Bike Indicator How To Start Wholesale Business Easiest Way/

Bike Indicator How To Start Wholesale Business Easiest Way/

How to do indicator wholesale business – Bike indicator business is the best business of today’s time, you must have seen that all the bikes there are four indicators in each bike. You must have seen that sometimes the front indicator breaks, sometimes the rear indicator breaks, only then the left side breaks and sometimes the right side breaks.

Bike indicators are broken the most and when the indicators break, you have to replace them with new indicators which are quite expensive, everyone wants.

That the indicator of his bike never breaks, but due to the fault of all the children, all the bikes fall from the bike and sometimes the indicators break first when the bike collides, so the demand of bike indicator in the market is increasing day by day. If you also start the business of bike indicator, then you can take very good soft.

bike indicator wholesale business-

Bike Indicator Wholesale Price-

bike auto parts business Bike indicators have a price range of 2 to 3 in the market, if you search in the market, you will see that every company has a different rate and there will not be much difference in their quality, some indicators are cheap due to color fade. are |

Some indicators are cheap due to poor quality and some indicators are of good quality and they are flexible so they are very expensive. There are mainly two types of indicators-

Local brand-

There is a local brand indicator in the market which will be found mainly in every shop and this indicator is very cheap and breaks quickly if you buy this indicator from wholesale market like Delhi’s Karol Bagh market here You will get between ₹ 55 sets to ₹ 70 sets, due to different brands and companies, there is a lot of difference in their price range.
But if you take a special look at them, then you will find these indicators almost the same, so if you want to sell the local brand indicator in the market, then you have to buy only on the basis of quality, not on the basis of its price range. If you are better off, run the same local brand in the market so that your indicator gets sold quickly in the market

Original Brand Indicator-

bike auto parts business  This indicator is 2 to 3 times more expensive than the local indicator, but this indicator is Jain One Original Indicator of Bajaj TVS is the best and durable material, it is used once in any saree, it will last for a long time They do not break, even if the car falls by mistake, the indicators do not break in a hurry, but due to this Hindi getter being expensive, everyone does not put cheap indicators in their bike.

But as the original brand indicator, you can also sell the indicator of Minda Switch etc. in the market.

Indicator Wholesale Market-Bike Indicator Wholesale Business-

Bike Indicator Wholesale Market Delhi Karol Bagh You can buy direct goods from here In Karol Bagh you will get every type of indicator that you have to sell in the market Even if a shopkeeper requests a brand from you, you still get the indicator of that brand You can make it available if you are buying an indicator from Delhi Karol Bagh.

How to do wholesale business of bike indicator-

Apart from this, you can also find the wholesaler of the indicator by searching online, you will have to google, in that you will find the manufacture of many indicators, you can sell your eyes by buying direct goods from them and move the business forward and the third way is that You can buy direct goods from your wholesale market, whichever is a big market in your state, and sell it here.

Registration for Indicator Business –

If you are starting the business of bike indicator, then it is mandatory for you to get GST registration before starting the business and you will have to pay 28% GST on the indicator you buy from the market, only then you can buy goods from there and sell from here. To take GST, you have to do CSC registration in your district or you can apply for GST online yourself.

The total cost involved in the indicator business-

To start the indicator business, you will have to spend a certain amount, first you have to get the GST registration, after that you will also have to hire a shop where you can stock your goods when your goods i.e. the indicator will be brought from Delhi for purchase.

So you also need a place to keep it. For that you can hire a shop or keep it at home, apart from this you will have to invest at least ₹ 50000 to buy the indicator, the bike indicator is different for each vehicle. is different.

Hero Vehicle Different Bajaj TVS has different models for every vehicle, so you will have to buy indicators of many models, so you will need at least ₹ 50000 to start this business.


bike auto parts The risk in the bike indicator business is negligible, but still there is a little risk somewhere in the business, if now you are doing the business of bike indicator then you must keep in mind that in your area Which bikes are running, you should bring their own indicators, then it will be better if you bring an indicator of each vehicle which is not running in your area.

The indicator of that vehicle will not be your sale, that stock will always be lying with you, so this is also a risk, if you do not understand your market before starting business, then you may have to suffer loss, so first, understand your market only then only Bike Indicator Start Auto Parts Business.