then you must buy a medium size one small size 2 size so that you will not face any kind of problem.

dry coconut price?

The price of dry coconut is always lower and higher, despite this, if you see the difference in the price of Karnataka and Kerala, then at least you will see a difference of up to ₹ 2000 per quintal. Price is very less.

By looking at the screenshot which we are showing you above, you can know for yourself that how much is the difference in the price of dry coconut in the market of Karnataka and Kerala.

Where to buy dry coconut-

As we have given you information above that you should buy Drive Coconut Direct from Kerala or Karnataka but you are just starting out, your budget is not that much to order dry coconut in such quantity from Kerala or Karnataka.

Then you should adopt the easiest and simplest way, for this first you should search Google Dry Coconut Wholesaler – After this you will get to see many results, you can click on them to get all the information and understand which dealer At what rate is the wholesaler ready to deliver the quantity of goods?

You have to note down the complete phone number address address of the dealer with whom you interact in a diary, after that you must go to the address mentioned by him and meet him once, only after that you start dealing with drive coconut.

By doing this, the chances of online fraud with you will be very less.

If there are advantages to ordering goods online, then there are also some disadvantages, so whenever you search for a wholesaler by searching Google or visiting any website, then it should be your first task to get complete information about that wholesale.

GST Registration-

When you go to start a business of coconut and order goods from outside, then it is very important to take GST, because of this you do not face any problem in transporting the goods and there is no extra cost in GST, just some registration fee. By paying which you can take GST.

Whenever you start the business of dry coconut, then you must get the GST registration done before starting the business.

Cost of dry coconut business?

To start this business, you can start this business with minimum money, for this, you can contact the dealer by searching online the method mentioned in the beginning.

To start this business, you must arrange at least ₹ 50000 in the beginning, after that when you feel that you can do this business completely, then you can invest in it from 5 to 1000000 rupees. Start this business

In the beginning, only order goods as a sample, try running that goods in your market, if you are able to do dry coconut business properly, then you should order the goods again and take this business forward.