Rain Card Business Buy ₹ 13 Sell for ₹ 99 start like this/

Rain Card Business Buy ₹ 13 Sell for ₹ 99 start like this/A rain card is a small purse like an ATM card, which you can wear when it is raining, and also protect yourself from getting drenched in water, and the mobile you have, or keep money.

All that you can save from getting drenched in water with the help of this rain card, if you start the business of rain card, then you can take a lot of profit, how to start this business, where to buy complete We are going to give you further information.

how much is the cost of Rain card?

Before starting rain card business, you will have to find a proper wholesale of rain card, and when you find the right wholesaler, if you buy the goods, and sell in the market, then only you will get more profit from the wholesale price rain card in the market.

The price starts from ₹ 13 to ₹ 25, it depends on you that in what quality and for what price you are buying rain card in wholesale rate, the lesser price you buy rain card, the more you benefit You will have to remember this.

At what cost to buy rain card for business-

Before starting the business of rain card, you have to keep in mind that you should not keep the price more than the other wholesalers in your market, to stay in the market you have to keep the price of your rain card low,

but You also have to keep in mind that when you are selling rain card in the market, then you are doing wholesale, or retail, because both will have to sell their product differently.

Selling rain card in wholesale-

If you are only wholesale rain card in your market, then you will have to keep a profit of 5 to ₹ 10 on a rain card, because the next shopkeeper will buy it only when he will get more profit in it, if you do more than this .

If you send the goods to the shopkeeper by taking profit, then he will not buy rain card from you, and he will find some other way from where he can get rain card at a lower price,

so you have to keep in mind that whenever you rain in the market If you are selling cards, then you take profit from ₹ 5 to ₹ 10 on a rain card, if you take less profit, the shopkeeper will buy more goods from you, and will also order you for rain card again and again.

To do business retail selling ?-

If you do the business of rain card in retail, then you can make more profit, because in retail you can sell rain card for ₹ 13, up to ₹ 99, but to sell in retail, you have to sell in your outlet. have to be installed, and where you have to put the outlets is also a matter of concern,

Because where the public comes more, there is a crowded area, such as a petrol pump, super market or main market, standing at such a place and selling rain card, then you can guarantee 50 to 100 pieces per day in 1 day.

And if you are taking a profit of ₹ 70 on a rain card, then you can add yourself to see how much profit can be yours for 1 day, if you do the business of rain card properly. are |

By selling online-

You can also take very good profit by selling rain card business, you have to register on online e-commerce site, from there you will get many orders which you can place from all India, whatever orders you are getting.

those But you can take very good profit by supplying your goods directly, it is very easy to do online business, in this you neither have to take any shop, nor do any extra cost, you can start it from your home.

If you can pack at home, and can also deliver goods from home, then you can also start online business of rain card.

Where to buy Rain Card-

If you are searching for rain card wholesaler, and you can not find any wholesaler, then you can use two easiest way for this, firstly you can also search rain card wholesaler by doing google search, when you google If you search, you will see the contact numbers of many wholesalers and their price list,

1- google search-

-You can directly talk to whichever of your choice, and buy goods from him, but you can also be cheated in careful online shopping, sometimes fake wholesale just leave your contact number on google and you call on him,

he tells you the goods are cheap, but when you put the money in his account, after that his mobile number is switched off, and he never send the goods to you. You have to take care of this too.

Rain card business

Another way is that you can also find out from the wholesale market near you, how much raincard is being available there, if you live in or near Delhi, then you can also go to Delhi’s Sadar Bazar market and get rain from there.

You can buy a card, if you go to the market and buy the goods directly, then you get many options, from which shopkeeper you have to buy the goods, which shopkeeper’s goods you like, what you see with your own hands.

Well, the thing you keep with your eyes is something different, so we would advise you to first go to the market and order the goods once you meet the shopkeeper, this reduces the chances of fraud with you.

card business age limit?

The business of rain card is only 3 to 4 months in a year, when it rains here, at the same time the demand for the card increases in the market, so it cannot be sold throughout the year,

only 4 month business-

If you want to start card business, then you can start, but this business can last only for some time, after that you will have to start another business, and after that thirdly it is a seasonal business, which you may have to change from time to time,

That’s why whenever you make a card business plan, then definitely think once, whether the card is a year-long business, or a business that lasts for a few months or a few months, that business is good, in that business. Profit is also good but it is not always there, you may have to keep looking for another product after selling one product.

Conclusion To do or not to do Rain card business –

From the business point of view, the business of rain card is very good, and due to being new in the market, it is going to be sold soon,

If you are doing any business, then along with that you can also do business of living card, and can take very good profit from it, or you are sitting empty, you do not have any business right now, even then You can start rain card business for some time, and can take profit.

but if you are thinking of doing this business for a long time, and think that it is a year-long business then you are wrong. Can, this business can support you only for 3 to 4 months, after that you will have to find another business, then you can start this business, but along with this you should also keep looking for some other business.