Pani Se Jalne wale Diye/ Water lamp wholesale business/

Pani Se Jalne wale Diye/ Water lamp wholesale business/

water burning lamp business/ Water lamp wholesale business Idea/ This is the best opportunity to start the business of water-burning diyas, now is the time for Diwali

So you can get a lot of benefit, because very few people know about this lamp right now, and when a new product comes in the market, whoever is the one who started it, takes a lot of profit,

If you are also going to start this business, then you will definitely have to think on that topic, only then you can start this business.

1. How much investment will you have to make in the water floating candles business?

start any business’; For that we have to prepare a certain amount; Be it any business, we have to first decide, how much money we will start in this business.

Well, if we start any business, then we need a lot of money, but if you are starting a water lamp business; Then you will need at least ₹ 10000 in the beginning, because if you take any goods from wholesale

, then there are also some conditions, which we have to accept, if we buy goods in very less quantity from any wholesaler, then it will increase the price of the product which is not good for us, so whenever we chest someone Buy goods from at least a minimum investment is necessary,

Well, if you start a business, then there is an investment of at least ₹ 100000, but if you are starting a water lamp business, then you should start with at least ₹ 10000 in the beginning.

2.Water floating candles How much profit will I make from a water lamp? water burning lamp business

Whenever we start a business, we think that how much profit we will get by starting this business, that is, how much profit we will get, and we should also think,

Before starting any business, we must have this information, that how much profit we have in this business, if we buy it, then how much will it cost to us and if we are doing it wholesale,

Then how much will be sold and if we are retailing, then for how much we can sell this information, we should have this information before starting the business.

If you buy a water lamp in wholesale, then you get it for ₹ 17, and if you retail it, then you can sell it for ₹ 50, and it varies from place to place. The price may be

If you sell it online on an e-commerce site like Flipkart Amazon, then you can take a lot of profit, and if you will wholesale it, then you can take profit from ₹ 10 to ₹ 20.

3. From where will you buy the water-burning lamp?

– To buy burning lamp you can follow the following ways-

[A] – If you live in Delhi or the surrounding province of Delhi, then you can directly go to Delhi and buy from there from Sadar Bazar Market, there you will find not one wholesaler’s shops, and shopping by going to the market You will get a lot of benefit by doing

If you go to the market, then you can identify the shopkeeper, see his shop, as well as contact other shops near him, and get information about the water lamp. What is the price on their shop, where you find the price less, you can buy from there, and start the business.

[B]- Another way is you can also search the wholesaler by searching google online, even if you search google, you will find many wholesalers and me, you can also buy water lamp by contacting them, and You can start a business but need to be a little careful while buying online.

Sometimes we have to suffer loss in online way, so if you are adopting other method then you should take complete information about wholesale, only then contact him and order goods, if you will be careful while shopping online So you can never fail in business.

4-water floating candles- How to sell a water lamp?

There is a little fear while starting any business, that we are starting this business, but how will we sell it, if you know about it, how you can sell it only where,
So any business is very easy for you, but if you do not have this kind of information, how we will sell it, what is the way to sell it, then you can get upset, and maybe even loss. can lift.

You can sell water lamps in two ways-water burning lamp business?

A- By online registration of water-

In today’s time it has become very easy to sell any of your products, if you are new and do not have knowledge of the market, yet only you have to register yourself on online commerce site like Amazon Flipkart,

And then you can sell any of your products, and there you also get a good price for any product.

B-  By wholesale-

Pani se jalne wale diye ka business you can do by doing wholesale also, you have to sell it on whatever shop you have, by ordering direct goods from wholesaler only, or by ordering goods from manufacturer. can,

To do wholesale, it is not necessary that you go to the market, for this you can also hire a boy, who can go to the market and sell your lamp, and you can give him a salary, and it is the easiest and simplest. way |

C. By retailing-

You can earn a lot of profit by selling water lamp in retail also, if you keep your shop and sell water lamp on it too, then you can take a profit of up to ₹ 50 on the lamp.

Because it is not available everywhere right now, and everyone who sees it considers it to be a new product, so if you are starting this business then you can also start by retailing.

The time of Diwali is near, and if you are just starting this business, then do not think much about it, just take the details of the product, and find the wholesaler and get it at the least price. That idea is to think and start a business.

How does a water lamp burn?

Water lamp is battery operated, there is a battery inside it, which works only when the lamp is put in water, if you put it outside it will not work and if you put it in water it will start running, and

Once it is put in water, it can quickly go for about 72 hours, after that its light goes on decreasing, later you will buy from the market and install a new cell, and your lamp will start running again.