how to open Hero service center & Shop/

how to open Hero service center & Shop/

how to open Hero service center/You can earn very well by opening Hero Bike Service Center, this business is the number one business of today’s time.

You will see in the market that the bike is the only bike and if any bike is seen the most, then it is the hero bike and you can take advantage of it.

Today we will know through this blog post that how you can open a Hero service center, how much money will be required to open a service center and which is the easy and simple way by which you can start a Hero service center in your area.

How to open Hero Service Center?

Wherever you live in your area, you can earn lakhs of rupees sitting at home by opening a service center, to start this business it is not necessary that you go somewhere far from your home and start this business. Do this business where you live.

Wherein this business can be started anywhere. Center can be opened in a very easy and simple way. There are two easy and simple ways to open Hero Service Center such as-

Authorized  Hero Service Center
Unauthorized  Service Center

First of all let’s talk about Hero Authorized Service Center how you can open Hero Authorized Service Center and how much money will be required to start this business-

Authorized Hero Service Center –

It is very easy and simple to open a hero bike service center, for this you have to first visit the official website of Hero to see where there are Hero service centers in your area and for which place the requirement of authorized service center is now. is |

When you search on Hero’s official website, you will get all this information there, apart from this, the other way is that you can go to the service center located in your district and talk to the owner of the service center in your area. You can open Hero Service Center and for those who open Service Center, you have to go through some term and condition.

Fixed amount investment – 

Whenever you take an authorized service center, you have to pay a certain amount and in the form of this amount, you are given Hero parts and Hero bikes to be kept at your service center.

Whenever you start a service center, before that you have to spend a huge amount in the construction of your service center, which is very high if you open a hero auto repair shop once, after that you start earning. It becomes

Hero Parts Agreement-

Whenever you open a bike service center, you sign an agreement and ensure that you will only use Hero’s authorized park at your service center, apart from this,

if you use parts from any other company then you are Hero You are not entitled to the service center and the ownership of the Authorized Service Center can be taken away from you.

hero bike agreement

When you open an authorized service center, then some bikes are given to you to keep at your service center, you can sell these bikes at your service center and get very good profit when you have bikes at your service center. Will also service

And if there is some defect in them, you will also repair it, in this way you can authorize auto repair shop by doing Hero bike agreement.

How much does it cost to open a Hero Service Center?

There are different expenses in opening a hero service center everywhere, if you are living in a city and opening a service center there, then you will have to spend a lot of money for the place you will buy.

If you are living in a town, then you will have to pay very less bike price, as well as if you are opening a service center on the side of a highway, you will have to spend a lot of money there too.

In this way, 30 to 40 lakh rupees are spent in opening a hero bike service center, but it can be less or more depending on the place and area.

Investment to keep bikes-

When you are ready by making a service center, you also have to invest a lot to keep the bike in that service center, all the hero bikes you keep at your bike service center, deposit all the money in your company in advance. falls.

Only then the company sends Hero bikes for you, then it depends on you that how many bikes you want to keep in your service center, yet the company has some term and condition that how many bikes you have to keep, when you do this agreement. It just gets signed.

Investments to own Hero Parts

When you open a service center then you also have to spend a certain amount for keeping Hero parts which can range from 500000 to 1000000 rupees and this amount is same for every place.

This amount may increase. But it cannot be reduced because the number of types of bikes you have to keep at your  bike service center, so you have to spend this amount only while opening the service center.

Total cost to open an auto repair shop-

If you open a hero service center, now you can assume an expense of at least 1 crore rupees by adding all the expenses because there are many expenses in opening a hero bike service center which are not visible before but when you visit this service center. When you start, you feel

That I had not already included these expenses like arranging lift for service center, arranging tools to open nut bolts etc. arranging mechanic for service center and many such labels have to be kept.

Which is useful in cleaning the bike and keeping your service center clean

2.Unauthorized Service Center-

Anyone can open this service center anywhere, to open this hero service center, neither you need any certificate of hero nor you have to sign any agreement whenever you consider that you need service center to open you can open.

To open it, you just have to complete some process, what is the challenge you will face to open this type of service center and how you can open it in a very simple way, we will give you all such information. are going to give in this post.

Before starting a business, you must understand the business once so that you do not have any problem later because half-incomplete information is always dangerous.

Location Selection –

Location is very important in which type of service center, if you choose the location calmly and very thoughtfully, then you can earn very well from this business because when you selected the location.

You thought that here many bikers can come to us, we will get to service this type of bike, there is a lot of crowd here, this road has come out, people coming out of this road, get service at our service center Will definitely come and this is the market, according to the market, you select the service center location.

Mechanic Arrangement – 

To open this service center you will need a mechanic which you can find anywhere from the market and it is very easy and simple because any mechanic who is working anywhere more than the amount you get from there. Will ask to make payment

Then he will be ready to come to you. But whenever you select a mechanic, then you have to take a lot of care that the mechanic you are bringing to your service center, he should do the work of service and repair of every type of bike. Come and he is perfect in his work Don’t keep half incomplete mechanic on your workshop when you are starting your workshop.

Keeping parts as prescribed by mechanic

When you will open the service center and you have arranged for the mechanic, then you can keep the parts specified by the same mechanic at your service center. For this, you should talk to your mechanic and get information about which bikes are running the most in your area.

You can buy the same bike parts and start the business by keeping them at your service center. But when you buy auto parts then you must keep in mind that you should have original quality and low quality parts. Can ruin your business, so whenever you buy auto parts, you have to buy original.


In this service center, you can start with only ₹ 500000, if you want, business can be started with less than this amount, but the minimum amount should be 500000 so that your service center has all kinds of parts which are running.

It seems more, if you invest more amount than this, then you will also get the benefit of it because your money invested in it never decreases, it keeps on increasing day by day.


While opening a bike service center, you have to face some risk because the mechanic you have arranged can leave you at any time, so whenever you start this business, always keep talking to one or two mechanics.

Because if ever your first mechanic leaves you then the second mechanic should be ready to come to you if you will not have a mechanic at your service center then you cannot run the service center so all you have to keep in mind is that at your service center Must be a mechanic that too a very good mechanic.