Mini Washing Machine/Portable Washing Machine Business /

Mini Washing Machine/Portable Washing Machine Business /

Portable Washing Machine Business earn from ₹ 5000 per day/By starting the business of portable washing machine, you can take very good profits because it is such a machine that anyone can take it anywhere very easily, very little space is used to keep it.

With the help of portable washing machine, you can wash your clothes very easily in your bucket, friends, this type of machine is very rare in the market, from which you can take such a big advantage in less money, in today’s time, as many washing machines in the market. Their price is very high, not everyone can buy it, that’s why the company has made this type of mini washing machine which everyone can use.

If you have less budget then you can run your work by buying portable washing machine and also if you live alone somewhere and do not get time to do laundry then you can buy it, it will save a lot of your time as well as money. will also save

Advantages of portable Washing Machine-

Portable washing machines are available at a low cost, do not require much space to keep, can prove to be very useful for the students who are studying outside.

Also, those who are doing jobs, living away from home, they have to face a lot of trouble to wash clothes, for them this mini washing machine can prove to be very beneficial,

How to do business –

How can you get more profit by buying at a lower price; For this you have to follow mainly 2 steps such as-

1. where to buy portable washing machine
2. portable washing machine how to sell

Where to buy Portable Washing Machine?

Before starting the business of mini washing machine it is important to take the information of the wholesaler, you should know, who is the wholesaler or manufacturer of the washing machine, what is its price-

HOW TO Find washing machine wholesaler?

You can search for mini washing machine or portable washing machine wholesaler through online medium, from here you will get to see many washing machine wholesalers and manufacturers.

You can do a Google search for this, where you will get to see the list of many portable washing machine wholesalers and manufacturers, apart from this, you can also search for mini washing machine wholesalers by visiting websites like Indiamart.

Search Wholesale Markets?

To find the wholesaler of mini washing machine, you can search for its wholesale market, for this you will find a big market like Delhi where electronic products are available at very low prices, you will not find this type of market.

You will get to see many types of wholesalers in Sadar Bazar market in Delhi, from here you can buy portable washing machines from wholesalers and manufacturers at the least cost and from here you can also start your business.

Sometimes due to not getting the right wholesaler or manufacturer, we get a bad product, or the price is too high, then it becomes difficult for us to sell that product in the market, so whenever you start washing machine business. Before you start, you must think on some points.

What is the exact wholesale price of mini Washing Machine?

To know the exact price of the washing machine, you should adopt two methods, one is the wholesale market near you, contact there and find out from the wholesaler there, what is the exact price of it,

And secondly, you have many companies even by going online, or are a wholesaler manufacturer, you should know the exact price of the product by contacting them, by this you will not get any product at a higher price, when the price is right then you can buy it at a reasonable price in the market. You can sell but get more profit.

Cost to start a mini Washing Machine Business?

You can start the business of mini washing machine in the least cost, you can also ask for 20 to 25 machines in the beginning to start this business and see if there is a demand for portable washing machines in the market.

If you are selling mini washing machine easily in the market, then you can sell this machine by asking for more, in this way if you are asking for ₹ 1000 washing machine, then you should start this business with a total of ₹ 20000. can do

How much is the warranty of the mini washing machine?

Before buying a mini washing machine, you should also take information about whether the product you are buying has a warranty or not.

And even if you are getting the guarantee warranty, then how long is it getting, and how will it apply, because it is very important to have a guarantee warranty in the electrical product, without this you cannot sell any product in the market, You can fail in business.

how to sell ?

There are mainly 3 ways you can adopt to sell mini washing machine, if you start the business in these ways, then you can earn good profit by guarantee, often we start a business http://businessesar So want to do that business in only one way, but we will tell you 3 ways to sell today,

By making counter

If you start any business in today’s time, then you must do a counter sale, it also increases your sales, there is a promotion ad, and profit is also good,

Wherever there is a more crowded area in your city, whether it is a mall, supermarket, petrol pump, where you can increase your sales by putting your counter and showing a live demo of your product mini washing machine there, and your product You can also promote it, this is the simplest and easiest way.

By wholesale of portable washing machine-

Wherever you live, you can also start a business as a wholesale mini washing machine in your area, all you need is an electrical shop and the type of products they sell,

You have to go to those shops and give a demo of your product there, tell them how you can start the work of mini washing machine, if you succeed in convincing the shopkeeper properly, then he will buy a portable washing machine from you, and start business,

And if the shopkeeper is buying goods from you, then he will always buy from you, in this way you can start the business of portable washing machine for a long time.

BUY marketing portable washing machines-

You can also earn a good profit by doing market marketing of Mini washing machine, by marketing you can earn up to ₹ 1000 on mini washing machine, because it is getting 2500 to ₹ 3000 in the market, and if you buy it for ₹ 2000. If you sell in the market too, then your sales will be more, and your profit will also be higher.

For marketing, you have to hire four to five boys, who will go door to door in your area to give a demo of your product, and whoever likes it, will sell it. If one boy is selling two to three washing machines per day.

Then your day can easily sell 10 to 15 washing machines and in this way you can easily earn from ₹ 10000 to ₹ 15000 per day.