Chilli Powder Wholesale business & wholesale market

Red Chili Powder Wholesale business Earn more than ₹ 100000 per month/Who does not know the taste of red chili, every kitchen is incomplete without it, on the basis of changing times, the business of red chili powder is going on very loudly in today’s time.

If you also start the business of Red Mirchi powder, then you can earn a lot, how will you start this business, what products will you need to start this business and how will it be sold in the market. We will sell all the information in this post, we will give you-

Where to buy red chilli for red chili powder-

If you are starting a business of lal mirch powder, then you have to decide in the beginning from what level you want to start your business, in the beginning you are just taking trial or else you can start this business from some big level. Starting like-

Red Chilli Powder Business Trial Face-

Before starting chilli powder business, you must try once, sometimes we start a business and do not succeed in it and if we have invested large amount of money in that business.

Then you may suffer loss which may not be good, so when you are doing trial then you should buy red chilli from your nearest market which is wholesale market,

For this you do not need to go to any big wholesale market when you think that you can do red chilli business and you need more profit in it then you can stop for any big market.

Contact in the market –

When you are trialling chilli powder business then you do not need to take any kind of machine, in the beginning you can bring standing red chillies and go to a nearby factory to get it powdered.

Because this is your trial phase right now, so you do not have to pay attention to your profit in the beginning, you have to pay attention only and only on how to start the business and for this you can get powdered red chilli powder made anywhere.

Arrange packing machine for chilli powder

When you are in trial phase of red chilli then you do not need to get any kind of big machine, you can get any packing machine available in ₹ 1000 which is also available in your local market.

You can buy online from any site like Amazon Flipkart and manually pack your spices at home and sell them in the market, this is the easiest and simplest way.

Arrangement of polythene for packing –

To pack red chilli powder, you will have to buy polythene from the market, you will have to buy it in different sizes which should be 50 grams, 100 grams, 200 grams and 500 grams of 1 kg size, in the beginning, if you want, your polythene is of plain white color. No problem, only the quality of polythene should be good, which should not be torn while packing.

Stickers for packing red pepper powder-

After you have prepared by packing red chili powder in polythene, after that a sticker should also be put on your polythene.

On which your name is branded, on which date it was packed, that should be the date as well as the MRP and the address of where you live, you have to get all these things marked on that sticker, after all this your red chili powder is ready for sale Now you can sell it in the market in a very easy way.

Keeping a Selling Boy for Red Chilli Powder Selling-

Now you will need a guy for selling chilli powder powder who can go to the market and sell your packed chillies in the market, this is your last stop.

When you are satisfied that you can now do red chilli powder business on a large scale and you are ready for it, then you should take the second step to take this business forward.

Red chili powder business on a large scale-

Only after the trial phase of red chilli powder is completely successful, you should consider setting up a red chilli industry.

In our country, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, etc. are such provinces where red chillies are produced in large quantities, you can grow your business by bringing red chillies from here at the least cost.

Buy machine for red chilli industry-

chilli powder To start the business on a large scale, you will need a machine that can powder the red chillies brought by you very well, this is a very crucial step.

Because if the machine brought by you is not making good quality powder, the color of the chili is getting down, then your hard work can be ruined, so whenever you go to buy a machine for red chili powder, you are being made by it. Do check the red chili powder once.

Buy Packing Machine –

To do this red chilli business on a large scale, you will need a packing machine which will be automatic, you just have to put raw material in it and your packing becomes automatic. When you buy packing machine, people who already use packing machine. are |

Make sure to check its brand once, because if your packing machine does not pack red chilli powder properly, then the shopkeepers will consider your quality lightly and they will not order you again, so whatever your packing is, it should be clean. Yes and good to see.

Build your own distributor in every market-

When you will do chilli powder business on a large scale, then you will also have to make your own distributor in each market who can sell your goods in the surrounding area, for this you will also have to hire a marketing manager who will go to the green area and appoint a distributor. |

This is very important if you want to take your business forward, along with you can also hire sales boy but it is very important for you to have marketing manager distributor for every area if you want to take this business forward.

Prepare scheme and offer list

In order to take your business to the heights, you should prepare the distributors you have created by talking to your marketing manager, how to screen them by luring them with offers and schemes.

Because in today’s time no business runs without an offer scheme, from time to time they need your scheme very much, so whenever you start red chili powder business, before that you must think about all these things once.