Mehndi Wholesale Business/ Where to Buy the Cheapest Mehndi/

Mehndi Wholesale Business/ Where to Buy the Cheapest Mehndi/

Mehndi Wholesale Business/Where to Buy the Cheapest Mehndi/ Mehndi is a big business in this country of festivals, is it not true that in India any festival like Raksha Bandhan, Diwali or marriage or any auspicious work, all these remain incomplete without mehndi,

Although the use of mehndi has been going on since the mythological period, but in today’s time, the form of mehndi has completely changed, in today’s time, the mehndi which is applied in the hands is less natural, in today’s time. In this chemical mix mehndi market is getting more and more sale, which leaves its color in hands as quickly as possible.

How to do Mehndi Wholesale Business-

To start Mehndi business, you have to follow some steps, and you can start Mehndi business in a very simple way, in this business the cost is very low, and the profit is very high,

Due to the demand in the market, your mehndi can be sold more and more, you start the business of mehndi. You have to follow this process –

Mehndi wholesale market-

In today’s time no one uses green mehndi, that’s why you get dry mehndi very easily in Rajasthan, you can pack this mehndi in small pouch and sell it in your market, main in Rajasthan Main place is mainly Mehndi Jaipur Ajmer Bikaner etc.

You can buy mehndi from here If you don’t want to go to Rajasthan, you can also buy mehndi online, you can search on google, contact the wholesalers of mehndi, order goods from them and sell them here. |

Mehndi Wholesale Market Price-

There are two types of mehndi available in the market, one you get dry mehndi, and the other you get wet mehndi which is in the form of a who, which mehndi is more in demand in your market, you buy the same mehndi, we both give you Mehndi is telling the price.

Dry Mehndi- Mehndi Wholesale Business-

You get dry mehndi in the market at a very cheap price, you can buy dry mehndi and sell it by making small pouches and you can also sell this mehndi by making it wet and selling it in the market,

You are buying dray mehndi from wholesale market, it starts from ₹ 130 to ₹ 200, it depends on the market from which market you are buying mehndi, take dray mehndi and make it into small pouches very comfortably You can sell in the market.

wet mehndi-

In today’s time, the trend of wet mehndi has increased very fast in the market, everyone likes to do readymade work, bring it immediately, apply it, wash your hands in a while and get ready, so you can also use it. Take advantage of this, you can get wet mehndi starting from ₹ 2 to ₹ 5, depending on which item you are buying from which wholesaler.

Selling price of Mehndi in local market-

Mehndi business/ Mehndi has different price all over India, it depends on how far you are from wholesale market, if you are buying dry mehndi ₹130/kg  then you will get ₹ 10. Packing charge will also have to be paid.

You will prepare small packets. You will apply the sticker, only then you will take that mehndi for sale in the market, you can sell that finished goods in the market up to ₹ 200/kg.

Who are you buying wet mehndi, then who will get it for ₹ 2, you can sell it in the market for ₹ 5, in this way it will be sold quickly, you can also bring the goods again |

How to sell in Mehndi market-

It is very easy to sell mehndi in the market, as a wholesaler, when you will go to any shop where ladies products are sold, and tell yes about your product, and if your price is right to that shopkeeper If it is, then it will buy goods from you with a guarantee.

Apart from this, you can also sell mehndi at the bangle seller’s shop. And in today’s time ration vendors also sell mehndi. So you can also go to their shop and sell mehndi to them. And if you will also sell at beauty parlor shop. So even there you can easily fail Mehndi.
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When to start mehndi business

Although the demand for Mehndi remains throughout the year, but if you start the business of Mehndi from the month of Sawan, then you will get a lot of orders, apart from this, if the time of marriage is going on, the time when most marriages take place, Even at that time the demand for Mehndi increases.

Mehndi is not only applied by the girl to be married, but also all the friends living with her, if you are starting the business of mehndi from any festive season, starting from the wedding season,

So your chances of being successful are more, if you start business at this time then you will get more and more orders, and you can take the business forward.

How much money is required to start mehndi business?

To start mehndi business, you need only ₹ 5000, with how much money you can start this business, whether you start dry mehndi business, or start liquid mehndi business, both types of mehndi business ₹ 5000 in will start very easily.

Whenever you start a business, always start with little money. Started with more money and if you are not able to sell mehndi in the market. So you cannot withdraw the money which you have invested in this business.

Always start with little money. There is a demand for the product in the market. If you think that I should now invest more money in this business, then only you should invest more money in this business.

How much profit will be in mehndi business-

Whenever we start any business, we definitely think that how much we can earn in a month by starting this business, Mehndi’s business is a very good business, many people are doing it too, if you If you start this business, then you can earn 15 to ₹ 20000 for at least one month very easily.


You can earn 15 to ₹ 20000 a month by doing Mehndi business, but in today’s inflation, it is difficult to run a house with so much money, so if you want to do business with Mehndi as well as some other products that you can sell. are doing, then that’s right

If you want to run the household expenses only with mehndi, it can be difficult for you, so whenever you start mehndi business, you should find two-three more such products along with it.